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Testing The Water

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Only then would Ryan send her back for Moussa’s safety.

He was so afraid that Moussa was not pregnant and that Ryan would secretly take her elsewhere and be separated from him forever.


This news for Ryan was like a thunderstorm.

Even if he did not mind helping Chelsea raise the child, it was okay if Moussa gave birth to a female.

If she gave birth to a baby white lion, how should he explain that a golden lion would father a white lion child


These things were built on the premise that Moussa would accept him.

Once Moussa refused to take him and rejected his semen nourishment, he was afraid that the child would be drained of nutrients and die without being born.


No, if she knew she was pregnant, she would have been desperate to get back to Chelsea.

After all, the crux of all their problems was the baby.


Hold on, Ryan sensed a hole in Chelsea’s words.

If Moussa was pregnant, then why did she leave him


Chelsea watched Ryan’s expression change from shock to despair to confusion and couldn’t help but be excited.

He was almost sure that Moussa was definitely hidden by him.

So if he kept an eye on Ryan, he believed he would soon find Moussa.


The two men just looked at each other for a while.

Ryan composed himself first and said in a calm voice, “Believe it or not, I really haven’t seen Moussa.

If I see her, I will definitely escort her home.

I’ll go out with you now and look for her.

It’s just too dangerous for a female to be alone in the jungle.”


Chelsea, of course, did not believe his words.

Yet if he forced Ryan, he would not say anything.

It would be better to retreat, let him relax his guard, and then quietly follow him when he went to look for Moussa.

This may also be faster.

Having made up his mind, Chelsea nodded and went out with Ryan to look for Moussa.


Although the two people both knew that they would never find anything, each of them had their own thoughts and wanted to act to show the other.

Therefore, they searched exceptionally hard and almost dug the ground.


Ryan was anxious to immediately confirm that Moussa was really pregnant.

Still, he always felt that Chelsea was watching him, so he did not dare act rashly.

Ryan was careful and waited for the opportunity until the elders called Chelsea ten days later to talk.

It was only then that he carefully covered his tracks and deliberately circled towards the cave where Moussa was hiding and approached slowly.


And so far from the village, Chelsea’s scent was no more, which put down his heart.

He took the form of a beast and ran rapidly in the direction of the cave.


Ryan moved the boulder and entered the cave.

By the time he saw Moussa squatting on the ground, he didn’t know what he had to do.


He was afraid that walking past without a sound would scare her, so he called out softly, “Moussa.”


Moussa was startled when she suddenly heard someone call her from behind.

But she quickly reacted to Ryan’s voice, so she looked up and smiled at him.

Greeting, “Ryan, you’re here.

What a coincidence, I’m making beggar’s meat, and it will be ready soon.” After saying this, she bowed again and carefully tested the temperature of the ground with her hands.


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