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the little garden, also known as the island of ancients time.

This is one of the seven islands that are very special and dangerous.

The special thing is that because of the chaotic climate of the great route, it still maintains the appearance of the age of dinosaurs, and there has been no change in these tens of thousands of years.

it's a dangerous place because it still maintains the appearance of the age of dinosaurs, there are not only dinosaurs and large beasts but also insects, that should have been extinct tens of thousands of years ago.

Once bitten by a poisonous insect it's almost guaranteed to die because of how difficult it is to find and develop an antidote.

In addition to these large beasts and poisonous insects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye, the ancient island at this time has also become a battlefield for the two strongest giants from the Kingdom of Giants-Elbaf.

Two giants are already fighting a long battle for nearly a century and those two giants were the two captains of the "Giant warrior Pirates" who had offered a bounty of up to 100 million Belly in the last century - "Blue Demon" Dorry and "Red Demon" Brogy.

Yes, the big killer that El wants is the major moves of the giant family.

it's a single-target attack with sword called Hakoku sovereignty.

This is also a rare combination of attacks in the world.

Not to mention the One of the future Four Emperors "BIG-MOM" Charlotte Linlin it's one of her best moves.

Hakoku sovereignty requires two giant warriors from the Kingdom of Giants - Elbaf to join forces to display a combined attack.

Even the sea kings in the windless zone if they are touched, they will be killed instantly.

As for the Hakoku sovereignty, it is the strongest move among the giant Elbaf warriors, and its power is comparable to the king's punch of Ellizabello II, capable of knocking pure objects into the sky with one punch.

These moves are the moves specially developed by the giants for their huge size, calling it the "Spear of Elbaf" and establishing the status of "The Kingdom of Giants - Elbaf" as the world's No.

1 power.

The purpose of El going to the Little Garden is to obtain these moves.

If there is no strong physique, even if other people have obtained the training methods of the "Spear of Elbaf" of the giants, they cannot use them.

But obviously, this doesn't include El.

As it said before, El's Innate, Life Return is literally born for "Navy Six Forms."

Strong physical quality, perfect control, and sharing experience by reading others' memory...

As long as El has the training method.

In theory, he can learn everything and train all non-devil-fruit-related abilities in the world.

As long as he masters the "Spear of Elbaf" of the Giants, even if the Ikoku cannot be used, the remaining "Hakoku" of "Spear of Elbaf" can still make El unafraid of the hidden dangers that target the four of them.

This day, at noon, as the ship sail on the vast sea.

On the deck, from early morning training to the present, the four, who ate eight sea beasts not long ago, just took a shower and sat under the umbrella, playing cards and chatting about various topics.

Yes, they devoured eight sea ​​beasts for lunch.

Among them, El has eaten fives, Carina has two, and Nami and Kuina share in the last one.

Except for El, it them took nearly six hours from 6:00 a.m.

to 11:30 a.m.

to fully absorb the energy of a bottle of nutritional supplement.

A bottle of nutritional supplement is equal to the energy of several sea beasts, after digesting the energy of the nutritional supplement, Nami and Kuina can still eat half of the sea beasts, which is already a very remarkable thing.

But Carina didn't feel anything, if she wasn't tired of eating, let alone two sea beasts, even if it was the same El which is five sea beasts, she would be able to eat it.

Just a devil fruit makes Carina's appetite so terrifying.

If she continues to maintain it, he believes that it will not take long for Karina's Physique to complete the transformation of mortals to monsters.


Just when the four of them were resting, a news coo suddenly flew low above the ship, and a roll of newspaper fell on the deck, attracting the four attention.

"This is...

news coo!"

Looking at the flying news coo Carina tilted her head, and look at Nami who was also beside her with a puzzled face, she asked curiously, "How long have we not seen news coo"

"Looks like it's been a few months."

Nami squeezed her chin and said, "Looks like the last time we saw the news coo, we just met Nii-san not after, and we haven't even gone to Sister Kuina's hometown yet."

"Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters suddenly sent news coo to release free newspapers.

It seems that this sea has another major event that shocked the world."

