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She looked up and down for a long time.

She really wanted to know where the child was without a uterus, but she didn’t have the heart to ask.

In fact, even if she did, Ivy wouldn’t necessarily be able to answer.


Ivy got embarrassed as she looked at her.

She blurted out in shame, “Have you seen enough Have you looked all morning”


“Er, sorry, sorry.” Moussa returned to her senses awkwardly.

She did not mean to be like this, but she was really curious.


She hurriedly asked with a smiling face, “Ivy, are you hungry I will make stew for you”


“Okay.” Ivy relaxed on the bed, half squinting eyes and nodding in agreement.


Moussa left, thinking, “This pregnant woman… no, a pregnant man has to be comfortable.

He doesn’t have to do any work.

He has this little maid to wait on him.


Then she resigned herself to make the stew and went, saying that she did not want to go out to pick wild fruits by herself without Ivy’s company.

It was very dull, so she could take advantage of this job of taking care of the pregnant man.

It was justified for her not to go out to pick wild fruits.


The two of them had a delicious lunch.

Ivy was a little sleepy, so she lay down on the bed and fell asleep.


Moussa had nothing to do and did not want to sleep with her.

She felt uncomfortable lying in a bed with a man who was not Chelsea and thought it was better to go to her small vegetable garden and see how it was growing.

Although she knew that he was a female, he was a man in appearance.


Moussa could not help but be shocked to see that the small vegetable garden somehow became a large vegetable garden.

Moreover, it was clean and neat, not a single weed, and at a glance, it was clear that someone had taken good care of it.


Chelsea No, indeed not him.

He stayed by her side as soon as he came back.

He didn’t have time to do this, and he wasn’t that meticulous.

Then it must be Ryan.

Moussa was touched and guilty in her heart.

She didn’t expect Ryan to do this for her silently, but she really had nothing to give back.


With a sigh, she turned around and went back to the house.

She took a beast bone out and carefully dug under the plants, and pulled out several sweet potatoes.

To her surprise, the sweet potatoes here were big and many.

She didn’t expect that she would succeed in planting them.


Moussa was so happy that she rushed back to the house.

She took a big basket with her and got all the sweet potatoes out.

The entire harvest was two baskets.

She saved one basket to plant and took out half of the other basket to prepare for everyone to eat tonight.

She also prepared to send some to Ryan.

After all, he was the one who contributed the most to this garden.


She went to the garden and found something like potatoes, and the corn seemed to be getting ripe.

The cotton was also about to bloom.

Moussa felt crazy with joy, not realizing that her little garden was also rich.


Moussa worked in the small vegetable garden in the afternoon.

Looking up to see the sky darkened, she thought the beastmen would be back soon.

So she carried a few sweet potatoes and ran to Ryan’s door, standing there waiting for him to return.


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