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It seemed that he was displeased with Moussa’s distracted state.

Chelsea unsheathed himself and turned her around.

With her kneeling and lying face down on the bed, he ruthlessly entered from behind her.

Chelsea’s hands went around to her chest and kneaded her snow-white plumpness.


“Ah … ah … ” Moussa was so fascinated that her eyes rolled back, and her hands unconsciously clutched the animal skin beneath her.

Her flower also clenched involuntarily.


“Um … So tight … How come you are not loose after such a long time How can you give birth to a child if you are so tight You want to squeeze my baby! Or am I not trying hard enough and still need more to loosen you up.” Chelsea asked her in a puzzled voice as he nuzzled her earlobe.

But his rod slammed deeper than ever.


“Don’t … Chelsea … Don’t.

Be gentle.

Be gentle.” What was the need for more of him Then she would die.

Moussa was so scared that she panicked and shook her head.

Her tears streamed down too.


After an unknown period, Moussa had no strength even to moan.

She was weak underneath him, softly humming.

Chelsea, however, was getting fiercer and faster.

He flipped her over again and put a cushion under her waist to make it easier for him to enter.


First, he slowly withdrew until only the head was left, and then he pushed in.

He felt her tremble involuntarily because of his entry.

His rod was wrapped tightly inside her, making him feel very comfortable.

It was like she would fall apart as the movements were getting harder and faster with each stroke.


Moussa got banged by him, and she didn’t know how many times she had exploded.

But he, too, came twice, yet still refused to pull out.

Looking at her belly bulging due to his huge rod, he deliberately pressed his big hand on it.


He was too big.

When the entire thing had gone in, Moussa had been uncomfortable.

What was more, he had entered twice, and it had blocked her juice from flowing out.

His large hand pressed on it, and the huge hot rod kept trying to squeeze inside.


Moussa felt that she was about to burst and could no longer hold back her cries.

Her two slender white legs struggled freely in the air.


“It hurts so much.

My stomach hurts so much.



Please.” She was intermittently begging him in tears as she continued with her twitching.


“Mmmm,” Chelsea was also getting tingled by her sucking flower.

With a low growl, he once again slammed himself deep inside, sending powerful spurts of his hot fluid.

She cried, screamed, trembled, and passed out under the double torture of pleasure and pain.


When Moussa woke up, Chelsea had already disappeared.

She knew that he must have gone hunting with his people again.

When the weather was good, they went hunting every day.

Something she had long been accustomed to.


With a deep breath and mental preparation, she supported her sore body with both hands.


“Mmmm.” She felt a stream of fluid coming out of her lower body.

She hurriedly pulled the animal skin next to her to stop it.

She bent over and walked towards the bathroom one step at a time, covering that area.


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