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Chapter 32

A Slightly Sweet and Sour Rage

Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


Moussa urged them to wash their faces, had three bowls of stew, and all three of them went back to the house and sat down at the table to eat.


Chelsea had not said a word since the first mouthful.

After eating a bowl of stew, he went to the room and served another bowl himself.

He only stopped eating until the whole pot was at the bottom, looking at Moussa passionately.


Ryan’s way of eating was much more civilized compared to Chelsea’s.

Nevertheless, he also ate three or four bowls before stopping, praising the good taste straight from his mouth.

Though he wasn’t as blatant as Chelsea, his eyes were burning hot when he looked at Moussa.


Moussa was a little embarrassed by the two of them looking at her.

But seeing what she had done was eaten clean by them, she had a sense of accomplishment.


After a quick cleaning up, she urged them to go out and build the house.


Chelsea turned to Ryan and said, “You first go and gather a few tribesmen, clean up the place, and get some wood back.

I will be coming later.”


Ryan’s eyes darkened, then nodded and walked out.


As soon as Ryan walked out of the house, Chelsea pulled Moussa into his arms and kissed her passionately.


As he kissed her, he pressed her against the wall, lifted her clothes, and forced her legs apart with his big hands, pushing his fingers into her p*ssy and then pumping his way up.


Moussa tried to resist, but he sealed her mouth, and her waist was also suppressed.

All she could do was to keep slapping his back with her tiny hands, and her mouth made the sound of ooh’s to protest.


But Chelsea didn’t pay attention to her, nor did he stop.

He found that she began to leak down there, so he pulled out his fingers and ripped off his animal skin skirt.

He was hard for a long time and then pushed his way into the tight place.


“Mmm.” Moussa was not ready.

Although she was wet, apparently not wet enough.

A sudden injection of his big one caused Moussa to bite him on the lips.


Chelsea was bitten and hissed as he released her lips.

Seeing her frowning in pain, he stopped the stabbing action and reached down to massage the sensitive ball below her while cajoling in a low voice, “Baby, relax.

Let me in.

You’ll be comfortable in a while.”


Moussa glared at him angrily, but she knew it was impossible to let him out now.

So she had to relax and let him go all the way in.

It was her fault for suffering in the end.


Chelsea felt her cooperation and smiled.

His waist exerted a force, slamming to the very end, and his huge head jabbed inside her cervix.


He sighed with pleasure, “Baby, you are so tight and comfortable.”


Moussa was made speechless by his rough action.

She was tilting her head back and gasping for air.


Chelsea, however, could not resist and did not wait for her to adapt.

He wrapped her legs around his waist and sprinted vigorously.


Ryan got away from the house, but not far enough.

The beastmen’s excellent hearing allowed him to clearly hear the sounds of whispering and panting inside the house.

There was no need to guess what Chelsea was doing to her.


His hands were clenched into fists, almost sinking his nails into them.

His mind kept yelling, why Why was he not Moussa’s partner He would love to take her into his arms, comfort her, protect her, tenderly call her baby, then let her moan and gasp under him, giving her the ultimate pleasure.

But he couldn’t because he wasn’t qualified.


He really hated himself for not trying to win the position of chief.

If he were the chief, he would be the one holding Moussa in his arms right now.

Ryan kept telling himself that he could not break them.

No, Chelsea was his brother, and he could not betray him.


It took a while to calm himself down.

He forced himself to leave Chelsea’s house with a heavy step and gather the tribesmen to start working.


Since it was daytime, the window was not closed.

Therefore, Moussa bit her lips and did not dare to scream.

She only could suppress the sound of grunts and hums as his strokes went up and down.

The two tender masses in front of her also went up and down with her, making Chelsea’s mouth dry.

He could not control his strength and was fierce as if he wanted to squeeze his whole body into her p*ssy.


Moussa received more.

She could not bear it and begged for mercy, “Chelsea.


Ah ah ah! Will break.

Be gentle…”


Her charming look tickled Chelsea, but his mind suddenly recalled how she was held by Ryan yesterday.

He was instantly furious and leaned down to look at her with hatred.

“Little thing, I just want to screw you.

How dare you let him hold you.

Let me see if I don’t f*ck you to death if you still dare.”


That said, the lower body also seemed to feel the owner’s rage that was slightly sweet and sour and became even thicker.

All at once, it stabbed Moussa’s pussy relentlessly.


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