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The Black Necromancer Chapter 30 Suppression! (2)

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A heated, blood pumping skirmish broke out in an instant!

The Undead Millipedes that served Leon shot forward to meet the Ghost Millipedes that still had the breath of life in them, leading to blood being spilled immediately. Leon, Nedra, and Kaladin also shot forward without wasting time.

A bright blue corona of light covered Leon's sword as he swung it down on the head of a Ghost Millipede Soldier. The entire creature was split in half as the sword ran through it from heat to tail, and dark, purple blood splashed out in all directions.

It was as if an invisible sheen covered Leon's new battle robes, as not even a drop of dirty millipede blood was able to stain them. Blue light flashed continuously as Leon spun his sword around, using the inhuman dexterity that he possessed to bend his body and joints at impossible angles in order to strike the weak points or exploit the openings of the wave of millipedes that tried to mob him.

Nedra threw herself into the waves of her unruly children, the seven foremost legs of her body flashing continuously as she looked like wicket serpent that possessed legs. She expertly weaved and bobbed through the wave of dark purple chitin and carapace. Her front legs were stained in the purple of her children's blood, and she did not give a damn as she reaped more lives. Even the grim reaper would be proud.

Kaladin stayed at the back of the group, but whenever a millipede got close to him, they were unfortunate enough to have their shells and brains punched in by his obsidian fist. He displayed his skill as an Obsidian Skeleton Caster as he slung multiple spells of both lightning and fire element at once without stop. Each of his spells were explosive and took out multiple groups of enemies at once.

Even the Undead Millipede army ravaged the flanks of the Ghost Millipedes as they utilized their undying properties to turn into a persistent thorn that ate and chewed on the swarm of millipedes, constantly reducing their numbers.

Leon sliced open another Ghost Millipede Soldier and raised his arm up, his eyes blazing with purple flames. "Come forth from the nether!" He called out. Suddenly, all the corpses of the dead Ghost Millipedes erupted into flames.


The purple flames burnt up any millipede that tried to cross over them, and spread over them, soon killing them and adding them to the skill that Leon had activated.

[Skill: has gained a level.]

[Skill: has gained a level.]

[Skill: has gained a level.]

The flames died down quickly, but in their place, a wave of Undead Millipedes appeared, rushing rabidly at their former brethren and sinking their sharp, dark mandibles into their carapace and thick flesh underneath the carapace.

Over three dozen Undead Millipedes of different castes appeared at once, turning the battlefield unstable on the side of the Ghost Millipedes.

The moment Leon cast his skill, he had already turned back to mowing down the Ghost Millipede that stood before him.


The millipedes soon noticed that they would keep on losing as long as Leon remained standing, a thought that probably came from their queen. A group of Royal Millipedes quickly dashed through the crowd before appearing before Leon.

"Finally decided to take me serious" Leon asked playfully as he held his sword in his right hand, while holding up his left hand in the direction of the Royal Millipedes. A small ball of red fire manifested in his palm , growing in size until it reached the size of his skull before shooting out very quickly.

Before the Royal Millipedes could react, it had already arrived between them, colliding against the head of the foremost Royal Ghost Millipede.


An ear piercing explosion occurred as the group of Royal Ghost Millipedes were engulfed by flames. Bits and pieces of rock fell from the ceiling of the cavern as the entire place shook. The power of Leon's fireball was on a whole other level from before his race advancement!

Leon waved his sword, and with his considerable strength, a huge gust of wind blew out, clearing out the smoke and dust that had risen from the explosion. When he looked upon the sight of explosion, all he could see was the half destroyed bodies of the various Royal Ghost Millipedes that had tried to surround and attack him. A stream of kill messages and some level up messages quickly streamed into his vision. Not only the royal caste, but also many lesser castes had been decimated by that attack. In just one attack, he had gained five whole levels!


A huge gust of wind blew outward, followed by a kind of psychic wave that was passed through the air. Leon already anticipated that this would happen, and quickly turned to the source of the screech.

The Ghost Millipede Queen that had emerged after Nedra angrily raised her front legs that resembled vengeful sickles up into the air as a bloody aura arose around her.

"Leon, be careful!" Nedra called out from across the cavern. She continued to reap the lives of any millipede that came before her, even as she began making her way forward to meet up with Leon.

"Don't worry, I can take her!" Leon replied with an upbeat voice as he turned back to face the queen. Her screech had chased off any millipede between them, increasing the pressure on his own army. She wanted to fight him one on one.


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