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Watching them, I felt a little odd.

All I wanted was to head back after buying clothes.

As I watched, Eris began counting on her fingers, her lips spread in a wide grin.

“Since we’re out,” she said, “let’s eat lunch outside and maybe stop by the dessert shop.

There’s a place at Etherium I’ve been dying to try.”

“No, Eris.

I’ve got something to do at home this afternoon.”

I held up a hand, but Lina grabbed it.

“No, Miss!” she said.

“I told the butler already.”

“What I told Roban I’d be back before lunch.”

“Well, the butler seemed happy when I told him that Lady Deron and I were going downtown with you.

There will be no lunch at home.”

I was at a loss for words.

Was this what a fixed game was Or should I be impressed that Lana had managed to get on the butler’s good side in a matter of days

“I also told the head of maids,” Eris added.

“And she showed me a good place.

Iona, you don’t have many good hats, do you Atran Tailor hats are great, apparently.”

“Oh, I don’t know clothes that well…”

“Then I’ll pick all of them and you can try them on! I can pick out clothes for you!”

“Please, just spare me.” I rolled my eyes in mock death and Eris broke into a grin.”

“Oh, my,” she said.

“I’m a bodyguard.

Your safety is my topmost priority.”

She shot me a wink.

“Your joyous expression suggests otherwise,” I pointed out.

I couldn’t tell what this original book’s main female lead was thinking.

As we were talking, we’d arrived at Sed Tailor.

It was a fancy-looking four-story building that looked just as amazing on the inside.

The interior was tidy, and the mannequins and other objects on display stood out.

A number of the dresses caught my eye.

They were elegant and stylish, and though I wasn’t too good with clothes, I could see that much.

“Still a good place,” Eris commented.

We stood by the entrance until an employee walked up to us.

“Welcome,” she chirped.

“How may I be of assistance”

“Hello,” Lina said, stepping forward.

“Our Miss is looking for some clothes.

We don’t have much time, though.

Could we just try on some of the premade ones”

She sounded like she was used to this.

The employee, who looked a little difficult, regarded me and Eris at the word “Miss” and turned to look for the owner.

“Lina!” I hissed sharply.

She merely grinned and shot me a wink.

Eris flashed her a thumbs-up.

I can’t trust anyone.

I was practically crying on the inside.

There was a small commotion somewhere in the store and a thin lady in her mid-fifties came hurrying to meet us.

“I heard a high person was here,” she said.

“I’m Sed, the owner.

It’s an honor to have you visit my shop.”

She had on a tidy yet stylish outfit, which cast away any doubts as to who she was.

I was willing to bet she designed everything in here.

Sed beamed.

“Do come inside.”

She led us into the inside room and wheeled a trolley in our direction.

It had at least a hundred clothes hanging on it.

“Since it’s for your coronation,” she said, “I think it should be good to make it so it’s elegant and yet as solemn as possible.

How about this”

The ivory-colored robe she handed me was fancy on a basic level—different from the one you would wear to the ball, as it was calm and stylish.

It seemed to go well with my hair, which I was okay with, but Lina had other ideas.

“Do you have anything a little darker” she asked.

“Our Miss is quite the dignity.

I think a more stylish and elegant design would fit her.”

“Lina” I wanted to stop her, but someone else was egging her on.

“That’s right,” Eris chimed in.

“Do you have anything in dark blue I heard we imported good quality skills not too long ago—how about that Ah, just bring us the most expensive one…”

Eris was demanding to be brought all kinds of robes.

She and Lina were getting so heated, they barely noticed me taking a few steps back.

The tailor’s excited employees didn’t make things any easier.

Hey, guys, I thought. I’m the one wearing it.

Many clothes came on and off the trolley.

A fancy-colored dress was suddenly shoved at me.

“Iona, why don’t you try this one first Don’t you think the color would suit you well”

“Miss, next is this one! Isn’t the material wonderful”

Eris and Lina each handed me a dress as if they’d picked already.

Both dresses were pretty, I had to admit.

I would’ve smiled a little longer if the clothes I’d be wearing weren’t being piled on behind them.

“I’ll…wear one at a time.”

I was weak to people who liked me.

In the end, I quietly took the clothes from them.


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