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Almost at the moment when El took the initiative to end the confrontation, Benn Beckman, who seemed to be watching the battle not far away like an outsider, immediately held the flintlock in his hand and pulled the trigger towards El.

With the harsh sound of gunfire, a bullet pierced through the air and shot toward El at a speed that could not be captured by the naked eye, then El's red eyes widened slightly as if he see something in the Future.

In the next second, El did not hesitate to slash the sword in his hand, entwined with dark red lightning toward the blazing bullet.

With the power of master swordsmanship and conqueror haki, the Black Sword, Shusui failed to cut the bullet in half with a single blow as it was stopped more than ten centimeters away from the bullet because the invisible substance that had just disappeared, appeared again out of thin air to block the advancing sword and bullet.

Without waiting for the invisible substance to burst out another shockwave, El once again took the initiative to end the confrontation and fly to the sky using his devil fruit ability to evade the flying slash that Shanks send by taking advantage of the opportunity present.

With El taking the initiative of ending the confrontation, the bullet which was stopped in the air because of the invisible substance flew forward for several miles at a speed that could not be captured by the naked eye and finally landed on the rocky mountain, in the next moment, the rocky mountain seemed to have been bomb by a large number of cannonballs and was directly smashed into countless pieces.

Seeing this scene, El was slightly silent, then he look at Benn Beckman, who was holding the flintlock rifle while still aiming at him and the corners of his mouth could not help but twitched slightly while speaking.

"You really have conqueror haki and also master conqueror coating..."

It's not hard to tell from El's tone that his actually not shocked that Benn Beckman possessed a conqueror haki while also mastering conqueror coating.

The manga of One Piece just happened to be serialized to the end of Kingdom of Wano and Onigashima before he travels here and when Zoro fights King in the last moment and then successfully defeated him, it also shows that Zoro also has the qualification of King.

So, El had already thought of two people that are also very likely to have conqueror haki.

The first one is Dracule Mihawk, who is recognized as the world's greatest swordsman in the world, he has a great probability of being a user of conqueror haki while also mastering conqueror coating and with his strength being on Pirate emperor level.

After all, as Zoro's last boss if Hawkeye is not strong enough, then Zoro's ambitions and dreams will become extremely ridiculous.

The second is Benn Beckman, the deputy commander of the Red-Haired Pirates, who also great probability of having conqueror haki while also mastering conqueror coating.

Before Luffy and Zoro reached the top, the Shanks and Benn Beckman are the current person closest to Roger and Rayleigh's level in this sea.

From the strongest deputy commander in three eras, previous, current, and future eras, whether it is Rayleigh or Zoro, they have conqueror haki and mastered conqueror coating, then Benn Beckman having conqueror haki and mastered conqueror coating is even less surprising, he would be more shock and surprise if he doesn't have it.

Now, El has confirmed this speculation and at the same time, he also understood the meaning of Shanks's words.

In order to resist the meteor, he had already consumed an extremely large amount of conqueror haki, so he didn't care about consuming a little more to exchange blows with El, because his most trusted partner and deputy commander, also has the qualification of a king and he is also one of the few super-powerhouses in the sea who mastered the conqueror coating.

As El's words fell, what responded to him was another bullet, as well as a cyan flying slash due to Shanks's large consumption of conqueror haki, making it not possible for him to use conqueror coating indiscriminately anymore, so he can only create a huge cyan flying that follows the bullet containing powerful conqueror haki while charging toward El.

Facing the attack from two people, El's eyes were still focused on Benn Beckman's bullet, and then he coated his sword with advanced armament and conqueror haki before slashing downward and creating a flying slash similar to Shanks send out albeit, it's little smaller, however, the power contained in the dark red flying slash that several times stronger than the cyan flying slash.

When flying slash and bullets collided together, another deafening sound exploded then the invisible substance appeared again, creating a burst of shock wave that shatters the flying slash that flies over.

The flying slash and bullets remain in stalemate in the air for a while before exploding into a gust of wind that ravages the earth and the sky unscrupulously.

Whether it was El in the sky or Shanks and Benn Beckman on the ground, they were all affected by this overwhelming hurricane, and El, who was freed from the shackles of gravity, took this opportunity to fly to a higher in the sky while sending out several flying slash one after another below, with each one of them being more than 100 meters in length.

With such length, it naturally also has very amazing power, and once these flying slashes hit the ground, this medium-sized island maybe will be even directly cut in half.

Seeing this scene, Benn Beckman, who cherished every rifle bullet very much at this moment did not continue to shoot but looked at Shanks not far away and saw him swinging his sword that contain advanced armament haki toward the sky to block the incoming flying slash that El send over.

Then next moment, the ground beneath Shanks and Ben Beckman's feet suddenly shook violently, instant, Shanks and Benn Beckman's faces became solemn, they know that El once again because to use his devil fruit ability.



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