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THE QUEEN SEOHYEONG [ENGLISH] Page 4 : The Coronation's Day

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Madam Min couldn hold back her tears. The noblewoman was so sad because she couldn fulfill her daughters last wish. Her heart as a mother felt hurt when she saw tears rolling down from the corners of Jung Euns eyes. Gently, Madam Min wipes Jung Euns tears.

"I really want to hear Jung Eun from your lips. Since you rejected it, I can understand. Will you still refuse if I replace my request with a hug?" Jung Eun asked with a tone full of requests.

Madam Min smiled and shook her head. "I will not refuse, Your Highness."

Without saying anything else, Jung Eun immediately rushed to hug her mother. She hugged her mother tightly. Jung Eun closed her eyes for a moment. Tears rolled down from the corners of Jung Euns eyes. In her heart, Jung Eun promised to remember her mothers warm embrace. This is the last hug she can get from her mother.

Mother, at my coronation tomorrow, I will no longer be your little girl, but I will become the nations mother. Heo Jung Eun will be gone whens he reclaims the throne.


The palace is decorated so beautifully today. Today is Heo Jung Euns wedding day, as well as her coronation as Joseons Queen.The rushed for todays event was visible around the palace. At the Byeolgung Pavilion, Jung Eun sat down to make up. Some ladies are busy helping Jung Eun prepare. Jung Euns royal robe as Queen has been worn.

Jung Euns face looks flat. There was no expression on her beautiful face. She looks like a doll. She was stunning, but her eyes were lifeless. It looks like she were facing the death penalty today rather than the day of her coronation.

Jung Eun did not speak at all when Court Lady Choi and another court lady asked for permission to put a daesu—a crown— on her head. Jung Eun just nodded briefly in response to Court Lady Chois request for permission. When the daesu was placed on Jung Euns head, she immediately felt a heavy burden.

Once all the preparations are complete, Jung Eun is left alone in her room. All the court ladu left the room to give Jung Eun some time alone before the pick-up process started. Jung Eun raised her face and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

Jung Eun admits that she looks beautiful in wedding clothes, complete with all the accessories that adorn her head and clothes. A sad smile appeared on Jung Euns face when she saw the expression on her own face. Any girl wants her current position. Girls all over Joseon would want to be able to wear the red silk outfit shes wearing. An outfit that only one person can wear, the Queen of Joseon

"After all this, Heo Jung Eun, its dead. I will live to be Queen Heo," said Jung Eun in her shadow. These words appeared to be words of encouragement for herself, allowing her to face her difficult days in the palace later.

"Live like a queen, Jung Eun. Whatever will happen in the palace has been written in the sky for you. You have to live it sincerely. You can show your fragile heart. There will be no Heo Jung-Eun in the palace. In the palace, there will only be Queen Heo."

Jung Eun clenched her hands. She had promised to live her life as a royalty to the best of her ability. No matter how difficult the path of her life in the palace is, Jung Eun must be able to deal with it. Right after Jung Eun said words of encouragement to herself, the sound of the announcement of the pickup procession sounded outside the Byeolgung yard. Jung Eun sighed as long as possible. Jung Eun prepared to live her new destiny as Queen Heo.

The sound of music greeted the arrival of Jung Eun and King Uiyang at the main palace, where the coronation procession was held. Slowly and together, Jung Eun and King Uiyang stepped onto the red clothe main palace, where the coronation procession was held. Slowly and together, Jung Eun and King Uiyang stepped onto the red carpet. Behind them, a procession of servants followed them. Jung Euns face looks calm and flat as she makes her way to the throne with her husband, King Uiyang.

Jung Eun and Uiyang stopped walking right in front of the stairs leading to the throne. A minister—that Jung Eun knows must be the minister of royal rituals— is standing on the first step carrying a scroll. His hand then spread out the scroll of parchment he was carrying. Loudly, the minister announced her coronation.

"Today is the fourth day of the tenth autumn month, the fourth year of King Uiyangs reign. According to court tradition, this entire gathering had been prepared in advance. Today, the young lady of the Heo clan has been crowned the Queen of Joseon. Her coronation served as a counterweight to the throne. In this way, the King and Queen of this land will provide good and wise governance. The whole country will honor the Queen, so that her kindness can be felt by all the people."

Jung Eun swept her gaze towards the podium, where the throne is located. Unintentionally, her eyes saw the mother, who was sitting on the chair that had been provided near the throne. Jung Eun found that her mother and father were smiling at her. For some reason, the smile of her parents seemed to be a dagger that pierced Jung Euns chest.

Jung Euns attention was again distracted when the palace ritual minister ended the reading of her coronation documents. Immediately, with the help of Court Lady Choi and another court lady, Jung Eun paid her respects to King Uiyang. Before ending with mutual respect for each other.

As soon as the coronation was completed, Jung Eun and King Uiyang stepped towards the throne. The steps of the two looked harmonious, slowly and surely climbing every step of the stairs to their respective thrones. After arriving at the throne, Jung Eun met for the first time two women who were palace elders, namely Royal Queen Dowager Park and Queen Dowager Min. Jung Eun bowed her head to the two palace elders before finally occupying the throne of Queen Joseon.

Cheers of congratulations immediately filled the main palace yard as soon as Jung Eun and Uiyang sat down. All the ministers raised their ivory sticks while shouting congratulations to the young queen. Sitting on her throne, Jung Eun put on a flat face when she heard the congratulations.

The sight in Jung Euns eyes, which was once known to be friendly, now looks cold. The queens throne caused Heo Jung Eun to lose her identity as a young girl.

My life as a royalty begins today. Prepare your heart as best you can, Queen Heo. Jung Eun said it in her heart.

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