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Can't Help but Love

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


“Grunt,” Ryan watched her lick her lips.

His whole body heated up again, and he couldn’t help but swallow.


“Hmm” Tian Xin looked in the sound’s direction only to see a golden-furred lion staring at her unblinkingly, looking as if there was a fire in his eyes.


“Ah!” Tian Xin was startled.

She shrieked and rolled over, crawling inside.


Crawling to the corner of the wall, she sensed that it appeared to be not coming to pounce.

Remembering that it was the lion she had saved during the day, she looked around fearfully and saw that it really did not mean to spring.

Then she asked in a trembling voice, “You, you, what are you going to do I thought we agreed not to eat me”


At this time, it was only then that Ryan remembered the reason for his sudden attack.

He glanced at her, then bowed his head and picked up the cloak that Moussa had left.

He carefully took the cloak and put it away, then lay next to it and panted lightly to calm the fire of desire that was surging in his body.


Tian Xin froze for a moment watching its movements.

When she finally realized that it came up to grab the cloak from her, she was in disbelief.

The lion was too stingy to let her borrow its master’s cloak.


Tian Xin considered her current situation.

From the size and physical strength, she was at a disadvantage, and she couldn’t grab the lion, so she had no choice but to wrap her clothes tighter and suffer.


She found out that something was wrong.

She looked down and saw how her clothes had been torn open.


“Stinky lion!” Tian Xin shouted in anger.

There was no need to guess.

Tian Xin knew that the lion had done an excellent job.

Without thinking, she rushed over.

She grabbed the lion’s ears with one hand and pointed to the torn clothes with the other, and sternly reproached.

“Look what you have done.

You say you are wrong, are you not” While speaking, she tapped its head precisely the same way to deal with a puppy who did something wrong.


Ryan was entirely subdued by her.

Looking at her torn clothes, he was indeed guilty as well.

That was why he obediently let her twist his ear and kept nodding to admit his mistake.


Tian Xin had enough to get it out of her system, so she let go of its ear and asked, “Do you think you’ll dare to do it next time” When she saw the big lion shake his head, she bent down and kissed it on the head, saying softly, “That’s good!”

This was how she disciplined her golden retriever.

She didn’t expect the lion to be similar to a dog and was pleased to think.

The fear she had for the lion had disappeared, thoroughly treating it like a pet.


Ryan was depressed.

He had been loudly reprimanded by a female who grabbed his ears, and he didn’t even dare to resist.

How could Ryan feel so weak, yet the kiss she printed on his head made his heart sweet.

It seemed that he felt happy to be hit by her little hand.


Tian Xin looked around but did not find anything to keep out the cold.

Now that her clothes were torn, and the stingy lion wouldn’t let her use the cloak, was she really going to spend the night in the cold cave with her arms around her


Haha, there, how could she forget this living heater


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