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Ryan’s eyes dimmed, forcing out a smile, and he said, “I’m so jealous to see you two so sweet.

It looks like I need to find a partner soon, too.”


Then he made a fist with his right hand and hammered Chelsea on the shoulder, teasing, “Chelsea, are you this stingy.

You won’t let Moussa talk to me anymore.

You see, she’s so scared she won’t say a word to me.”


When he heard that Moussa did not say a word to him, Chelsea was a little proud.

But he did not want him to see his complacency and spoke with an uncertain expression, “I am not that stingy.” Although his heart did not wish Moussa to care for Ryan, he seemed quite petty when the words came out.


“I told you that Chelsea is not that stingy.

Don’t stop talking to me in the future.

I already know your choice, but we’re still friends, right” It was driving him crazy not seeing her or hearing her voice all these days.

As long as he could see her and hear her voice from time to time, he was willing to keep her as a friend.


Moussa was relieved to hear that and nodded solemnly, “Of course we are friends… very good friends.”


“Oh, that’s right!” Ryan smiled and nodded, but behind that smile was full of bitterness.


“Are you done eating Let’s go back.

They’re still waiting for us to continue.” Chelsea said and nodded at Ryan, pulling Moussa away.


Although Ryan said he only wanted to be friends with Moussa, he was still not dead.

He did not like Moussa to be close to him, so he found an excuse to pull Moussa away.


Moussa didn’t forget to turn around and smile apologetically at Ryan, who also smiled back.

That was enough.

She was willing to talk to him and smile at him, and that was enough.


The rainy season soon passed.

Moussa and Chelsea were sweetly stuck together all day, but she was very wary of Chelsea’s beastly form.

Whenever Chelsea pressed her for a good time, she emphasized that “no beastly form “a few times.


Chelsea’s strategy to get everyone together to play mahjong was very successful.

Only Philo was left among the eight females of the fox tribe.

The remaining seven managed to find a partner to stay, which was an unprecedented harvest, and the lion tribe celebrated.


When Philo left, Moussa was pleased, but she would not admit that she was jealous.

Being jealous of a man was something she was still unable to accept.


The end of the rainy season meant that autumn was coming.

The village was busy.

The males were busy hunting for more games to store up for the winter, and the females were active going out to pick wild fruits and herbs.


There were enough wild fruits in the house that Moussa and Chelsea could not eat them all.

Piling them together for a long time would be easy to spoil, so Moussa asked Chelsea to make her a big wooden barrel.

Then the fruits were put inside and sealed up, thinking that maybe she could make a fruit wine.


A major event also happened, that was, Ivy got pregnant.

Sander was so happy that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut all day and strictly forbade Ivy to go out of the village.

He also went to Chelsea and asked Moussa to stay with Ivy to relieve her boredom.


Moussa was very curious about the matter of Ivy’s pregnancy.

Although she knew that this was a male-male world, the man was undoubtedly the one giving birth to the child.

However, there was still a big difference between knowing and seeing with one’s own eyes; a man giving birth to a child was really too ……


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