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Chapter 188.

Side Story 17.

Find Me

“Lutre, you go with the Knights Templar to check the outskirts.

Satin go check out all the places Asha went today.

Asrell finds out if any of Asha’s belongings are missing.



Tamon’s roar broke through the tense knights like thunder.


Tamon’s eyes, shining like a beast, fiercely followed the rapidly disappearing knights.




Asha disappeared.


It was as if his world had collapsed.


At first, he asked what kind of nonsense was and looked for Asha slowly.


There was no reason why she suddenly disappeared.


He wondered if she had gone for a walk.


He was not usually someone who worried about people around him, and tried hard to think that nothing happened.


But as if ridiculing Tamon’s forced comfort, Asha really disappeared.


Without anyone knowing.


‘I should say that I am glad that the twins are gone with her.’


Tamon gritted his teeth and searched the area around his mansion.


‘Who is it Who the hell…!’


Could there be any remnants of Gillotti left



It couldn’t be.


There was no one who had the trust to avenge Gillotti and Natasha.


Most of all, didn’t he take care of all their remnants with his own hands


There was no way that the shrews who were left with only traces dared to invade this Krasis mansion and kidnap Asha.


No matter how loose he’s been these days, he’s not in that sloppy state. 


Then how


Tamon twisted his eyebrows as his heart beat wildly, trying to get out of its cage.


No way….


Could it be that Asha got tired of his obsession and foolishness and left on her own


Just thinking about it made his heart race with an immeasurable speed.


It was probably the most probable reason, but it was also the most unrealistic.


Even just last night, the two of them tangled together and kissed each other, looked closely into each other’s eyes, and whispered secrets.


Asha’s eyes looking at him couldn’t be a lie. 


Although Tamon believed her, he was anxious.


Worry for her, love paralyzed his reason.


“…Damn, damn it!”


Thoughts twisted as if his brain had been shattered.


Tamon took a deep breath and tried to calm himself, but it wasn’t easy.


Let’s calm down.

Now was not the time for him to let go.

Not yet.


According to Satin’s report, the last time Asha was seen was 3 hours ago.


Fortunately, it wasn’t that long.


Whether she was kidnapped, if she left on her own feet, or whatever accident…


His first priority was to find her as soon as possible.


A tendon stood on his firm jaw.

His taut muscles swelled like raging waves.


He was so thoroughly dressed that it would not be strange to jump into battle right away.


If anything ever happened to Asha, he had the momentum to see someone’s blood right away.


His gigantic hands, full of strength, clenched his sword like a fist.


Long veins fluttered like tree roots wriggling in a swamp.


If he didn’t find Asha’s letter, which was hidden in one of the bedrooms, blood would have been spilled.


Whether it was his or someone else’s.


“What is this…………”


On the white paper, Asha’s flowing handwriting was drawn as if it was swimming.


It was her handwriting that Tamon knew well.


The red eyes that opened hard to avoid even missing a character moved quickly as if chasing the letters.




Her name leaked out like a moan.


At last, having read all the words, he grabbed the letter and jumped out of his seat.


He knew where she was.




“…will he be all right”


Cassion muttered with a dazed voice as he looked at the back of Tamon, who disappeared in a wind of dust.


Satin, who had been walking around the lobby nervously, said, his body shaking.


“Uh huh, this is something we can’t do.

I never thought I’d be cheating on my master for the rest of my life…”


Watching Satin wiping away the sweat, Asrell clicked her tongue.


“I know.

Satin can’t play or act in the future.

He’s acting so stiff.

I was nervous that we might get caught”


“What are you talking about! My acting was perfect!”


 “Perfect Then what was with the constant walking back and forth Didn’t you just write ‘I’m a little suspicious!’ on your face”


Satin, as if embarrassed by Asrell’s blunt rebuke, scratched his forehead and coughed in vain.


“If a person is so sincere, then he might be a little bit like that!”


Three hours in which everyone held their breath in the tense tension.


The three were able to catch their breath only after the mansion was empty after doing something that they would not have dared to imagine had it not been for Asha’s plan.


