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When they came to the last town before going to reverse mountain in West Blue, El and the four girls didn't look for Robin trace everywhere.

It's January 1515, and Robin's birthday is in February, just like El, and she'll be 23 after one month.

She had been fleeing since she was eight years old, she was already a 'big mouse' who had been hiding in the 'stinky ditch' for fifteen years.

Now, this big mouse is no longer a child who has to run away from the pursuit of ordinary people when she was young and has no other ability except for her knowledge and housework.

On the contrary, these fifteen years of escape, enhance Robin's hiding ability so that even CP agents can't find her.

The Flower-Flower Fruit let her have the strength and a strong ability to collect information.

In the past fifteen years, Robin has already possessed the strength and ability to leave West Blue, in the manga, She left the West Sea and entered the grand line five years before the plot began.

Even if El didn't come to West Blue, Robin would enter the grand line this year, however, in what month Robin entered the grand line, El didn't know, and he didn't want to wait for Robin's appearance in this town.

So as soon as he landed on the shore, El grabbed a vicious pirate who made him feel uncomfortable, read his memory forcefully, and collected the local information.

This town in West Blue is as bustling as the Loguetown.

Only unlike the Loguetown, which has a navy branch, it is an island sheltered by the gang, unlike the peace in the weakest sea, the independent forces in the other three seas are very strong.

In addition to pirates, West Blue also has a very famous profession which is a gangster and it's also one of the professions in the dark world just like pirates.

Some big gangs even have the ability to manufacture their own weapons and they can conquer or loot cities with their firepower and members.

They will also sell weapons to the pirate groups that cannot produce weapons by themselves, or when the navy runs out of weapons on the way back, they come to big gangs to re-supplies.

Some gang leaders get along with black and white and while some gang leaders will be offered a bounty by the navy, this is the situation on the West Blue.

It can be said that the gangs in West Blue are equivalent to half black market.

A place sheltered by a gang is like a place sheltered by the black market.

Unless it is a pirate group that doesn't know the importance of arms no one will cause trouble in a place sheltered by a gang.

This Town before the reverse mountain is one of the few peaceful islands.

"Because it is in a very special location, many forces have opened branches here, and even the headquarters of many forces have is here."

Coincidentally, the branch of the News Agency in west blue is also located on this island.

Although the World Economy News Paper is the largest newspaper in the world, Morgans only monopolized the newspaper business in the first and second half of the Grand Line.

News Agency from other four seas can still get a bite of meat in the hands of this giant crocodile.

Because the world is so big that if Morgans wants to monopolize the newspaper business, the number of news coo under his command will at least double.

And the news from four seas is too small when compared with the first and second half of the Grand Line, there is no gimmick that can make a lot of money.

Therefore, Morgans did not take all the cakes from the four seas.

So as long as the big brother "World Economy News Paper" did not release news that shocked the world, other News agencies on the four seas can still have a sip of the soup on weekdays.

These News agencies either report interesting news on the sea or report some gossip to make a living.

On this day, El found the president of the West Blue News agency, he don't know if he had been recognized, or if it was the twenty stacks of Belly with each denomination of 100,000 in front of him, making the president show a humble appearance.

The next day, the headlines of the newspapers in West Blue rarely published something that the people on West Blue could not understand.

It was a news headline with mostly pictures and very little text content.

The pictures are steles whose text is so blurred that the text cannot be seen clearly, and the content is that the West blue News Agency accidentally discovered a cave with some words that they could not understand.

These texts are very vague, but if you have some knowledge, you will find that it is an ancient texts.

Yes, this is the method that El, who has transformed into a fisherman, especially use to catch Robin.

Her goal is to find the real Poneglyph, in the manga for the Poneglyph of the kingdom of Alabasta, she is willing to help crocodile usurp the king's power.

It can be said that the Poneglyph is the meaning of Robin's life existence before she found her companion(Nakama).

Not to mention, El also blurred the Poneglyph text and published it in the headlines.

With Robin's dedication to the Poneglyph, she will definitely appear in this town.

As long as she appears on the island, El will be able to find her.

a week later, a person wearing a black cloak and a hood on their head and you could not tell whether it was a male or female just landed on a remote coast after driving a small boat

"Finally, I have been waiting for you, Nico Robin." together with the voice a figure slowly descended from the sky.

El, who descended from the sky and have a similar height to Robin, patted her shoulders very familiarly and grinned at Robin whose body instantly became stiff.


I don't know what you're talking about...

Nico Robin, who is that have you mistaken me for someone"

Robin, who forced herself to calm down, did not attack El in panic, but her voice trembled slightly but soon it returned to normal.

In fifteen years, the reason why Robin is getting better and better in hiding is not only because of her age and devil fruit ability but also because her appearance has undergone great changes.

The photo on the bounty is still what she looked like when she was eight years old and now, the current her will be 23 years old soon.


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