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Chapter 1064: During The Banquet! (1)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The atmosphere of the banquet was amazing.

Everyone felt less stressed in the presence of three grand dukes.

If there was only one grand duke, they would be worried and fearful.

However, the arrival of the three grand dukes meant that the pressure was shifted to them.

Of course, to the grand duke families, there wasnt much pressure.

The power of their families was all similar.

However, this appeared like a scene of bloody slaughter.

Everyone could sense the tension between the various grand duke families.

But when they saw Wang Teng, the host, appearing all calm and composed, they felt respect and admiration towards him.

This fellow had a strong mentality!

Situ Waner and Situ Nan looked over.

Their gazes were filled with surprise.

“Why are the three grand dukes here” Situ Waner asked using voice transmission.

“I dont know.” Situ Nan shook his head.

He replied using voice transmission, “I have never heard of any relationship between the three grand dukes and Baron Wang Teng.

However, the three grand dukes seem to have high hopes for him.

After all, he broke the record of that prince when he climbed the stairs.”

“Many people are still waiting to see his progress.

Wang Teng might have broken the record, but not many people think that he can surpass the prince.

It will be amazing if he manages to achieve half of the princes achievements,” Situ Waner replied.

“Lets wait and see.

The three grand dukes are here.

They will definitely do something,” Situ Nan said calmly.

At the same time, many others were chatting among themselves.

They were also talking about the grand dukes.

“Look, a universe-stage martial warrior from the Ji family came!”

“Is it that elder He looks familiar.

I wonder who he is”

“Hes probably an ancestor of the Ji family.”

“The people who came from the Jiang family have high statuses too.

Its the heaven-stage martial warrior, Jiang Hanfeng!”

“Jiang Hanfeng is very powerful.

He has a good chance of inheriting the grand duke title.”

“He came to congratulate Wang Teng! Oh my god!”

“That seems to be the heaven-stage martial warrior, Borla, and his son, Di Qi!”

“Theyre the direct descendants of the Cavendish family.

Borla has high hopes of inheriting the Cavendish familys grand duke title.”

“Di Qi is a great talent of the Cavendish family.

Both his talent and ability are powerful.

He can be ranked among the top 30 in the empires talent ranking.

He seems close to Wang Teng.”

“Do they know each other”

“That will make sense.”

“Have you forgotten about the report sent to the chamber Baron Wang Teng came back with Di Qi from the No.

4 defense planet.”

“Huh Oh right, there was a line mentioning this in the report.

I didnt look at it carefully.”

“Im afraid the Cavendish family kept it brief on purpose.

Thats why many of us ignored this important piece of information.”

On the other side, the Furious Flaming Universe Lord frowned.

He muttered to himself, “Why is that old fellow here Didnt they say that hes seriously injured He looks fine to me!”

His gaze landed on the universe-stage elder of the Ji family.

He knew this old man.

The universe-stage elder from the Ji family sensed his gaze and turned to look at him.

He didnt show any intention of greeting him and shifted his eyes away.

At this moment, Wang Teng stood up and scanned his surroundings.

Everyone became quiet.

“Thank you for coming to my banquet.

Im extremely honored!” Wang Teng smiled and raised the wine glass in his hand.

“Let me offer a toast to everyone!”

He raised his head and gulped the wine down.

“Hahaha, youre too polite!”

“Thats right, why are you so polite All of us are citizens of the Great Qian Empire.

Lets take care of each other in the future.”

“Baron Wang Teng must be extraordinary to be able to achieve such merits at a young age.

We should be the ones offering a toast.”

The guest replied enthusiastically.

All of them were polite and raised their cups to return the toast.

The young people present felt envious.

Baron Wang Teng was their peer, but he was already standing in the limelight.

All the nobles gave him face and treated him politely.

They regarded him as someone at their own level.

To these youngsters, Wang Teng was their role model.

Annie was ordering the servants around to serve the guests.

When she saw this scene, she had a deeper understanding of her master.

They had recently been bought by Wang Teng, so they didnt understand what kind of person he was, what background he had, and what status he was at.

Hence, the scene now undoubtedly gave them a huge stimulation.

Many nobles came just to congratulate their master.

There were earls, dukes, and even grand dukes among the guests.

In the past, they never thought that they could meet these people, but they were now floating in front of their eyes.

If it wasnt for the loud noises around them, they would think that they were dreaming.

This terrifying influence proved that their master wasnt an ordinary baron.

The thought appeared in the minds of Annie and the other servants in unplanned unison.

Bertha led the celestial-stage guards and stood outside the baron residence.

They also saw the lively image of the banquet and were still in a state of daze.

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