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Chapter 82.1

A Sense of Foreboding

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Moussa gritted her teeth and cursed, “Bastard Chelsea.” Last night, she was so tired that she passed out, so nothing could be done, of course.


The more she thought about it, the angrier she was, and she couldn’t sleep.

She simply got up, took a shower, cooked, and cleaned up the house.

By the time she was done, Chelsea hadn’t come back, so she had thought about it and took a cloak out to find him.

She didn’t know if it was because he was thick-skinned and wasn’t afraid of the cold, but he always forgot to bring a cloak when he went out.

It wasn’t too cold in the middle of winter.


As soon as Moussa came out of the house, she saw Chelsea standing and talking with someone from a distance.


After walking a few steps, she finally saw clearly that it was Philo.

In her heart, Moussa felt a pang of sorrow.

She knew that Philo must have taken the initiative to approach Chelsea, but she still couldn’t help but be angry.


“Chelsea,” Moussa called out to Chelsea and then ran into his arms as he turned around.


“What are you doing out here It’s so cold, be careful of getting sick.” Chelsea caught her steadily and tucked her into his arms, reprimanding her in a soft voice.


Moussa rubbed against his arms.

She said it with a tinge of pettiness, “I’m afraid you’re cold, so I’ve brought you a cloak for you.

what, don’t you want to see me” She said, glancing at Philo’s body.


Chelsea doted on her slightly pouting mouth.

He kissed her and laughed lightly: “Yes, I miss you to death.

Especially ……” Chelsea paused for a moment, then grinned and leaned over to her ear.

In a voice that only the two of them could hear, he said, “The way you were naked under me, crying for mercy.

Just thinking about it doesn’t make me cold at all.


Moussa smiled and blushed.

She hammered him shyly and snapped, “Annoying.” Then handed him the cloak in her hand and told him to put it on.

Pretending not to care, she asked, “Can we go now”


Chelsea nodded, turned back to Philo, and said, “Moussa is weak and can’t stand the cold.

We’ll go back first, and we’ll talk about it later.”


After saying that, he did not care about Philo’s white face.

He turned around and took Moussa to go home quickly.


Moussa was held in his arms as he walked quickly home.

He was in a good mood and felt like he had won a battle, full of a sense of accomplishment.


Chelsea looked down at the undisguised smug expression on her face and smiled dotingly.

His love for her was so evident.

What else was to talk about between them What a foolish little thing.


When they got home, Moussa was in a good mood.

So she didn’t bother Chelsea about his bullying her last night.

She waited for him to take a bath and eat and then put him to bed.


Chelsea yelled that he couldn’t sleep alone and asked Moussa to sleep with him, so Moussa squirmed twice and let him carry her to bed.


Chelsea may be really tired, but he cuddled her to sleep and did not make trouble again.

Moussa was held tightly in his arms.

Smelling his familiar smell, she felt incredibly at ease, and her body was warm.

In a short time, she also fell asleep with him.


Not sure how long it took, Moussa was still dazed and confused when she was awakened by a tingling sensation down there.


Moussa opened her dazed eyes and looked down.

She saw that her thighs were parted, and Chelsea was lying with his head down between her legs, moving up and down.


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