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Moussa praised him, but Chelsea did not talk.

He dragged her all the way home, and as soon as he entered the house, the prey was thrown to the ground.

He pressed her against the door and kissed her little mouth that had been chattering ……



Husband, not.

Ah!” Moussa was sweating.

Both hands clung to his shoulders, her nails almost dug into Chelsea’s flesh.

Her long hair swirled as her body swayed up and down while her hole continued to gobble up Chelsea’s huge thing.


“Little thing, you’d better keep your voice down.


Otherwise, people passing by will know what we’re doing.

Hiss, are you going to strangle me Relax.” Chelsea smiled wickedly and drew out his huge stick from her hole, thrusting shallowly.

Then, while Moussa breathed a sigh of relief, he suddenly pushed in hard.


“Ahhh!” Moussa was stimulated by his sudden strong attack, screaming involuntarily.

Then she remembered his warning and hurriedly pursed her lips to suppress the whimpers.

Her body involuntarily spasmed, fingers gripping Chelsea’s shoulders, trying to distract the intense stimulation of her lower body that she could not stand.


Unfortunately, her suppressed whimpering stimulated Chelsea’s wild desire.

His few remaining senses burned out, and his mind was filled with the thought of f*cking the petite person in front of him to death.

He pushed his stick fiercely against Moussa’s hole one after another, making a popping sound.



Chelsea, too deep.

You gently.

Oooooo.” Moussa was forced to cry in a low voice by his increasingly rough movements.

The occasional sound of the beastmen talking from outside the door also made her nervous.

Her hole unconsciously contracted and sucked on the bad thing that was rampaging inside and that she loved and hated.


Chelsea was stimulated by this clenching and sucking of hers to become even more frantic.

Ignoring her pleas for mercy, his stick became even harder.

It stretched hers to the limit again and again, as if it would never stop.


Just as Moussa was f*cked by him so hard that she arched her body and was about to reach the extreme, she suddenly heard someone shouting outside the door, “Moussa, Ivy said you were going to make sweet potatoes for her to eat and asked you to come over quickly… are you there”


Moussa was startled.

Her whole body froze.

Chelsea was also shocked and stopped moving in annoyance.

He shouted angrily at the door, “Getaway.

Don’t come in.”


Sander was about to step to the door when Chelsea’s roar startled him.

Then he realized that the two people in the house were doing something.

Sander scratched his head in embarrassment and hurriedly retreated a few steps.

On second thought, he looked back and took a deep breath, and shouted, “Chelsea, speed up.

Ivy said she was hungry and wanted to eat the sweet potatoes Moussa prepared.” After saying that, he ran away as if he were running away for his life.


“Mmm.” It was too embarrassing for Sander to find out that she and Chelsea were doing this kind of thing.

Annoyed, she bit hard against Chelsea’s shoulder.


“Hiss,” Chelsea was unprepared and breathed in.

He immediately retaliated by viciously hitting her twice.


Moussa moaned at his thrusts.

She pinched him in shame and annoyance.

“Get out of here.”


“My big stick is still hard.

How do you want me to go out Hmm” Chelsea smiled evilly and used the stick inside Moussa’s to viciously thrust it in and out.



You hurry up, ah! Mmm.

Too deep.

You gently, ah!” Moussa was held against the door.

She couldn’t break free, so she begged him to come out quickly.



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