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Chelsea began to kiss her, nibbling from her ear and downward.

He didn’t let go of any skin, especially the two red dots of her bosom, which were swollen and hardened by his nibbling.

Then he moved downward when he was satisfied.


Moussa leaned her head to the side, trembling and moaning under Chelsea’s nibbles.


Chelsea made his way down to the long-awaited nether regions.

He pulled her legs apart and leaned down to nibble gently and aggressively on the side of her petals, tasting the delicate skin there.


“Huh” Chelsea seemed to have found a new toy.

He reached out and flicked on the small ball hidden in the crevice.


“Ahhhhh!” Moussa screamed and moaned at the sudden sensation.


Chelsea leaned down happily and sucked the ball into his mouth, nibbling and playing with it.


“Ah! Don’t!” Moussa couldn’t bear the overwhelming sensation and tried to twist her waist to avoid it.


As soon as she moved, she was held back by Chelsea.

He turned her upside down and supported her body.


He noticed that his hard-on was right where her mouth was.

Thus, on a whim, he grabbed her hand and put it over his hard-on, ordering, “Hold it, open your mouth and take it in.”


“Mmm” Moussa looked at the huge object in her hand, and bad memories of last night came flooding back.

She hesitated to do anything.


“Come on.” Chelsea nibbled on her small ball, urging her.


Moussa closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

She first captured the thick head and then slowly swallowed the thick and majestic object.


“Mmmm,” Chelsea moaned in comfort at the tight and exquisite experience.

He knew she couldn’t swallow the whole thing and didn’t force her.

He left her alone and allowed her to be there.


He only intensified his sucking activity.

One of his hands crept towards her arsehole, and the other finger entered her entrance simultaneously.


“Mmm…” His fingers entered her behind and her entrance.

Moussa raised her upper back in pain, trying to avoid it, and spat out the stiff member in her mouth.


Chelsea was dissatisfied and bit her small ball.

Then he turned her up and said with a smirk, “If the upper mouth is not willing to accommodate it, then let’s change it to the lower mouth.” Then he moved again.


He lifted her waist, and his thick, hard, and long rod slowly entered his huge head into her entrance from where his fingers were holding it open.

He paused for a moment and then slammed it fast and hard into her sensitive flesh that had been just played with by his fingers.

The violent force allowed the huge head to hit the deepest spot at once.

And then, with another powerful thrust, the huge head pierced Moussa’s cervix.


“Ah ah ah!” Moussa could not help but arch her body because of the intense stimulation and the pain.

But she buried herself deeper into Chelsea’s arms, making it more convenient for him to taste her cherry red mouth.


Chelsea’s rigid member repeatedly pierced in and out, and Moussa’s belly cramped and writhed a few times.

She lay back on the bed, trembling and breathless.

She let Chelsea enter her fiercely one after another.


“Baby, you are so tight.

It makes me so comfortable to be wrung by you.

Are you satisfied with me, hmm” Chelsea growled in pleasure.






Too deep.

Mmm.” Moussa looked enchanted and agreed with him.


“Do you like me or not Speak up, and I’ll be gentle.” Chelsea enjoyed looking at her shyness but had to say something like that.


“Like, like, ah! Please.

Gently.” There was no need to be ashamed of anything.

She wanted him to be gentle, so she said what he wanted her to say.


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