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Itch Relief

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Chelsea then let go of her hand and let Moussa bathe.


Moussa quickly boiled water, then stripped off her clothes and entered the tub.

She hummed softly in comfort, rubbing her skin.

Moussa did not know if it was because of the water quality.

She spent all day in the sun and did not wear any cosmetics, but her skin did not become darker and rougher.

On the contrary, it was getting more tender and white, which all women dream of.

But in this different world, everything worked effortlessly.


She also discovered that her physique was much better.

For example, when she first came here, she could barely climb halfway before being too tired.

But now, she could quickly go to the top of the mountain.

Could it be because the food here was all-natural and unpolluted, so it was particularly nourishing Moussa was thinking randomly when she heard Chelsea over there urging her to hurry up.


Sighing helplessly, she answered and then hurriedly climbed out of the tub.

She casually wiped the water on her body and decided to take the ointment Karida had given her.

She smeared some on her two holes.

She had already reduced the swelling, but it was hard for him not to toss her again with great passion, based on Chelsea’s eager look.

Suddenly, she remembered Karida’s words about letting Chelsea exercise and sweat a little.

She blushed for a moment.

The exercise he said was not for him to do that kind of thing.


She no longer bothered to think about it for fear that Chelsea would get out of bed to find her.

She hurriedly put on her clothes and went out.

As soon as Moussa entered the room, Moussa saw Chelsea getting ready to get out of bed.

She hurriedly ran and pushed him back into bed.

Then she used the animal skin to cover him tightly.


Moussa had no choice but to lie down beside him.

Chelsea was delighted, lowered his head to kiss her, and his hands went in from under her clothes to knead her breasts.

Chelsea used the opportunity to pull her and refused to let go.


Moussa was shocked to feel that the two holes underneath her were so itchy.

It seemed like there were millions of ants crawling inside.

It was so itchy as well as uncomfortable.

She wanted something to stick in and stop the itch.

Moussa couldn’t help but stick out her tongue and take the initiative to entwine with him while pushing her waist to rub him.


Chelsea felt Moussa’s unusual enthusiasm.

A little surprised, he let go of her lips and saw the abnormal flush on her face.

He asked worriedly, “Wife, what’s wrong with you”



Chelsea, I am itchy.

I am so itchy inside.

Mmm …… help me, help me!” Moussa rubbed her waist against him as she grabbed his big hand and sent it underneath her.


Chelsea frowned and let her pull his hand against the base of her thighs, where it was already wet.

Hers was still spitting out water, and Chelsea couldn’t believe that she had gotten wet so quickly.

He hadn’t even touched it, and she had gotten wet like this.


Moussa saw that he was still dilly-dallying and refused to help her stop the itch.

She forcefully closed her legs around his hand and cried impatiently, “Chelsea, come in.

So itchy.


Help me.



“Moussa, tell me.

Did anyone give you something to eat” Chelsea asked seriously as he pulled his hand out from between her legs to grab her arm.

She looked like she had eaten the ‘love fruit.’ The village strictly forbade feeding ‘ love fruit ‘ to females.

Only those ill-intentioned males usually trick females into eating the ‘love fruit’ to copulate with them.

It was a very disgraceful means.

Who, in the end, dared to give Moussa the ‘love fruit’ He simply wanted to die.


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