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The things synthesized from the Baku Baku space will be a permanent new substance after they are separated from the bodies of the previous devil fruit user.

Even if Carina eats them again, it cannot be restored to its original state.

And to avoid any accident, El doesn't dare to let Carina tries.

Spitting it out and eating it again are two different things, who knows if Carina eats the Sandai Kitetsu which has failed being synthesized with the devil fruit, will it be judged by the will of the world that she ate a second devil fruit and exploded to death on the spot

That is to say, El's second speculation not only failed but he also damaged a famous sword and ruin a Devil Fruit.

His Sandai Kitetsu was scrapped, and he also lost a Zoan-type devil fruit, which is at least 100 million Belly.

"Nii-san, this guy Devil fruit will we also take it".

Carina with a repulsive expression pointed to the ground at Bonier, who was unconscious and lost his limbs "Can I not eat him.

I don't want to eat men other than Nii-san."

"Speaking of which, I have an idea..."


After he put the sword back to its sheath, El looked at Bonier on the ground and said his idea "If you put his corpse in a coffin, then Carina, you eat the coffin.

Can his devil fruit still be synthesized through the coffin

"Good idea, why didn't I think of it"

With these words from El, she instantly cheers up.

Carina's beautiful eyes lit up and she said excitedly: "Anything that enters the Baku Baku space will be controlled by me, even the things inside the coffin are no exception.

Nii-san's your idea works perfectly, and I don't need to eat corpses like how I did before.

Just put them in a coffin, and then I eat the coffin so that I won't feel uncomfortable in my heart."

"Nii-san, as expected of you, this idea is too brilliant!".

As the last words fell, Carina threw herself into El's arms, wrapped her arms around his neck, then stood up on tiptoe and kissed El's face fiercely.

Although Carina among the three girls has the most powerful psychological quality.

But it doesn't mean that she doesn't really reject eating a corpse at all.

The reason why Carina didn't express it was that she was smart and had already found her responsibility on the team.

Nii-san and Nami, as well as Kuina, who is working hard every day to practice swords, just to be able to comprehend "Breath of all thing" and to help Nii-san share the pressure, they are all standing in front of her.

She is in charge of the logistics, except for taking care of Nii-san, she's actually useless at all.

El ability to read memory completely defeated her.

The 'ambitious' Carina, who wants to be the second in command of the team, finds herself the real burden.

When She heard that El needed her help, she did not hesitate to eat the Baku Baku No Mi fruit.

She uses the "digestion" ability of the Baku Baku No Mi fruit to make her physical fitness second only to, or even surpass, her Nii-san.

Then, at a critical moment, she will combine with Nami and Kuina, provide them with inexhaustible energy, and use her keen minds to help them out.

This is Carina's positioning herself.

And now, she has to shoulder another important task, that is, to seize the devil fruit from the previous user.

A Devil Fruit, even if it is just a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, the price on the black market is at least 100 million Belly.

With 100 million Belly, they will be able to buy a lot of medicinal herbs to make Nutritional supplements.

Although her face is full of rejection, Carina will definitely not be self-willed, even if she feels that eating a man's 'corpse' will be very disgusting, she will still choose to eat Bonier in the end and seized the Devil Fruit in his body.

But now, El has come up with a solution.


Since eating a 'corpse' will make you feel sick, why don't you just eat the 'coffin'

Eating the corpse and eating the coffin has two completely different feelings.

The former is full of visual impact, while the latter is more acceptable.

How could Carina not feel excited when she thought that she didn't need to eat the 'corpse' directly in the future.

It is no exaggeration to say...

After solving this problem, Carina doesn't have any rejection on Baku Baku No Mi fruit anymore.

On the contrary, she is extremely satisfied with this change, letting herself become the heart of the team from the bottom one.

Whether it is her most admired Nii-san or Nami and Kuina who need to rely on her Devil Fruit.


The speculation of capturing the Devil Fruit has been confirmed.

He also got the training method of "Six style (Rokushiki)" and solved Carina's psychological pressure

Although he has lost a the Sandai Kitetsu, El's trip to the kingdom of Alabasta has been very rewarding.

When the flame wall completely disappeared, the big harvest make him give up the idea of ​​going to the capital city of alabasta and directly brought the unconscious Bonier back to the nanohana

And this scene was also seen by a hovering news coo in the air, who did not dared to approach because of the high temperature.

After returning to Nanohana, the four did not walk down the street with Bonier on their backs.

After all, the current state of Bonier is really bad.

If they carry Bonier with missing limbs on the street, it will definitely attract the attention of the army.

Therefore, when the four were near the Nanohana, they divided their work.

The three girls are in charge of guarding Bonier, while El goes into the city to buy a big coffin.

After bringing the box back, El pinched Bonier to death on the spot, put his corpse and fruit into the coffin, and was thrown into the Baku Baku space by Carina, and began to seize his devil fruit.

Not long after, Carina spat out the coffin again.

Inside the box, Bonier's corpse did not change, but next to his corpse, there was a devil fruit with a spiral pattern.

After successfully capturing the Devil Fruit, El threw Bonier into the desert and took the three girls back to the hotel room, preparing to go to Elumalu on the other side of the Sandora River the next day.

During this period, El wrote down the training method of "Six style (Rokushiki)".

In the future, the three girls...

In addition to the daily physical training, there will be more sophisticated physical training in the true sense.

To be precise, it's superhuman training.

As long as you master the "Six style (Rokushiki)", you are the existence of a Superhuman...

It's a pity that Bonier did not learn to Life Return (Seimei Kikan).

Otherwise, if they get the training method of Life Return (Seimei Kikan), once Nami and Kuina learn it, they will be able to break through the physical limitation of being a girl.


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