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Vampires Harem: The Forgotten Tale of An Ancient Vampire Roselyn's curiosity

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"Lets go, "William said as he threw a set of cloth in the direction of veronica and he started putting his cloth on, both of them were naked and somewhat things were pretty cool between them, veronica was quite comfortable of being naked around him while William didn care about being naked as he lived too many eternities to behave shy around a woman, while William getting dressed veronicas eyes were at him, she noticed something peculiar on his body that caught her attention, she approached him from behind and looked closely what is written under his neck.

"what is this? \ Veronica touched Williams back and looked at a few words that were written in some kind of ancient language that she never read or seen before, they were more like ancient inscriptions.

"Its the ancient language of gods, these inscriptions are the title that was given to me in the past," William said.

"did god exist?" she asked, getting curious.

"Who knows maybe"William chuckled as he flick his finger between her forehead and looked at her from top to bottom and continued"just get dressed and join me inside roselyns room, I go and say hi to her, she might still be worried about the last night incident," he said and the next moment he left the room leaving veronica in daze standing there naked.

After he left Veronica rubbed her forehead and took a deep breath and shook her head"ancient language of God huh" she mumbled and started getting dressed.

Meanwhile, William made his way towards the direction of Roselyns room. It was a few meters away from the room where William was staying. After walking a few moments William finally reached Roselyns room and slightly pushed the door and peeked inside.

"Hey, kiddo can I come inside?"Willam asked as he looked at the cute little girl who was sitting on the bed with half-open eyes but the moment she heard those familiar words her eyes beamed with different light and she tilted her head in the direction of Willam.

"William..." she cried out loud and jumped on the bed, William smiled as he entered inside her room and a moment later he caught her in his arms.

"You are still here, I thought you left. I was worried about you last night when those people started making a ruckus outside. I thought they were going to hurt you, I am glad that you are safe and nothing happened to you," she said while snuggling him.

"Don worry about those people, they are not going to show themselves again, I gave them a good beating," William smirked as he caressed Roselyns hair and responded to her.

Roselyn was surprised as she heard those words from Williams mouth, she raised her head and looked at him in a cute manner" are you sure they are not going to come here again, those people are very bad whenever they show themselves my mom become tense and sad," she asked him.

Willam nodded his head and started walking in the direction of her bed and took a seat while she was still holding him like a child of a monkey.

"Yes I am pretty sure that they are not going to show themselves again, I sent them somewhere pretty far, from now on you and your mother can live without any fear, now there is no need to be sacred to anyone"William ruffled roselyns hair as he responded to her, he knows how scared she was yesterday night when those people showed themself and started making a ruckus in front of the hotel, they don even stop there as they started throwing the rock inside the hotel, what disgusts him most that those assassins wanted to kill the veronica along with her child.

"you are the best, I am happy that you didn leave and decided to stay here, I am happy that I am going to hear those interesting stories from you and know everything about vampires," she said while making a cute face, hearing her soothing voice William chuckled and looked her in a curious manner.

"Are you interested in vampires?" he asked.

"I am," she said, and then she continued " they are indeed interesting creatures and I want to learn everything about them. I am happy that you know lots of things about those creatures, I am looking forward to hearing more," she said with an innocent smile.

"creature huh..." a bittersweet smile appeared on Williams face as he heard her, he never thought one day vampires going to become a mere legend and bedtime stories for a kid, but still he was happy to know that there are still records of the vampires, hope was still there for him to uncover the truth about what happened when he was in slumber and how did he ended up here in this unknown place.

"Is something wrong William, "Roselyn asked him as she saw him in a daze.

"Ahh its nothing Roselyn, I am just thinking about going outside and looking around the city,wanted to know how big this city is" he said with a smile and soon he tilted his head in a different direction when he heard something.

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