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As someone who had lived in the palace for a long time, in times of mourning like this, evil political intrigue usually sprang up. Moreover, the position that consort of the successor to the throne has makes her very vulnerable to the evil machinations of the palace.

The Crown Princess reminds Court Lady Choi to the late Princess Myeonghwa, the half-sister of Crown Prince Uiyang, who died several years ago. An innocent little princess was forced to become the victim of such a cruel palace intrigue. Court Lady Choi wanted to protect this innocent girl in front of her.

"Yes, Court Lady Choi. I got the postponement order yesterday afternoon. Is something wrong?" Jung Euns forehead is now linked in surprise as she hears the questions asked by Court Lady Choi.

"Nothing, Your Highness." Court Lady Choi smiled as she shook her head briefly. "I would like to make sure that you are well during this time of mourning, Your Highness."

Jung Eun became increasingly curious after hearing the answer from Court Lady Choi. She shifted her seat so that the front of her body pressed against the throne table that was right in front of her. Jung Euns eyes exuded such great curiosity.

"Ho, what exactly will happen in times of mourning like this, Court Lady Choi? Its seems something happen to me?"

Jung Euns voice sounded like a whisper. Without needing to ask further, Court Lady Choi can feel the fear. Feelings of compassion creeped back into Court Lady Chois heart when she realized that the little girl was frightened by the throne she was sitting on. Court Lady Chois determination to protect this little girl grew stronger.

"Your Highness, please remember the message I told you. This message is to remind you how dangerous this palace is. In the current state of mourning, the palace has become a very dangerous place. vulnerable to rebellion and power struggles."

Jung Euns body shifted backwards unconsciously. The expression of fear was clearly drawn on her sweet face. "Then, how about now, Court Lady Choi? Will that terrible thing happen too?"

"There is nothing to worry about, Your Highness. Although the atmosphere of mourning still surrounds the palace, I can make sure everything is in good condition. The government is held by the Royal Dowager and Queen Dowager until the Crown Prince is ready to carry out his duties. Actually, the Crown Prince could immediately take over the government, even though he had to be accompanied by a palace elder. However, His Highness is currently in a bad state. His Highness...."

"Is the Crown Prince in bad condition?" Jung Eun was again surprised by the information presented to her by Court Lady Choi.

She interrupted Court Lady Chois explanation.

Court Lady Choi was silent for a moment after hearing Jung Eun cut her explanation. Court Lady Choi noticed, for a moment, the expression on Jung Euns face. Court Lady Choi was quite surprised to see a caring expression that radiated so clearly on Jung Euns face.

"Right now, the crown prince is in a bad condition. His Highness had a very good relationship with the late king. This relationship is reversed when compared to the relationship between the Crown Prince and his mother, the Queen Dowager. Thats why His Highness was devastated."

Jung Eun was silent as she heard stories from Court Lady Choi about her future husbands relationship with his parents. Feelings of sadness cannot prevent Jung Eun from crawling to the surface of herheart. Jung Eun seemed to be able to understand the feelings of sadness and pain that Crown Prince Uiyang must have felt right now.

"Crown Prince... he must be heartbroken because he has lost his father. I would be very sad if I were in his position. Losing one of his precious parents must be hard for him." Jung Eun replied with a very low voice.

"Especially now that the Crown Prince only has a mother who is not on very good terms. It must be very difficult to accept a reality." Jung Eun continued.

Court Lady Choi was taken aback when she heard Jung Euns interest in her future husband.Court Lady Choi never thought that Jung Eun could feel the sadness that Crown Prince Uiyang is currently experiencing. All of these court ladies knew how bad the relationship between Crown Prince Uiyang and Queen Dowager Min was.

A smile crossed Court Lady Chois face. The lady-in-waiting hoped that this Crown Princess could be a good companion for Crown Prince Uiyang. An idea suddenly flashed through Court Lady Chois head. He thinks maybe the idea can make Jung Eun look like a good companion for Crown Prince Uiyang.

"Your Highness, if you don mind. May I give you some advice?"

Jung Eun, who was daydreaming about the feelings of Crown Prince Uiyang at this time, gasped in surprise. The girl lifted her face and directed her attention to Court Lady Choi.

"Pardon? Did I miss something?"

"No, Your Highness. Its just that, may I give you some advice?"

Court Lady Choi repeated her plea to Jung Eun. Jung Euns eyebrows rose high upon hearing Court Lady Chois request.

"Ah, just say it, Court Lady Choi. Id love to hear your advice."

"If you

e so worried about the Crown Prince, why don you go see him, Your Highness?" Wouldn it be great if you showed a little care and sincerity to the Crown Prince? That way, the Crown Prince will judge you to be a very good companion for him.

"I thought so too, Court Lady Choi. I recall what my mother said at the time. A woman must understand the feelings of her partner, because feelings will be united in the bond of marriage. Although I never wanted to be the consort of the Crown Prince, I wanted to be a devoted wife to my husband. But, Court Lady Choi, I doubt it."

"What do you doubt, Your Highness? Your mothers advice is true. Feelings will be united in a marriage bond. Even though you haven done the wedding ceremony yet, you can understand the feelings of the Crown Prince. Isn that a very good thing? It proves that you have a very sincere heart for the Crown Prince, Your Highness."

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