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Translated by Ada

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There was no telling how long it took until Moussa felt as if her ears were freezing off.

Ryan finally stopped and then gently put Moussa on a pile of hay.


Moussa opened her eyes to look around, and it turned out that Ryan brought her to a cave.

According to her visual estimation, this cave was quite spacious and should have about 40 square feet.

It was also clean and did not have any odor, so it should be possible to live here temporarily for a while.


Ryan carefully scouted around the cave and found no large beasts out there, then walked back to Moussa’s side.

Half squatting down, he said softly, “It’s still safe here.

I’ll go get you some food and water.

You can stay here for a while, and after a while, if you … ” Ryan paused for a moment before saying with anticipation, “I’ll take you to live somewhere else.”


Moussa’s mind was in a mess at the moment.

She didn’t even notice Ryan’s incomplete words and just nodded towards him carelessly, indicating that she knew.


Ryan saw her absent-minded look and knew that she was full of Chelsea at the moment.

He pushed down the bitterness that was surging in his heart.


After stroking her head twice, he built a fire next to her to keep her warm and then turned around and went out to find her food and water.

He had to leave her enough food and water.

Once Chelsea found out that she was missing, he would definitely go crazy and look everywhere.


If he could not find it, he would suspect someone had hidden her.

After all, if a female did not have the help of others, she could not have disappeared so silently.


He would be the first to be suspected because he was responsible for tonight’s patrol and had a great friendship with Moussa.

To avoid exposing her whereabouts, he should not visit her for some days.


Ryan was lucky enough to go around and catch a few small beasts out for food.

He moved neatly and skinned them and went out far to find a small river.

He chipped the ice and took out some water, rinsing the meat inside and out, and then took them back to the cave.


Also, he made a few trips back and forth to help her in the cave to store enough water for her to use for half a month.

When everything was done, it was almost dawn.

Ryan knew he had to go back immediately, or else if someone looked for him and found that he was not in the village, it would be a big problem.


He also carefully instructed Moussa to pay attention to living alone.

He told her that he could not visit her for a short time, so she should take care of herself.


After seeing her nodding, he moved a big stone to cover the cave entrance.

He also found some special-smelling plants to cover the cave entrance, and then he left.


Ryan took the same route back, paying particular attention to the smell of heavy plants to cover up Moussa’s smell.

Otherwise, Chelsea would have followed her scent all the way down and soon would find her hiding place.


Ryan quietly slipped back to the village and found that it was still quiet.

It seemed that Moussa had not been found missing, which put his guard down a little.

He did not dare to poke around Chelsea’s house to find out the news for fear that he would crash into it, and that would be a dead end.


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