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Unfortunately, even if she ate little bites, she would still be short on food.


When Chelsea saw her finish her final bite, he picked her up and threw her onto the bed.

She dared not resist and allowed him to undress her.


However, Chelsea did not immediately jump at her as he did every day.

Instead, he removed his clothes and lay down beside her.

He took her hand and carried it to his already hardened baton.

He ordered, “Touch it, and lick it.”


Moussa looked timidly at the enormous dark crimson stem.

He told her to lick it, but she’d never licked it before.

Plus, she was feeling a little dirty.


Seeing her hesitation, Chelsea frowned in displeasure.

Then he pressed her head towards his crotch and urged, “Come on.”


“No-“, she opened her mouth to reject.

When she did, Chelsea took advantage of it to enter.

With Moussa’s head stuck, she couldn’t get away.

All she could do was hold the disgusting feeling in her mouth.

But it was not possible to control the amount of saliva produced.


“Lick it with your tongue! Don’t just hold it.”

When she refused to cooperate, Chelsea lost patience and slapped her in the ass.


“Wu wu wu …”

Moussa knelt on the bed and wrapped her mouth around his huge shaft.

She was struggling with how hard it was to swallow him.

Her tongue even licked on it once or twice from time to time.


He kept her head down.

He controlled the pumping rate and kept squeezing, suffocating Moussa in tears.


He finally got his release when Moussa felt like she was on the verge of suffocation.

But he pressed her head and did not let her escape, spurting a load into her mouth.


Moussa swallowed it forcefully, but it was too much.

She couldn’t keep up with him and was choking.

Chelsea finally let her go.

Moussa dropped to the side of the bed and coughed violently.


But Chelsea didn’t know how to feel sorry for her, or he just wanted her to feel bad.

When Moussa’s cough eased a little, he turned her over, separated her legs, and bent over to lick and kiss her flower.


Chelsea seemed to love the nectar coming out of her flower.

He sucked on it every night for a long time.

Moussa got used to it and could no longer wait until he sucked it.

After all, that was the only thing that didn’t hurt and felt good.


But Chelsea was a little different tonight as he sucked for only a short time.

He made her come once and then stopped.

Then he held her and sat her up and let her guide herself into the hot rod.


Sensing that he was different tonight, she didn’t dare dawdle for fear of annoying him again.


Holding his hot cane, she sat on it.


“Ah …”

Although she was controlling the situation, she cried out in pain from the extreme pain of having her flower stretched to the limit.

Her body shuddered.

She knew it wasn’t over yet, because there was still some of his hot rod left outside.


Sure enough.

Just as soon as the last wave of pain had passed, Chelsea grabbed her waist and pressed her down.

Then he pushed up and at last reached the end.


“Mmmm ..” Again, her womb’s entrance was pierced.

It was so unbearable that Moussa opened her mouth and bit him on the shoulder.


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