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So it turned out that Chelsea wanted such attention.

It was really clever.

If you played with them, you might have gotten attached to them.


So, she smiled lightly and praised, “Husband, you are great.”


Chelsea smiled at her, then bowed his head to rub against her forehead.

He urged her to pamper him, “Wife, I want a reward.

You have to kiss me.”


Moussa originally wanted to avoid but caught a glimpse of Philo sitting not far from here looking this way.

Therefore, her mind changed, and she stood on tiptoe to give him a kiss on the lips.


Chelsea was satisfied.

He pulled her to a random table and kicked a losing beastman off, and the two sat down to play.


Considering Moussa’s poor gambling luck, Chelsea was in charge.

Moussa leaned on him while watching the game.

Chelsea grabbed the tiles with one hand and rubbed her waist with the other to massage her.

It was a sweet look that made others envious.


Moussa felt a little hungry a few moments later.

She nibbled a fruit from the pile next to her.


Seeing that she had eaten all of his bets, Chelsea laughed lightly and asked in a low voice, “What, are you hungry”


Moussa nodded.

She swallowed the piece of fruit in her mouth and whined, “I wonder who caused me to not eat much in the past two days.

I just ate a few fruits today, so how could I not be hungry”


When Chelsea heard this, he smiled and said, “Okay, okay, it’s my fault.

Next time I’ll remember to let you eat.

There’s barbecue over there.

I’ll go get some for you to eat.

You play for me.”


He was about to get up, but Moussa pulled him back and stopped him.

“You take over.

I’ll go get it myself.” If she took over, she was afraid of losing all the family’s fruits.


Seeing her stand, Chelsea did not insist.

Anyway, it was only a few steps, and he could see her when he looked up.


No one knew who had thought of this so carefully.

A long table was set up against the wall, with many pieces of roasted golden brown meat and water placed on it for the hungry players to take at will.


Moussa’s appetite increased after she smelled the roasted meat.

She took a wooden bowl from the side, cut off a little bit of each piece, and put it into the bowl.

She couldn’t wait to go back to her seat and eat it in big bites.

She was starving.


After a few bites, she felt a little thirsty.

She drank the water next to her and felt something was wrong when she finished drinking.

She turned her head to look and saw Ryan standing next to her with his hand still in the cup-handing position.


Moussa felt a little embarrassed and put the empty cup back in his hand.


Ryan laughed lightly and asked softly, “Want some more”


Moussa shook her head.

She pursed her lips and looked at him, not knowing what to say.


Ryan laughed sadly at himself, “What You hate me so much that you won’t even say a word to me”


“No, Ryan, I.” Moussa hurriedly retorted, but halfway through the sentence, she didn’t know how to continue.

Moussa was a very traditional woman.

Since she had decided that Chelsea was her husband, she wouldn’t take it lightly.

Moussa liked Ryan a lot, but only as a friend.

Therefore, she did not know how to face Ryan’s feelings for her.


“What’s the matter What are you talking about” Ryan was just about to speak when Chelsea intervened and possessively wrapped Moussa back into his arms.


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