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“Don’t be afraid.

I just want to see if I hurt you” Knowing that scared her, Ryan softly comforted her.

“No, do not come over.

Or, otherwise, I will let the big lion bite you.” Tian Xin was afraid that he would try to come over again.

She clutched the clothes on her body and suddenly remembered the big lion.

Her eyes searched around in panic for it.

Had his beast form let bite his human form If she did not look too panicked, Ryan was afraid that he would really laugh out loud.

Well, to hold back the laughter, Ryan softly said, “Okay, okay.

I am not going over.

You relax.”

Tian Xin searched around in vain for the big lion.

She cursed the big lion in her heart.

It was useless to even do a bad job of watching the entrance, to let this strange man in to bully her.

It was really even worse than a dog.

Tian Xin saw that he really did not mean to come over and settled down a little.

Anyhow, things had already happened.

There was no point in her looking for death.

Fortunately, on the other side was a rare handsome man.

If it were a nasty old man, she would really die from vomiting.

That membrane was broken, and now she could easily find a human being to communicate with.

So she asked in rapid succession, “Where is this How do I get out Who are you Why are you here”

“My name is Ryan.

I’m a male beastman of the Lion Clan.

I have been here for a long time, and this is the ‘Grand Flores.’ Where are you going out” Ryan was patient enough to answer her question, except ‘how do I get out To be honest, he had never been out of this forest for so long, nor did he know how big it really was.

He only heard from the clan elders that outside this forest was the boundless sea, and there was nothing beyond that.

For him to know where this little female was going to go out would be beyond his knowledge.

His name was Ryan, and it seemed like the guy came around a while ago, but lions Beastmen Grand Flores What the hell were those things

Wait, lions The beast Tian Xin suddenly had a bad feeling.

She looked at Ryan with an even more frightening look.

Could he be the …


“You, you, a lion.

Where is that large golden-haired lion” Tian Xin clenched her fist to death.

She really hoped that her guess was wrong.

Otherwise, she really doubted if she was crazy.

Ryan looked at her appeared to have some understanding.

Anyway, she had to get used to it sooner or later, so he did not say anything and directly transformed into the shape of a beast to her.

“Ah!” Tian Xin saw the handsome blonde man turn into a giant lion in front of her.

She had vaguely guessed it, but when she really saw it, it gave her an enormous thrill that her eyes went black, and she fainted directly.

Ryan did not expect her to be so fragile, and he rushed back into human form.

He picked her up from the ground and did not hurry to wake her up, and he first pulled her legs apart and checked her down there for injuries.

Fortunately, it was only red and swollen and didn’t tear open.

Ryan probed with his fingers to check inside and found no signs of continued bleeding.

Only then was he relieved and carried her to the bed made of hay.

Ryan then got water at the cave entrance, drenched the animal skin, and gently cleaned her body.

Then he helped her put on clothes and later lay down beside her, embracing her to catch up on sleep.

After a night of tossing and doing several ‘physical work,’ Ryan was also a little tired.

Not long after lying down, he fell asleep.


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