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As the saying goes, the higher you climb the harder you fall.

The impact of Shanks and the red-haired pirate's demise makes El's status rise higher.

His title before as the fourth emperor of the sea only rely on his devil fruit ability to create meteors and tsunamis that can destroy the world, it was only until he defeated Silvers Rayleigh that he change his reputation and told the world in addition to his devil fruit ability, his individual strength is also at the pirate emperor level.

Even so, his status is still the lowest among the four emperors.

His crew strength is not only inferior to the Whitebeard Pirates, Beasts Pirates, BIG MOM Pirates, and even the Red-Haired Pirates, his crew strength is far inferior.

His individual strength, although it's very powerful, however in this world, there are still people who can tie him in battle, but now, El is telling the world with his own strength, that he doesn't need to expand his fleet and recruit crew, as long as he is there, his pirate group is at the level of the emperor's crew because he alone can kill the so-called entire emperor crew.

As Kaido said, no matter what method he used to annihilate Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates, it is an undeniable fact that he completely annihilated them.

After this battle, El became the second strongest pirate in this era and whether it is Kaido, Charlotte Linlin, or other big pirates, they are all convinced, because the biggest achievement of El's ascension is Shanks, Benn Beckman, and Red-Haired Pirates who are soon to be the fifth pirate emperor crew in the new world fall.

The greater El's future achievements, the more classic their story will be.

A week later, the small ship finally returned to East Blue and arrived at the Cocoyashi Village.

"Nii-san, you're finally back!"

Nami, who saw the small ship descending from the sky in the distance, rushed over and hugged El almost at the moment El brought Carina and Violet ashore.

"I'm back...

Sorry, I'm late..."

Patting Nami's head, El looked at the Robin who was following Nami and smiled.

"Welcome back..." Robin came up while holding Tama with a gentle smile.

"Nii-san, I also want a hug..." Tama stretched out her hands towards El, making him resolutely abandon Nami and took Tama while returning to the village with the other girls.

After entering the village, El's arrival was also warmly welcomed by the villagers and everyone greeted him with enthusiasm.

People have double standards, including the simple folk from the Cocoyashi Village, and despite the big incident that he created in the new world, which in other people's eyes is a kind of extreme sin and those people that have nothing to do with them, once they saw their shadow, those people can't wait to flee the island where El and the other girls are already located.

To the point that they don't even dare to go to the nearby islands, for fear that they will be implicated if someone provokes this demon, however, in the eyes of the people saved by El, he is still their savior, no matter how evil he is.

The villagers of Cocoyashi Village did not change their attitude towards them because El and his group changed from a team of bounty hunters to pirates that they hate, so El who found this also smiled and accepted the banquet from the villagers, then they stayed in the Cocoyashi Village for a few days to let Nami and her adoptive father, Genzo have a good reminiscence.

El also met with Nojiko and asked her if she would like to leave with them, in this regard, she directly used her actions to respond to El, she reached out her hand in front of her and opened a door.

At this moment she was already a devil fruit user.

El who received her answer also patted Nojiko on the shoulder with a smile on his face, then he walked through the door with her.

It was a special space that was exactly the same as the real world except for the different colors.

The reason why El called this special space the inner world is also for this reason as Paramecia Devil Fruits such as Castle-Castle Fruit and Mirror-Mirror Fruit, all have a special space separated from the real world.

"As expected of rule type ability, it's really powerful."

At this time, El and Nojiko have left Cocoyashi Village and appeared on the deck of Pegasus.

More importantly, El and Nojiko did not walk to the Pegasus from the Cocoyashi Village in the Inner World but directly teleported over.

When El and the two girls went to the new world, Nami and the others arrived at the Cocoyashi Village in only two days and Nojiko also ate the Door-Door Fruit that day.

It took El a half-month for a round trip and during those time, Nojiko practiced and develop her devil fruit ability.

After entering the inner world, Nojiko will have a power that cannot be used in the real world.

She can use this power to affect the human body in the real world, for example opening a revolving door on the other party's body.

She can also create a space channel in the inner world, this channel can be connected to the place she can see.

That is to say, Nojiko can teleport to any area where she can see, and after she reaches the area where he wants to go, she only needs to open a door to return to the real world.

This ability is very powerful and for El, it's almost heaven-defying level, because as long as Nojiko masters observation haki, the restriction of only teleporting in the area where she can see will be lifted.

Especially beside El, there are Carina and Kuina who have the farthest observation haki range on them, then there's also violet who have the Glare-Glare Fruit.

If they want to go to any place, Carina only needs to eat Nojiko and Kuina, then they can travel to any place and it will only take a few or dozens of teleportation for them to reach another island in an instant which they needed to be travel for several days.

To put it more exaggeratedly, Carina can eat Violet and Nojiko, and then try to see if Clairvoyance can be used together with teleportation to travel in any place within a 4,000 kilometers radius.

If this conjecture is possible, then it means that there is no place for their group that they cannot go to.

Even if the distance of the teleportation will consume more stamina, they only needed to teleport multiple times, because, in the El group, there is not only El who have a strong physique but there's also Carina.

Although he had said it more than once, El couldn't help but sigh, the ability of rule type paramecia devil fruit is really the most outrageous devil fruit ability.


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