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Time flies like an arrow and in the blink of an eye, three years have already passed.

Still that sentence, life just contains a few dozen years and a small period of time can change the world upside down.

During these three years, the former king of the drum kingdom has passed away, and his son Wapol succeeded him as the new king.

Wapol's enthronement also announced the world-famous medical kingdom began to slowly degenerate.

In the past three years, an organization called Revolutionary Army has also become more and more famous.

In the recently concluded World Conference, the topic was centered on the revolutionary army.

The leader of the revolutionary army, a man named Monkey D.

Dragon is also officially infamous all over the world, known as History's worst criminal.

In the past three years, Shanks, who lost his arm in the East Blue, still lead invincibly his red-haired pirates in the new world and there is more and more momentum as the fourth emperors of the sea, because apart from those three big monsters, in the new World no one is their opponent.

Even the three big monsters, because they were afraid of rashly attacking them will lead the other two monsters to take advantage of their absence, they can only let the Red-Hair pirates continue to grow.

Making that in the few years, the new world will enter the situation of the four emperors of the sea-facing each other.

In the past three years, the uninhabited island that El and the four girls chose as the place for their retreat has also changed.

The island three years ago because it was uninhabited, it was not developed and has always been a place where trees grow and wild animals live.

Unfortunately, now, this uninhabited island has become a barren island.

The verdant forest has completely disappeared, only the barren ground, rocky terrain and the volcano at the center of the island can be seen.

The barren ground and rocky terrain are covered with countless sword marks everywhere.

On the coast, there is a medium-sized ship moored for three years, which has experienced countless wind and rain without any change.

September 20, 1514, of the Sea Circle Calendar.

On this day, five figures walked out from the rocky mountain, returning to the medium-sized ship as usual.

These five figures are the ones who have been in closed-door training for three years, El and the four girls.

Walking in front of the five people is a tall teen with a height of 1.85 meters, with long silver hair, wearing a custom-made black robe, a pair of black boots, and a white belt around his waist, with a sword in a scabbard inserted in it.

He is the captain of their team, who was famous all over the world at the age of eight.

Three years ago, he has a bounty that was high as 250 million Belly, The Young Swordsman El.

Standing on his left and right side are Carina and Kuina, who also had waist-length purple hair and long blue hair grown over the past three years.

With the help of a large number of nutritional supplements in three years, Carina, who has passed her birthday some time ago and is now 12 years old, has changed greatly.

At least from the outside, Carina doesn't look like a 12-year-old girl at all.

The place should grow already has some growth and with a height of 1.7 meters, it makes her look like a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old.

If it weren't for that place that takes time to grow it would be no exaggeration to say that she is an 18-year-old girl.

But compared to Carina, the change on Kuina is what you called a real great change.

She Just finished her birthday three days ago, and now Kuina is fifteen years old.

With the help of a nutritional supplement that is equal to El, Kuina's height has surpassed the 23-year-old Tashigi at an astonishing 1.78 meters.

Such growth also made Kuina have a clear growth in that place over the three years and made El lingers on it every night and can't get away.

Wearing a red and white priestess costume, Kuina's red belt hangs a well-known sword that is hidden in the scabbard, her blue hair is the same length as El, and it is often tied into a single ponytail for the convenience of battle.

The Dominance of Rumble-Rumble Fruit and the Wado Ichimonji make Kuina's temperament sharp, when she doesn't speak, she is full of tranquillity and looks very similar to Tashigi.

As the second combatant of the team, Kuina's reputation three years ago surpassed El who did not awaken the conqueror Haki and her bounty is high as 200 million Belly, the Lightning Sword sorcerer, Kuina.

Compare with Carina and Kuina who can use their devil fruit abilities to digest the nutritional supplement.

Nami, who was standing next to Carina, changed was far less than the two.

Although Kuina is becoming more and more familiar with electrotherapy, which can help others to digest the nutritional supplement, letting Nami drink from one bottle to two bottles a day in the past three years, however, Nami's height has only skyrocketed to 1.65 meters.

Although this height is very close to the 1.69 meters in the original manga, but among the four girls she's the second shortest.

