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It seemed that the pain of his shoulder had made Chelsea angry.

He stepped back a little and pushed hard.

Moussa received a few blows and then loosened up, feeling like she was about to be knocked apart by him.

She quickly hugged his neck and hung on to him.


Little by little, she no longer had the strength to cling to his neck.

She moaned softly and slipped down.

Chelsea smacked her on the ass a few times to comfort her.

But eventually, she got soft again.


Chelsea ran out of patience and put a finger in her ass again.

“Ah!” Moussa moved upward in pain but was pulled back again by Chelseae.

The hardness in her flower and the finger in her ass came and went viciously at once.



It hurts.



Take it out—Wu wu wu.

Moussa suffered so much that she could no longer bear it and wept while begging.

She was afraid he might notice her chrysanthemum, although their female here used it.

But she was too small, and he was too big.

She’d be dead if he broke in.


Chelsea ignored her cries and slammed his way into her flower with no technique.

His fingers went from one to two in her ass.


“Ahhh! Ah!.”


Moussa screamed several times.

Her head was thrown back.

With the rhythm of his in and out, she mindlessly rocked to the beat.

Moussa thought she was going to die.

Chelsea’s lower body went in and out dozens of times.

Finally, he came and roared.


He put Moussa down and made her turn around.

She turned her back on him and sobbed.


Chelsea pressed himself to her from behind.

He put his finger in her ass again and poked it up.




Moussa cried aloud.

She got up and pushed him.



It hurts.



“Don’t move.

It’s because it hurts that I’m stretching you.” Chelsea’s other hand was holding her waist down to keep her from moving.





I’ll die.

Don’t .” Moussa cried even louder.

It was like she’d been crying lately out of fear.


Chelsea was distracted by her crying and pulled his fingers out.

He turned her around and asked with a deep voice.

“What are you crying I didn’t satisfy you”



No.” Moussa hastily shook her head and denied it.


“Did I mistreat you” Chelsea asked again.

Today, Ryan reminded him to be good to her.

Did she tell Ryan something




You’ve been very good to me.” In this world, having food and shelter should be good enough.

Moussa responded without thinking.


“Then why are you crying” Chelsea raised his eyebrows in confusion.

To be fair, he really wasn’t too happy with his partner.

She couldn’t bear any weight on her shoulders, her hands, and she was small and couldn’t climb trees.

Maybe even gathering wild fruit was an issue.


But he could handle the whole thing.

He was strong enough to support both of them, so it didn’t matter if she hadn’t done something.

The point was that she was too weak to satisfy him in bed.

Whenever he got excited, she fainted — what a disappointment.


The only good thing about her, when he saw her, was that her body was smooth and fragrant and that she was very comfortable to hold.

She also had two holes down there that he could enter.

Unfortunately, the back one was too tight, and his size could not get in.

He wanted to stretch it, but she never stopped crying.


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