Carina stood up and walked to pick up the newspaper

then open it up to take a look.


After glancing at the headlines of the newspaper, Carina's lips rose slightly, and said, "It's really big news that shocked the world."


Before Carina brought the newspaper to El and the others, another news coo flew over the ship and threw down a roll of newspaper for free.

"Even the "World Economic News Paper" publishes newspapers for free, what the hell happened!"

Seeing this scene, Nami couldn't hold back her curiosity any longer, got up and picked up the newspaper dropped by news coo and opened it.

"The most beautiful woman in the world...

Pirate Empress Boa Hancock!"

Nami slowly readout down the headlines of 'The World Economic News'


Carina looked at Nami in surprise and asked

"Why that's the title on your side"

"Yeah, isn't yours the same" Nami nodded and asked rhetorically.

"Well, it seems that Mary Geoise and the "World Economy News Paper" teamed up to hype it up.


Carina nodded slightly and sat back in her chair then put the newspaper on the table full of playing cards, and said, ""Seven Warlords of the Sea" has added a new member to today's news, it was the one who shocked the world a few months ago.

the captain of Nine Snake Pirates - "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock, her first bounty was up to 80 million Belly.


"It is said that the "Nine Snake Pirates" are from the Amazon Lily.

In addition to being a pirate, the captain is also the empress of the island, so Boa Hancock will have the "Pirate Empress" title"

"Unexpectedly, "World Economy News Paper" has used "the world's most beautiful woman" as a gimmick, and it is indeed the world's largest star-making platform.


"After today, the title of the world's most beautiful woman will be crowned on the head of Boa Hancock."

"However, the Pirate Empress seemed to be only eighteen years old when she was first offered a bounty, and the bounty paper was indeed a peerless beauty..."

With a slight pause in her tone, Carina sighed again, "At the age of 18, she was the empress of a country, the captain of a pirate group, and now she is a member of one of the three major forces that balance the sea, so it's no wonder from "Big News" Morgan will dub her as "the most beautiful woman in the world".

Picking up the newspaper on the table...

El's face also showed a hint of surprise.

If he remembered correctly, Boa Hancock's birthday seemed to be in September.

It's already December, and Hancock turned 18 three months ago.

If there's no change original historical trend caused by him, Hancock received an invitation from Mary Geoise shortly after her first bounty of 80 million Belly was released.

Boa Hancock in the original book was 18 years old when she first offered a bounty and became "Seven Warlords of the Sea".

In other words, Boa Hancock may have accepted Mary Geoise's invitation before she turned eighteen.

He just didn't expect that Mary Geoise didn't start publicizing until the end of the year, and it was still powerful publicity.

Not only did they send official news coo, but the World Economy News Paper also distributed newspapers for free.

Morgan, the birdman, obviously received a lot of benefits from Mary Geoise.

With such publicity, except for the first "Seven Warlords of the Sea", no one should be able to compare to Boa Hancock.

"As expected of the empress of a powerful country, her face is Really big!"

El secretly said in his heart.

Just like Wano, the Island of Women is one of the most mysterious and powerful countries on the sea.

The Nine Snake Pirates members also master the two types of Haki, and even the captain has the three types of Haki.

This information, for the hegemonic forces of the sea, are no secret at all.

The reason why Boa Hancock just made a shot and got the bounty of 80 million Belly, and received an invitation from Mary Geoise.

It's because of the prestige accumulated through generations by captains of the Nine Snake Pirates in the Sea.

Even in the original manga despite not fighting for the next ten years she's still called by Sengoku as a powerful woman.

Otherwise, the title of Pirate Empress would not fall on Hancock.

The birth of the world's number one beauty reminded El of one thing.

The current great pirate era is far from reaching its peak.

The grand line has not yet entered the pattern of the four emperors facing each other.

The Seven Warlords of the Sea have not yet fully assembled.

Except for the navy headquarters, the other two forces still have a lot of cakes, waiting for the strong to pick.

'It's time to speed up, and when Kuina becomes a devil fruit, it's time to work hard.


Putting down the newspaper, the motivation for training emerged in El's body.

On the world stage, he can't wait to step on it.


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