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El intended to use his second ability to read the memories of these gangsters and collect more information about this town and even the East blue.

However, after seeing Carina's psychological quality and knowing that this girl has maturity that is not suitable for her age, El dismissed this idea.

After the bond is completely established, or after he can freely turn off his ability, El doesn't mind telling the two girls about his abilities.

But now, El thinks it's better not to scare the two girls away.

After all, it is really disgusting to follow a person who can see through people's hearts at all times and hear all their inner voices.

So, El prepared to go to the town to see if there was any chance to gather intelligence.

The trio came to the town, and Carina and Nami used their cute looks to successfully collect some local information from passers-by.

Then the three came to the gold exchange in the town to sell their treasures.

During the appraisal, El's ability once again made a contribution, from the shop owner's heart, he knew the true value of these treasures.


El pulled out his sword and demonstrated it cutting through steel in front of the shop owner, completely shocking the boss of the gold exchange, and successfully sell all the treasures at the highest price the boss could accept.

I have to say that although the strength of that pirate group is not strong, they are still quite rich.

The treasure in the hands of the three was worth more than three million Belly.

You know, the treasure that Nami stole from Buggy in the original novel is only worth 10 million Belly.

Buggy, ten years later, is one of the great pirates in East Blue.

It can be seen that this pirate group must have robbed someone recently.

Then, before they had time to sell their treasure, they were annihilated by El.

After selling the treasure, the three rented a small suite in a local small hotel and began to divide the spoils.

However, since these treasures were all obtained by El alone before the team was established.

In addition, Nami and Carina wanted to hug El's golden thighs and didn't want to leave a bad impression on El from the start, so the two girls rejected El's sharing the spoils.

El, who saw their thoughts in his eyes, was too lazy to force them to accept some spoil, so he just give the two girls 50,000 Belly as pocket money and took them out to go shopping.

After having money, El first thought was to give himself a new look.

He first went to the local hair salon and asked the hairdresser to trim his long silver hair that he had kept for three years.

El didn't cut his hair short, he was a hopeless white long-haired control in his previous life.

In this life, El was very satisfied with his hair color.

A swordsman with silver hair and red eyes should be handsome.

So, El didn't want to cut his long hair.

Even in the next ten years that he will maintain a high-intensity workout, sweating profusely every day, and taking a lot of time to wash his hair, El still does not plan to cut his hair short.

After trimming it a little to make the long silver hair more beautiful, El brought Carina and the two girls to the clothing store in the town to buy some clothes.

The four seasons' clothes are purchased, and the battle clothes are customized.

During the three years of practice, El did not have the conditions to treat himself well.

Now that there are conditions, El will naturally not be stingy with himself.

Even if the three of them were in the growth stage, the clothes would soon outgrow.

El still bought and customized a large number of clothes for him, Nami and Carina, which cost hundreds of thousands of bellies.

Sure enough, no matter in which world, children's things are always the most expensive.

The hair was cut, the clothes were bought, and after eating and returning to the hotel, El began to work on the surface.

This superficial job is naturally asking where the two girls' homes are.

The two girls, Carina and Nami, who had decided to hug El's thigh, immediately began to act in a hurry.

They tell a story like they had been kidnapped for a long time, and they didn't even know which island their home was on.

They were full of confusion and sadness.

El also cooperated very well with them, showing sympathy and pity on his face.

In the end, the 'kindness' in his heart made him sigh and helplessly said, "Okay...

If that's the case, then you can follow me for the time being, and I'll see if I can help you find your home."

"...Thank you, nii-san!"

Looking at El with a sincere face, Carina and Nami felt a rare sense of guilt in their hearts, but they still appear to be move on the surface.

As a result, the trio, each with its own ghosts in their hearts, was officially established.

"Nii-san, where are you from"

"Nii-san, why did you go to sea at such a young age"

"Nii-san, you are so powerful, are you the legendary Master swordsman"


Nii-san, you're only eight years old, only a few months older than us!"


After initially establishing relation and getting to know El's personality, and knowing that the other party is not a bad person.

Carina and Nami, who are no longer afraid of him, The two girls suddenly made an excuse and pulled El in the suite while playing cards to get closer to each other, while trying to uncover El's secrets.

For the power of the two girls, their power is their precocious wisdom and excellent stealing skills.

whenever they join a certain team, they will grasp the information of the team as soon as possible.

Only in this way, they will not fall into passive.

Especially the current nii-san, Carina and Nami, whose world view has been refreshed by his incredible power, are full of curiosity.

All their thoughts were seen by El.

In this regard, El is also very happy to get closer to them.

"I don't even know where I am from.

When I was self-conscious, I lived in an orphanage."

"But the dean of the orphanage is not a good person.

One day, I found out that after he adopted a child he would sell us after we reach a certain age, So I secretly escaped from there..."

"I don't know where my strength came from, because after I became self-conscious, I realized that I was different from others.

Since I was a child, I had very good physical and sword skills.

That flying slash was also something I understand in the forest after fighting a lot of beast."

"As for the legendary Master swordsman, I haven't reached that level.

After all, that is the honorary title given to the famous swordsman in the world."

"The reason why I went to sea is a bit funny...because the beasts on the island are not my opponents at all, so I suddenly want to fight with sea creatures, and but I was eaten by a huge sea beast.

Once I get out, I can't find my way back."

"not long after that, I was bombarded by the group of pirates at sea, and I got to know you two."

El tells a half-truth story, and Carina and Nami listened with great interest.

In the end, El spread his hands and said, "So, we are actually the same kind."


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