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Strongest Swordsman In One Piece Chapter 131

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if it is said that among the classes of Zoan type devil fruit, the normal animal species is the most common, the Ancient Zoan devil fruit is rare, then the mythical Zoan devil fruit is even rarer than the Logia type devil fruit.

Then the Paramecia type devil fruit also has abilities that are even rarer than the Logia type devil fruit, which is rule-type ability.

Every rule-type ability has something that it ignored unless their Haki reaches a level that can ignore a rule-type ability, otherwise, even if it's one of the emperors of the sea, if they are hit by rule-type ability, they will feel extremely uncomfortable.

For example, Boa Hancock's Love-Love Fruit ability, it gives her the ability to turn anything she strikes into stone regardless of the opponent's strength, and once they are petrified and their body is smashed, that will be instant death.

For example, Foxy Slow-Slow Fruit ability, sugar Hobby-Hobby Fruit ability, Tsuru's Wash-Wash Fruit ability, etc, it's all devil fruit abilities that use rule-type ability.

The rule-type ability is very simple, but it has reached the ultimate ability in one aspect, and El's Float-Float Fruit, is also a rule-type ability and the no.1 control type ability.

Any object he touched can be controlled unless his stamina is not enough such as the main body of the Sabaody Archipelago or the Sandy Island, for all objects he touched, he only needs to consume corresponding stamina and after successfully taking control of the object, then he only needs to consume a small amount of stamina to liquefy it and turn it into various forms while controlling it.

Just like sugar, after turning countless people into puppets it has no after-effects on her such as additional stamina consumption.

It is this kind of unreasonable ability that allows Shik to use the floating island to fight against their enemies.

However, Shiki's usage of the Float-Float Fruit is really rubbish, he consumes unnecessary stamina to manipulate the ground to attack an enemy that is the same level as him.

Compared with controlling the ground to create a tsunami, he prefers to combine his swordsmanship, three-type of Haki, and his devil fruit ability to fight his enemies at the same time it also makes his battery life more durable.

In his eyes, Shiki's imagination is too barren and he can't maximize the Float-Float Fruit ability at all, otherwise, the title of the strongest Paramecia type devil fruit will be on him.

Now, El will use his endless stamina and the imagination of the traversers to correct whose title of the strongest Paramecia type devil fruit should belong.

After El changed the subject and under the watchful eyes of five girls, his figure flew away from the ship.

In front of El, there are several big and small meteorites moving slowly.

El brought the five girls to outer space for the purpose of meteorites in outer space.

These solid pieces of debris that strayed from their original orbits, there is countless debris like this in the outer space outside the planet.

These meteorites, some are made of stone, iron, or a combination of both, and their size varies, some are as small as a fist or even a thump, while the big one is the same size as a ship or even several times larger than the pegasus.

These meteorites are all floating around the planet's orbit, if there is no external force that will disturb them, they will continue to rotate around the planet's orbit, until they break into a certain orbit, and then accelerate into cosmic meteors, and continue to burn themselves until they completely disappear into the boundless universe.

The number of meteorites in El's eyes is very large, and if these meteorites are fused together, maybe a medium-sized or even a large-sized island can be created.

In order to confirm his conjecture, El really did it, he took a Bubbly Coral and created a bubble headgear, and put it on his head, then he flew towards the nearest meteorite.

Reaching out to touch the meteorite, El instantly seized its control, then he control it to follow behind him, while he flew towards to another meteorite.

As his stamina began to deplete at a speed visible to the naked eye, the number of meteorites under his control continued to increase and after completely using his stamina, the number of meteorites under his control had reached four figures.

Flying back to the deck of the Pegasus, El waved casually under the stunned gazes of the five girls.

In an instant, the four-digit meteorites, be it large or small, seemed to be attracted by magnets, and they are being liquefied while slowly approaching each other to fused, then after a while an incomparably huge meteorite appear in front of El, and the five girls' eyes.

Compare to the meteorite made from mountains and ground after El just became a Float-Float Fruit user, it is still 2.4 times larger than the meteorite in front of them, however, there are still countless meteorites that have not yet been controlled and slowly drifting around the planet orbits.

The five girls are completely speechless, this scene makes them feel that their rare and powerful abilities are like children playing at home.

It was also at this moment that Nami and the others finally understood the meaning of what El said after becoming a Float-Float Fruit user.

In an individual fight, he may still be a long way off, but in large fights, he is truly invincible!


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