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"This fluctuation of conqueror haki...

it's from Shura!" As soon as Shanks and Benn Beckman landed on the island, they sensed the conqueror haki unleashed by El involuntarily, and feeling this pure evil aura, Shanks' pupils shrank slightly, and a familiar yet unfamiliar figure appeared in his mind.

That figure is no less than this monster who challenged his way to the top of the world when he was a still teenager, he was the same age as himself and buggy, yet he has already become the official member of the Roger Pirates while the two of them was still an intern.

"Apart from being blessed in physique, observation haki, and swordsmanship, he still blessed in conqueror haki" Even Benn Beckman couldn't help but complain at this moment.

"This kid...

he is not the son of this world, is he"

Shanks also doesn't hold back and responded to El's greeting with his own conqueror haki, when two invisible waves, separated by a distance of more than ten miles, collided with each other, in instant, the few beasts that were far from El's location, or those that had relatively strong endurance, also all fell unconscious under the collision of these two conquerors' haki.

After a while, a strong gust of wind appeared together with some dark red lightning spark that appear out of thin air in some parts of the island.

The clear sky was also affected by the two conquerors' haki, as it began to gather dark clouds with blue and white electric arcs peeking out from the clouds every now and then together with the loud sound of thunder.

When the violent air current that was sweeping the entire island slowly disappear, Shanks and Benn Beckman, who landed on the island, finally appeared in front of El.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time." Looking at Shanks and Benn Beckman who appeared in front of him, El grinned while speaking.

"I thought you guys would not avenge your companions and choose to be a bereaved dog who run away in despair."

Shanks, who had recovered his fighting spirit, didn't care about El's ridicule, but instead, he pulled out his and pointed it at El while speaking in a deep voice.

"El, I admit that what you said just now is right, I shouldn't be here getting myself involved between you and my deputy commander dispute."

"It's all my fault, but as you said, our relationship has already been set to stone, so, let's solve this grudge in a pirate way!"

"Humph." El snorted lightly, then the corner of his mouth raised slightly while speaking.

"I don't hate your arrogant appearance now."

"If you had declared war on me with this attitude from the very beginning, instead of making some unnecessary moves, you wouldn't have paid such a heavy price."

"But it's useless to speak more now, come." After he finished speaking, El also pulled out his sword from his waist and pointed it at shanks before speaking.

"This is a Black Sword called Shusui, the national treasure of Wano and also the sword used by Ryuma Shimotsuki, the strongest swordsman in his era from hundred years ago."

"My Saber is called Gryphon and it is one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords." Seeing El behaving like a swordsman, although he has recovered, Shanks' eyes still involuntarily flashed with some guilt and remorse.

The words El said just now were undoubtedly words from his heart, if he planted his flag at the city in the sky openly and fairly, El would surely lead his flying Pirates in response to his declaration of war.

However, due to his relationship with Rayleigh, his heart was full of anger, and he chose to destroy the foundation of the city in the sky to vent his anger, when Benn Beckman was gathering information, he also mentioned that El moved several small uninhabited islands in order to build the foundation of the island so that it would be perfect, but he ignores it.

Obviously, just like what El said, they ruined his most important thing, that's why he return it back hundredfold and let them taste the wrath of the fourth emperor of the sea.

This anger directly caused Shanks to pay a painful price, which needed to be repaid in a lifetime while also becoming a shadow that he could never get rid of in this life, just because of his irrational decision that indirectly killed all his companions.

Shanks' heart is undoubtedly remorseful, but just like what El said, it's useless to speak more now, as the other's life is the only way they can use to extinguish this burning hate in their heart.

After Shanks introduced his Saber information to El, he charged toward El with the Gryphon in hand while El who is also holding his Black Sword, Shusui rushes forward to greet him.

Only Benn Beckman slowly removed a bag from his body before casually loading his flintlock while El and Shanks had already started exchanging swords slashes.

The two of them did not use conqueror haki and advanced armament haki to coat their swords at the very beginning, but they only use ordinary armament haki and their swordsmanship to prob each other's fighting style, then, within the next moment, Shanks felt pressure and took the initiative to end probing each other fighting style as he began to use advanced armament haki because he found out, El was just like Ben Beckman said, the son of this world.

With the same observation Haki as Redfield, he doesn't need to consume a large amount but only a trivial amount of haki to use something similar to the future vision, and with only one arm left while fighting El who can read his mind and future action, his at a great disadvantage.

With this ability, this 13-year-old boy will not fear his swordsmanship, including Hawkeyes, who is recognized as the world's number one swordsman in the whole world.

In other words, in terms of pure swordsmanship, El is already the number one in the world.


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