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Moussa was still a little stunned.

She didn’t know why he threw the egg out of her hand and shouted to be watchful.


But she soon knew and saw a bizarre scene from the door which Ryan did not close in a hurry.

The eggshell cracked, and a snake-like object crawled out from the cracked gap; its green body crawled out, spitting its long tongue, and then opened its mouth and spat out a thick puddle of sticky liquid.


Then the things that got into the liquid began to fume.

The green snake spat a corrosive liquid.

Moussa was terrified and hid in Ryan’s arms.

She shivered, and if Ryan hadn’t let her throw the egg in time, she was afraid the corrosion would have disfigured her.


Ryan carried her and jumped back several times to make sure she was safe.

Taking advantage of the fact that the green snake was still around, corroding his house, he darted to the fire point, took the torch, and lit the fire around the house.

In an instant, the entire wooden house was burning, and the green snake twisted its body wildly and was buried in the fire.

Fortunately, every two houses in the village were separated by a good distance, so the fire did not endanger the other houses.


It was only Ryan’s house that was destroyed.

Moussa’s eyes were red with remorse, and she said tearfully, “Ryan, I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to do it.

I didn’t know the egg was so dangerous.”


Ryan smiled at her, took her into his arms, and gently coaxed her, “It’s okay, it’s okay.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.

I will build the house again.

You don’t have to blame yourself.

I don’t blame you.

Don’t cry.

Just be careful from now on.

Don’t ever touch anything you haven’t seen before, okay”


Moussa sobbed while nodding, “Ryan, I’m so stupid.

I wanted to thank you for helping me plant those seedlings, but I didn’t expect to mess up and cause you to lose your house.”


“You saw it-”


“What are you doing” Before Ryan could deliver his words, he was interrupted by a loud yell from behind him.


Moussa and Ryan were startled and turned around to see that Chelsea was standing behind them in a murderous mood.

Ryan hurriedly let go of Moussa and took a step back with some embarrassment.


As soon as Moussa saw Chelsea, her tears dropped more than ever.

She threw herself into his arms, sobbing and stammering, “Chelsea, husband, I was scared to death.

A big snake came out of the egg and spat at me.

There was smoke everywhere, and I almost died because of that.

Woo, thanks to Ryan for saving me, but his house was ruined, and it was my fault.”


She called her husband, Chelsea’s heart was a little more comforted.

He brought her into his arms and patted her back to comfort her.


But he still didn’t understand her words and looked at Ryan with suspicion.


Ryan smiled at him and explained, “She accidentally picked up the green anaconda’s egg, and it just happened to be hatching.

Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt, but she was just a little frightened.” Ryan explained calmly.


Chelsea nodded at him and said solemnly, “Thanks again, brother.” Then he looked behind him at the house, which was already burning to ashes.

He said, “Let’s stay at my house tonight, and I’ll get some males to help you build a new house in the morning.”


Ryan nodded.

The truth was that he didn’t want to hear him say thanks to him at all.

Saving her and protecting her was something he did voluntarily, not for him.


Even if this was the truth, he still didn’t want to believe it.

He smiled bitterly and simply explained the situation to the people gathered, then followed Chelsea and Moussa to their home.


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