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July 15, 1511, on the Sea Circle Calendar.

After obtaining the Shichiseiken and shortly after losing it and awakening his Asura-Conqueror Haki, the four ended their more than two-month travel and returned to the Waters 7.

For the next half month, the four didn't want to go anywhere, they just wanted to stay in this shipbuilding holy place and adjust their state.

While staying in the room of the luxury hotel to rest and wait for the new ship to leave the shipyard, the four took out again the shopping list they use two months ago and wrote another one.

As one of the most prosperous islands in the first half of the Grand Line, the Waters 7 Capital has everything you need.

But the three girls don't like ordinary things, they like to order something customized for them.

Therefore, they start placing orders half a month in advance.

In the face of a lot of Belly and two supernovas with a total bounty that is quite close to 400 million Belly, those businesses did not dare to neglect them and quickly promised to start working today, and they will definitely deliver the goods within half a month in front of them.

It took them three days to visit the Waters 7 main street and other less prosperous streets while looking for various big and small shops to finish buying and ordering the items on the list.

Regardless of whether it was an existing item or order, the three girls paid for all of the items with Belly on the spot.

In these three days, they spent a full 500 million Belly.

Including the 1.6 billion Belly for the custom-made new ship, their future home, the four spend as much as 2.1 billion Belly.

In addition to the travel expenses over the past two months, the 2.5 billion Belly that the four have cashed in with a part of the gold has all been used up, and it has exceeded hundreds of millions of Belly in expense.

After all, before the age of 18, the nutritional supplement was a huge money-swallowing beast.

El needed three bottles a day, and he just celebrated his birthday not long ago.

Carina, who was nine years old this year, also needed two bottles a day.

Kuina, who has mastered the Electrotherapy after eating the devil fruit, also needs three bottles a day, and Nami with one bottle a day.

The four need to drink nine bottles of the nutritional supplement every day.

The value of each bottle of nutritional supplement will fluctuate between 2 to 2.5 million according to the market price of the medicinal herbs.

While on the seas, the four would have spent anywhere from eighteen to twenty million Belly.

For ten days they stayed on the island and can't train on their ship, the remaining days of the month the four still have used at least 300 to 400 million Belly.

Just for the nutritional supplement, they are spending hundreds of millions on Belly this month.

If there is no city of gold as a backer, the four can't really afford this crazy expenditure.

Fortunately, in the more than two months of traveling, the four did not give up their main business, huntings pirates.

Although they can't use the pirate's head to exchange for a bounty with the navy, but the four can still get money from the black market and the pirate's heads are only additional gain.

The treasures on their ships, as well as the private money secretly hidden in the captain's memory, are the biggest gains for the four.

During the travel, the four also made hundreds of millions Belly, even so, the four were still short of money and did not exchange some gold for Belly.

Instead, they focused on those pirates who came to the waters 7 to buy or repair their ships.

Although the era of the great pirates has not yet entered the peak stage, the pirates can still be seen everywhere.

In the eyes of the four, the pirates who appeared in front of them were no different from human-shaped money printing machines.

If it is other people, it may be a more difficult thing to find the pirate treasure and private money.

But for El, as long as the person in front of him is a pirate, the treasure on the opponent has basically been obtained, with electric field teleportation, they will only need a moment to reach the pirate's pirate ship, easily robbing them of their treasures and private money, unless the other party is extremely poor.

Moreover, before Conqueror Haki, the four still need to take some action against those pirates, and the unlucky ones may be killed by Kuina.

Now with Conqueror Haki, El only needs a stare to defeat the weak enemies in seconds.

Although there is no bloody scene, the scene seems to be even more shocking.

Such a picture was also photographed by paparazzi in the Water 7 and faxed to the headquarters of the World Economy News Paper.

El is obviously the captain but in terms of fame, he has been surpassed by Kuina but finally, he succeeded in surpassing kuina and for the first time appeared on the front page of the World Economy NewsPaper the next day which is the so-called headlines.

As the most famous supernova this year, the people in the world are already very familiar with these two underage kids.

But this time, El, who has rarely surpassed Kuina and became the main headline character, has caused a great sensation in the new world, second only to the appearance of the Goro Goro no Mi.

"it's a joke right"

"for real that kid actually has the qualities of a king!"

"I'm not surprised that this kid has the qualifications of a king, but if I remember correctly then, he is only eight or nine years old this year!"

"At this age, he awakened the qualifications of a king, and he can use the power of Conqueror Haki, Is this the reason why he conquered the Goro Goro no Mi user at a young age"

"At the age of eight, he can wield a flying slash, and at the age of nine, he awakens the Conqueror Haki, what kind of monsters are this little devil!"

The first half of the grand line and the people from all over the four seas may not know what the Conqueror Haki is and even if they know it, they may not be aware what's the meaning of it.

However, the various forces in the new world, as well as the navy headquarters at the end of the first half of the grand line, have re-emphasized the threat of the "young swordsman, El" who was overshadowed by his crew.

Before this day, most of his information was unknown to judge his threat level.

Almost the day after El made it into the headlines, the Navy Headquarters once again issued a new bounty

["Young Swordsman" El, a bounty of 250 million Belly, regardless of life or death.]

["Lightning Sword sorcerer" Kuina, a bounty of 200 million regardless of life or death]

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