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"This arrogant brat."

"haha, we are rejected."

"I hope he can maintain this arrogant appearance later."

Looking at the arrogant El, The three CP members reacted differently.

The man doesn't have any awareness of himself, he just thinks El is arrogant.

The female partners on the left and right have opposite personalities, one is as hot as fire, and the other is as cold as ice.

But for El's reaction, neither of them is surprised.

Obviously, they have encountered this situation more than once

"What a lot of nonsense--hey!"

Seeing their still careless look, El didn't bother to talk nonsense with them, he just drew his sword and swung it out.

With a slash, it send out a flying slash that cut through the sky and sand and moved toward the three-person.

"Little devil, feel the difference between yourself and a Superhuman - Tempest Kick(Rankyaku)!"

The man in the suit put his hands in his pockets, raised his long straight legs, and moved towards the oncoming flying slash, then kick out a sharp compressed blade of wind that was no less than the flying slash.


The two slashes collided together, like fireworks blooming, turning into a wind blade that swirled around before spreading out in all directions.

The endless yellow sand was lifted on the spot and merged into the sharp storm blade, which made Carina and Kuina not only hurt their skins but they could not even open their eyes.

"Carina, Nami, Kuina you guys deal with those two women.

I'll take care of this arrogant guy."

Taking advantage of the sandstorm blocking their vision, El took off the headband on his wrist and tied his long silver hair into a single ponytail, then he instructs the three girls, who hid behind him to resist the sandstorm.

"Leave it to us with confidence, Nii-san!"

The three girls nodded vigorously, and Carina used her devil fruit ability on the spot, she opened her mouth...

and ate Nami and Kuina next to her, and then ate herself again, and began to enter the Three Heads and Six Arms state.

El hold his sword and rushed into the sandstorm.


As the sword slashed, it sliced from top to the ground.

The sandstorm formed by the collision of the two flying slashes was instantly torn apart and blown away.

The dust and gust of wind roared towards his left and right sides as if being cut off from the middle.

El, who slashed the sandstorm with a sword, turned into an afterimage that could not be captured by the naked eye and swept away violently towards the man in a suit who reappeared on the opposite side.


The man in suit also turned into an afterimage and disappeared on the spot, making a piercing sound that broke through the air and pierce toward El.

The two afterimages have not approached yet, but a sharp compressed air shockwave from the finger thrust shot out from the afterimage of the man in the suit, trying to penetrate El's shoulder.

The result is no surprise, El holding his sword blocked it easily.

'Sure enough, he is not an ordinary CP member'

Blocking the attack called "Flying Finger Guns", El strengthened his guess even more.

Being able to use the extension technique of the Finger Pistol(Shigan) shows that the opponent's Finger Pistol(Shigan) attainments have surpassed the ordinary superhuman martial arts style.

And looking at his relaxed appearance, it should be more than just mastering the variations of the Finger Pistol(Shigan).

Thinking of this, the corners of his mouth could not help but slightly rise.

The better he is, the greater the benefit it is for him.

Seeing that his flying finger gun did not stop El, the man in the suit stopped shaving, raised his foot again, and kicked a Tempest Kick (Rankyaku) at El.

El did not send out a flying slash to confront him.

But he swiftly move and appeared outside the attack range of the Tempest Kick, then swiftly moved again to the man in suit.

The sword in his hand slashed toward the man in a suit with tremendous power and speed.


El's speed...

is at a level that ordinary people can't catch with the naked eye.

But the dynamic vision of the man in a suit is obviously not at the ordinary person's level.

I don't know if he noticed the sharpness of the Sandai Kitetsu, or if he just didn't want El to scratch his clothes, the man in the suit used Shave (Soru) to dodge and attack.

Unfortunately, the next second, he regretted it.

With the sound of tearing through fabric.

The man in the suit who appeared behind El out of thin air, his face under the mask was full of horror.

Seeing that the man in suit, who was dozens of centimeters shorter than him, hurriedly jumped back and quickly distanced himself from El.

In the upper body of the man in the suit, a wound spread from his right abdomen to his left chest, and the dazzling blood dyed his white suit red.

"It's a lie, this kid, actually hurt captain!"

"Is Bonier being careless"

The picture of the man in the suit, being injured, shocked the two women who were watching the fight.

No one knows their captain's strength better than them.

With their captain's accomplishments in Six style (Rokushiki), even those pirate overlords from all over the world, or supernovas with a bounty of more than 100 million Belly in Grand Line, except for those who are devil fruit users and have strong physique and swordsmanship, few people will be in his opponent.

And now, El has injured their captain in just a few rounds

For the two women, it was simply an impossible thing.

As everyone knows, their captain is next to the apex of their group.

To be precise, if El hadn't kept his hand, Bonier would have not been slashed.

Redfield has no Devil Fruit and no Pirates group, why is he on an equal footing with Whitebeard and the other superpowers by himself

Why did the Redfield become the first Pirate to defeat the Fleet admiral

It's very simple, in addition to the strength of being on the top of the world, Redfield relies on seeing people's hearts.

In other words, the brain is the controller of the human body, unless it's the "Autonomous Ultra Instinct" in Dragon Ball, where the body will automatically defend and attack by itself...

Otherwise, when anyone is attacking or defending, their brains will involuntarily think about what place they want to attack or how to defend themselves.

And his thoughts will be visible in the face of his ability.

El just saw Bonier wanted to show up behind him and attack with finger gun.

At the moment when Bonier disappeared, El had already used Life Return and controlled his body and the slash that should have been swung forward, made a 180-degree rotation, and slash Bonier.

With this attack, El beat Bonier.

This lack of information and the element of surprise together with the sharpness of Sandai Kitetsu wrap with armament Haki result in victory being decided within a split of a second.

But for the sake of the Six styles (Rokushiki) in Bonier's mind, El still kept his hands on him.


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