Perona is really inseparable from the word legal loli in life, she is 17 years old this year, and will be an adult next year but Perona, who has also been drinking nutritional supplements has long since been thrown off by the three girls.

Her current height is 1.6 meters, the same as the original manga when she was 25 years old.

Nami, who is 1.65 meters, has the same long orange hair as the original manga two years time skip, and she is very fashionable, she looks a little smaller than when she first appeared in the original manga and her face is much more immature, but her figure is instantly killed the 18-year-old her in the original manga.

Perona, who is 1.6 meters tall, due to the reason of joining the team.

She did not become a non-mainstream girl in the original manga but wore a gothic style black dress with red high heels, her seventeen-year-old figure is also very conscientious.

The above is the change in the appearance of El and the four girls in the past three years.

However, compared to the appearance, the strength of El and the four girls in the past three years is the most astonishing.

The first is physique which cannot be described by data.


Kureha once said that one year with nutritional supplements is equal to several years of normal development and exercise.

With nutritional supplements for three years, El and the four girls' changes in appearance are the most obvious change.

In terms of physique, with the help of nutritional supplements and electrotherapy, the four girls changed from one bottle to two or three bottles and completely absorbed the nutrients.

Especially El and Carina, in addition to three bottles of nutritional supplements every day, they also have an amazing amount of food intake, they eat double-digit sea beasts every day.

Their physique growth will always widen the gap with the three girls every day.

Within three years, both El and Carina had become a terrifying monster.

If their physique cannot be described by data, then their strength growth can only be described by leaps and bounds.

The first is El's Observation Haki, he doesn't need to release it with all his strength to cover a small island in an instant, with a little more effort, he can easily cover most of the medium-sized islands.

If he releases it with all his strength, he believes that his Observation Haki will be able to cover more than half of the large island.

At the age of 12, there are still four months before the age of 13, he already has this level of Observation Haki, at this speed.

He believes that in a few years, with the help of nutritional supplements and Life Return (Seimei Kikan), he will be no less than Luffy, who has beaten katakuri to the point of being inexorable and exhausted at the age of 19.

Although Luffy is the son of Destiny in the era of 1520s of the Sea Circle Calendar, however, El is also the son of Destiny till the era 1519 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

Before the real Son of Destiny took off, El was the Son of Destiny in this era.

As a 'predecessor', after Luffy left the sea, El had already developed.

Even if Luffy keeps hanging up, El will look at him at the finish line.

In addition to his physique and Observation Haki, El's Armament Haki has also successfully mastered Emission through three years of hard training.

It's not surprising, with the Life Return (Seimei Kikan), it endows El with the World's class power control, reaction time, adaptability, etc.

As the son of Destiny, Luffy only spent two years laying the foundation, and he can quickly use Emission in a short period of time.

As the son of Destiny in this era, El can also do the same.

If it hadn't been written on the Haki training method, and he had not played against an enemy who mastered the Conqueror's coating, El would have the confidence to learn the Conqueror's coating.

Although he has not yet learned the Conqueror's coating, his conqueror Haki can already be used skillfully, after integrating the shura energy, the mental impact is above the ordinary conqueror Haki.

If it's not a person with both a strong body and mind if the other person is hit with his conqueror Haki even if they don't faint they will subconsciously fear him.

In addition to physique and Haki, in the past three years

El's physical skills and swordsmanship have also been improved.

In the past three years, he has not stopped training in the Six styles (Rokushiki) and Spear of Elbaf.

The reason why the trees on the island disappeared was that El was training his physical skills.

He has also developed the variation skill of the Six styles (Rokushiki) and he also comprehended Rob Lucci's Six King Gun with reference to Spear of Elbaf.

As for his swordsmanship, it can only be said that even he doesn't know how powerful his swordsmanship has become.

At the age of five, he realized the breath of all things, and at the age of eight, he possessed the highest swordsmanship.

his current swordsmanship, just like his physique, cannot be described by statistics.

Strongest Swordsman is the honorary title given by the world to the most powerful swordsman who has made a name for himself in the world, El thinks he can give this title an attempt.


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