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Chapter 67 – To me from a hundred years ago

It’s been three days since the castle of memories vanished, and I’m in the medical office of the Scarlet mansion.

I wasn’t planning on staying here that long, but…

I really couldn’t go home with bones all over my body cracking, so I had to stay here under their care.

Healing quickly by my own power isn’t going to happen, because the recoil of the demon king transformation left me unable to use magic very well, so I have no choice but to rely on El’s healing magic, but…

“Geez Chrom! You’re hurt! Why are you training with your sword!”


El puffs her cheeks and looks at me with sharp eyes, after I escaped the medical office.

“Why can’t you stay put in bed! Geez… Geez!”

“W-well, I can’t take wasting time not doing anything…”

It’s the nature of a time mage.

“How can you even move with cracked bones all over your body”

“Hum, I’m used to it I guess.”

“Used to broken bones all over your body… What kind of grandiose life have you been living, big brother”

“…Good grief, Chrom really can’t not be rash.”

Lizbell and Labrys say while staring at me.

And then, I’m thrown back into the medical office again.


El and Labrys say at the same time.

“When you’re feeling better…”

“…You need to explain what happened.”

I nod.

They’re mad because I went out to fight again without explaining what was going on.

Also, about the fourth demon king White Paper Angel Lostmemory and the castle of memories she created…

Apparently all that settled into being a ‘new urban legend of the capital’.

I’m thinking this didn’t turn into a bigger case because the vast majority of people that lost their memories don’t remember what happened.

And most people that do remember the castle of memories after their memories returned to them, like El and Labrys, think it was all a collective hallucination.

And so, even though there was some confusion, the royal capital Ende returned to normal, as though nothing happened.

And also, I retrieved the demon king cells in the tower of the Sorcerer Association.

That should put some distance between us and the future where demon kings appear one after the other.

I gave some to Nekoko, and asked her to track down the rest.

Her cat-sith sense of smell and information network should help us find the ones that were scattered to other towns.

That takes care of everything…

(…Now my job is just to take it easy and rest…)

I let out a big sigh while getting into bed.

I’ve been so busy.

I eliminated chimera that spilled out of the dungeon, dealt with Memoria’s night attack… That means I haven’t been sleeping well.

If I don’t rest a bit, I won’t be able to fight when I really have to.

I keep that in mind as I close my eyes…

“…Wake up… Wake up… Mister Chrom…”

Something shakes me.

I open my eyes, and see Memoria sitting on top of me.

“…Sorting memories.

Memoria needs help again.”


I guess there’s still something that needs to be done.

I rub my sleepy eyes, and take a bundle of memory pages from Memoria.

I guess these are memories Memoria took when she was Cradle’s underling.

There’s a lot here.

“There’s still this many There’s no end to this…”

“…But memories are important.

We have to give them back to everyone.”

“If you say so, I’ll help.”

I smile awkwardly, and go along with her memory sorting.

She said memories are important.

That fact alone is a positive change.

That’s why I want to put in the effort to help her return them.

“Hmm… There are a lot of memories that I have no idea who they belong to.”

“…It’s tough.”

We groan as we sort memory pages in the medical office.

Memories are obviously all from a first person point of view, so there isn’t a lot of information that tell us the owner’s identity.

“It’s going to take years to return all of these…”



Memoria doesn’t respond.

I look at her, wondering what’s wrong.

“…Hn What’s that”


I notice she’s staring at a piece of paper.

Is it a memory page But unlike the others, it’s folded like a letter.

I peek at it, and Memoria quickly hides it behind her.

“Why are you hiding it…”

I try to peek again.


She’s mad, and puffing her cheeks with her usual emotionless expression.

“Whose memory is that What’s written on it”

“…It’s a secret.”


“…This is Memoria’s memory.

You can’t have it.”


I don’t really get it, but Memoria carefully puts this letter inside her own diary.

To me, a hundred years in the past.

I’m hiding this message inside Mister Chrom’s memories.

If you’re seeing this, it means Mister Chrom successfully went back to the past.

Has he been eating well

Has he been sleeping well He’s not catching colds, is he

He’s not working too hard by himself again, is he He’s not fighting until he’s in tatters again, is he

Did I manage to make him forget about me

No, I know.

Mister Chrom would never give up.

He’s a kind man, that’s going to try to save everything.

But… Mister Chrom himself isn’t included in that ‘everything’.

So please… Save Mister Chrom.

I will teach you the power to do so.

Its name is…

“‘Time leap’.”

This is the power to cross through time, and save everything.

The condition necessary to use this magic is that both me… Meaning you, and Mister Chrom are both present.

I’m sure you can use it now.

Next time, please make sure to save Mister Chrom… Me.


Thank you for reading this far.

This arc is over, and we have caught up with the raws.

There hasn’t been a new chapter in five months, but it’s not the first time there was a big gap between chapters, so it most likely hasn’t been canceled or anything.

New chapters will either be translated and posted as they come out, or there will be a schedule again if they come out regularly and pile up.


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