“I was so nervous that Master found the letter later than I expected.”


Asrell sighed and flopped down on her seat.


They didn’t intend to completely deceive Tamon from the start.


Anyway, they had expected that this clumsy escape play would end in less than half a day.


Asha knew Tamon would panic if she planned too perfectly and disappeared thoroughly.


So, with the intention of just buying some time, she quickly set off while he looked away.


With the letter hidden in a suitable place so that he wouldn’t be too upset or worried.

However, Tamon was so preoccupied with finding her that he did not see the letter in the bedroom drawer until much later.


If Asrell, who could not wait, hadn’t found it for him, the letter might not have been found until much longer.


“Ha, by the way, I don’t know if Asha will be okay.”


Satin looked in the direction where Tamon had disappeared with eyes filled with concern.


Unlike Satin, Asrell did not worry.


She wasn’t with Asha long, but she knew there was nothing she couldn’t handle.


‘Lersha Lesha.’


Asrell smiled faintly and she looked up at the sky.


‘Please find her and have a happy time together.’




Tamon drove the full three hours to arrive at a place where Asha might be.


Only three hours away from Ginesh was the port city of Bethes.


The protruding city had a developed fishing and port industry, but it was not very large. 


‘Why did Asha come here’


Presumably from the contents of the letter, it was true that Asha left him voluntarily.


However, like the delusion that shackled his heart, it wasn’t that she got tired of his obsession to get away.


[This is hide and seek, Tamon.


Find me.


The more impatient you are, the farther away I will go.


But if you calm down a little, I know you’ll notice the hint I gave.


I’ll be waiting.

Don’t be too late.



‘What do you mean’


Tamon quickly noticed the code on the map, which she had drawn, as Asha had told him, and immediately pursued her and reached this place.


He glanced over the city with a strong smell of the sea with his dark eyes.


His sharp eyes were shining fiercely so that he would miss her traces.


“Tamon, it is said that their carriage has entered the marina.”


Lutre, who quickly inquired around the area, pointed to the place Asha might have gone to.


Without delay, Tamon rode his horse straight away.


It was fortunate that the daytime of Amor was long.


Although time had passed, the sky was still bright.

There were quite a few ships moored at the pier.


A familiar carriage came into his vision as he looked around.


A luxury carriage that did not fit into this small port town.


It was parked in front of the ship just before departure in an unharmed state with no broken spots.


“She’s now on the ship….”


Tamon hurriedly ran towards the ship with a puzzled expression.


At the same time, it vibrated with a throbbing sound as if the ship was about to depart.


“Lutre, you need to find the captain! I will find Asha.”


Tamon, who hastily issued an order, jumped on the ship.


He was so distracted that he did not notice the absence of footsteps of the route he should have followed.




He got on a ship that was neither too big nor too small and started to open the cabin one by one, calling out Asha in a loud voice.


The strange thing was that people should be busy right before departure, but there were no movements.




The inside of the ship was quiet and still, as if it were hiding its presence.


Although it was a fairly large ship, it had only four cabins excluding the sailing room.


He checked all four empty cabins, and finally headed for the lead.


At that moment, the ship swayed and moved.




Tamon, startled, quickly raised his head and looked into the navigation room.


A man he had never seen before, perhaps hiding above him, nodded to him and moved his key.


The greeting was polite as the man lifted and released the hat pressed on his head.


Tamon was confused by the kind smile that seemed to know nothing.


With a nervous expression on his face, Tamon slowly moved his feet, looking around once more.


And when he finally got to the front, he saw the one he had been looking for desperately.


Her dazzlingly beautiful silver hair fluttered in the sea breeze.


He saw her staring in the distance, as if watching the waves crash.




At the sound of his urgent call, Asha slowly turned and looked at Tamon.


Their eyes slowly entangled between the salty air.


At that moment, the purple eyes curved.


Asha, who was looking at Tamon with her dazzling smile, said as she stretched out her little delicate hand to him.


“You’re late, Tamon.”


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