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Chapter 163.1

Down Memory Lane

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


“Ah!” Tian Xin was sent flying by him, and her climax followed.

An involuntary tightening was sucking him, making Ryan’s big meat stick, which hadn’t gone completely soft, instantly hard again.


Tian Xin was suddenly ashamed and scared.

She looked at Ryan, who was panting at her and smiling mischievously.

Seeing her shy and afraid little look, he couldn’t help but tease out loud, “You don’t want to f*ck, but you can’t let go of the big stick.

Look how tightly it sucks.”


Tian Xin blushed at his words, turned her face away, and whispered a word to him, “Stinky lion.”


“Baby, where do I stink What do I stink of Do you want to try it I don’t stink at all.” Ryan licked the corners of her mouth in an ill-intentioned manner.


“Stop it.

Get up.” Tian Xin jolted, suddenly struggling to get up.

It turned out that her daughter had woken up somehow.

Tian Xin turned her head to see her daughter with big, watery eyes.

She looked curiously at her parents, who were naked and on top of each other.


Although she knew that her daughter was too young to understand anything, her daughter saw her and Ryan’s lovemaking, which made Tian Xin ashamed.

She hurriedly pushed Ryan and said urgently, “Go down.

My daughter is awake.”


Hearing this, Ryan also looked over at his daughter.

The little one was awake, looking at them with big eyes curiously.

So he stretched out his fingers and touched his daughter’s face, teasingly saying, “Baby, Daddy is doing something to make mommy comfortable.

When you grow up, you also have to find a male as tough as daddy.

That way, he can protect you and make you comfortable.

You know”


Tian Xin was unhappy that he didn’t get up quickly but also talked to his daughter about something dirty.

She couldn’t help but pinch him hard on the waist and snarled, “What are you talking to your daughter about”


Ryan turned his gaze to her and asked smilingly, “What did I say that was wrong I didn’t make you feel good Hmm” As he said that, he pushed his lower body against her lustfully.


It was like Tian Tian also agreed with his words and surprisingly giggled.


“Mmm,” Tian Xin smothered a groan.

After seeing it was not working, she hurriedly softened her voice and lightly coaxed, “Husband, you are the strongest.

I’ve gotten so sore and uncomfortable there.

Can you come out, please Let me feed the baby.

She should be hungry too.”


Ryan found himself getting more and more bad-hearted and just wanted to bully her.

He was delighted to see her shy expression, but he could not do something about it.


So he held her down for a while longer and kissed her.

When she was panting, he released her and said, “Say you love me.

Say you love me.

I’ll pull out my big stick.”


Tian Xin was overwhelmed by his childish behavior.

She looked up, nibbled on his ear, and whispered, “I love you.

I love you very much.”


Ryan finally got what he wanted.

He was so happy that he pressed down on her and kissed her lovingly.


After being kissed, the so-called sensible nerve snapped open again.

After all, in Tian Xin’s daughter’s innocent gaze, he pressed her down, and she had a hard time.


Tian Xin was angry at him, scratching and hitting.

It was good that Tian Tian could not understand what her parents were doing.

She saw that her father was on top of her mother and undulating.

Her mother seemed to be in pain and kept grunting.

It was a bit boring to watch.

Soon she fell asleep again.


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