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“That hurts so much.

I just can’t stand it.” Moussa said in a very aggrieved manner.

“Because you are in pain.

This is why I’m stretching you out.” If it weren’t for the concern that she was in too much pain and didn’t want to hurt her, he would have gone right in without making an effort.

He should be considered thoughtful, no Chelsea didn’t understand what she was crying about.

The females of their tribe rarely cry.


“Hmm.” Moussa felt beaten by meeting someone you couldn’t reason with.

She had to take his hand and beg softly, “Chelsea.


Just leave it be.



Chelsea watched her for a while and told her, “I shall not touch you for a moment.

I will go back when it has loosened a little.”


“Don’t.” Moussa realized he didn’t give up.

She wanted to go on begging for it.

When she opened her mouth, he made out with her.

A pair of large hands also gripped her thighs at the same time, spreading them wide apart.

He pulled her, smashing his sugarcane into her flower.




Moussa felt that Chelsea wanted to tear her apart and get his entire length inside her.

The tearing sensation and strength of the impact pushed her to scream.


Chelsea felt as if he was being squeezed tightly.

That flower’s inner walls squirmed and sucked him in.


Chelsea moaned in comfort as he pounded into her like a jackhammer.  He hit deep inside her again and again without pity.

While enjoying her earlobe, he said excitedly, “You suck so bad and still, say no You mustn’t faint tonight.

I will let you loose, and let you loose!”


Moussa gripped the animal skin underneath her.

She was afraid that he would knock her out.

The flower was already red and puffed up below.

It was swallowing his huge object with difficulty, and her flesh was already numb with pain.





That is too deep.


Even though Moussa knew that no matter how hard she begged, he couldn’t really be gentle, but she couldn’t help but beg for it, and her little hand unconsciously pressed on her mouth.


Hearing the moans coming out of her small mouth, Chelsea became even more enthusiastic.

He lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and reached down with his big hand, parting her petals that kept twitching so that he could get deeper inside.



Moussa couldn’t describe what it felt like anymore.

It was like Chelsea was piercing her entire body.

She was about to pass out again.

If she did, it was fine, and then the torture would end.


Unfortunately, Chelsea hadn’t had enough.

Seeing that she was about to pass out again, he smirked and pushed two fingers into her ass.



The pain under her body was so intense that Moussa came to her senses.

Her flower also grew tighter with pain.



Chelsea moaned, feeling on the point of reaching the peak while she squeezed him.

After a dozen of quick in-and-out strokes, he buried his hot rod into the deepest part of her and roared as he came.

His warm fluid did not end at its canal but went directly into the womb and its inner walls.



Moussa received a surge of stimulus and came hard.


Chelsea picked her up to calm her breathing.

After the release, his shank became flaccid.

He didn’t hold it but plugged it in her wet and slippery flower.

The two fingers inside her ass started to move and turn, slowly opening the tight entry.


Moussa snapped out of the afterglow of her climax in pain and fear.  But she didn’t dare move because his hot rod was still inside her.

If she moved, she’d probably give him another boost.






Moussa gripped the animal skin beneath her and begged him pitifully with tears streaming down her face.


Chelsea was fed up with her crying, his fingers were forcefully pushed inside, and he growled.

“Why are you crying The moment I touch you, you say that you do not want it.

If you don’t want me to feel it, then who else is allowed I’m telling you, I am your male.

The two holes here are for me to play with and enjoy.

So you could give me children.

These are your obligations.

Why do you have to cry Look at which female like you that when the male touch her, says no

They want the male to have the good physical strength to have more of this.”


Moussa did not know what to say.

She only shook her head, choking in tears.


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