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Chelsea, already senseless with desire, cooperated by blinking twice quickly.

He only wished that she would give him a good time.


Seeing how cooperative he was, Moussa leaned down and kissed him on the lips, praising, “Such a good boy.”


“Oooh.” Chelsea made a complex nasal sound urging her to hurry up.

He was about to explode from holding it in.


Moussa coughed and said sternly, “I’m telling you, I don’t like Philo living here.

You’ll have her move out tomorrow, do you agree”


Chelsea blinked twice again without thinking.

Philo or whatever was now totally out of his consideration.


“Yeah, that’s good.” Moussa nodded in satisfaction and then said, “In the future, you are not allowed to see Philo alone, nor a talk to her, nor smile at her.” After some thought, she added, “No other females are allowed either.

You can only have one partner in this life, do you agree”


Chelsea blinked twice more and made a nasal “mmmm” sound.

He couldn’t stand how she had so many questions.


Moussa slapped him on the face and snapped, “What are you yelling about Answer the question properly, or you’ll be ready to stay here all night.”


A night like this He might die of pain in that case.

Chelsea blinked his eyes quickly to say no.

Moussa ignored him.

After a moment’s reflection, she said apologetically, “I didn’t mean to lie to you about the bleeding.

I’m sorry, will you accept my apology”


“Accept, accept.

Just please do me a favor”, Chelsea hissed in his heart and hurriedly blinked twice.


Moussa was relieved to see his acceptance and then said, “Then you can’t be mean to me in the future.

You can’t hurt me anymore.

Also, when we do something like that, if I say no, you can’t do it either.

You have to stop right away, do you promise”


He could promise not to be mean and not to hurt her, but if she said no, he would have to stop.

If she said no every time, wouldn’t he have to stop every time he got halfway through Chelsea had a lot to say about this one.


When Moussa saw that he was hesitant about it, she reached behind her again and grabbed his stiffness, threatening, “Promise or not”


Yes, yes, Chelsea immediately blinked twice.

Yes was a yes.

As for whether to do it or not, that would depend on the situation.


“Hmm.” Moussa nodded in satisfaction, and only then did she notice that he was sweating profusely and looked like he was having a hard time holding back.


When she felt the hardness and swelling in her hand, she couldn’t help but think, “It’s really not good to be hard like this.” The thought made her feel distressed.


Therefore, she obediently raised her waist, and her little hand grasped his hardness and sent it to her p*ssy.


“Oooh.” Chelsea was excited to see that she was willing to give him a good deal of pleasure and whimpered.



So good,” Moussa aligned his huge tip to her p*ssy and then slowly sat down.

However, after spending some time on the job, she only swallowed a third of it.

Moussa was uncomfortable and complained.

So she lay on top of him and refused to move anymore.


“Oooh.” Chelsea was stuck there with her not getting enough.

It was also uncomfortably tight.

He really hated this feeling of weakness and could only whimper and urge her to hurry up.


“I know, I know.

Taking a break!” Although Moussa said so, she still pushed to sit down slowly until she reached the opening of her womb.

Although part of his d*ck remained outside, she refused to go down at all.


After panting, she twisted her waist and began to move up and down in small increments.


Although Chelsea was not satisfied with her slow movement, he could not move now and had to endure the growing fire of desire due to her slow grinding pace.


“Ah ah ah ah!” Moussa rode a wooden horse-like for a while, and somehow her body’s most sensitive point was rubbed hard.

Moussa was stimulated by the intense sensation.

She threw back her head and let out a long moan as she clenched herself to climax.


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