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"...Three heads and six arms, it sounds pretty cool."

Carina repeat it, then accepted El for naming it for her basing on her current state.

Looking at El in front of her, Carina asked, "Nii-san, do you have anything else to experiment with"

"No need for now, spit Nami out." El shook his head and smiled.



Unlike synthesis, which requires eating herself, Carina spit out Nami in a very simple way.

With just a thought, Nami's head and arms on her body turned into a cloud of white smoke and disappeared.

Then Carina opened her mouth again, and spit out Nami, who had no saliva on her body, from the Baku Baku space.

"Finally out, I don't want to enter that space again."

Nami, who came out, stretched her muscles and bones then complained: "Fusing with Carina, although I can control my body, I need Carina's permission, and even if am obviously stronger than Carina.

, it turned out that Carina took control of the body."

"This feeling is really disgusting."


"Three heads and six arms" You have to practice more in the future, you must cultivate a tacit understanding between the three of you in this state, because this trick will be the final card of the three of you.


After listening to Nami's words, El said slowly: "Just like what I said just now, the "transformation" and "synthesis" of Baku Baku no Mi Fruit can break the rules of the sea, allowing you to share each other's abilities and have a double or even triple devil fruit ability.


"If it's just ordinary sharing, then I won't urge you to practice this trick."

"But Carina's Baku Baku no Mi Fruit, in addition to "transformation" and "synthesis", also has a crucial ability, that is - "digestion".


"Kalina's physique has undergone earth-shaking changes.

She will never eat less or even surpass me in the future."

"And no matter how much she eats, Carina can digest it as quickly as I do and turn it into her own strength."

"If before this, Carina's physique was the weakest among the four of us, then next, she will surpass you at an incredible speed and leave you far behind."

After a slight pause in his tone, El looked at the three girls with a serious face and seemed to have thought of something, and continued: "physique determines the endurance of those with Devil Fruit abilities."

"Although the nutritional supplement will help you develop in advance, allowing you to achieve several years of results in just one year, the nutritional supplement cannot help you break the physical limitations of girls."

"And after Carina ate the Baku Baku no Mi Fruit, her limit has been broken, and the upper limit of her physique has reached an unknown level."

"This means that Carina will have several, dozens, or even hundreds of times of your physical strength to squander."

"So, as long as you combine with Carina and use the state of "three heads and six arms", you can use Carina's vast physical strength in the future and use your fruit ability recklessly.


"In addition, you have six hands, three perspectives, and three different fighting consciousnesses...

As long as you cultivate a strong tacit understanding, you will be the enemy's nightmare in the future!"

"I see..."

After hearing this, the three Carina girls realized how powerful the "three heads and six arms" were.

"I see, Nii-san, I will practice hard with Nami."

"I'll cooperate with Carina too!"

Carina and Nami no longer complained, looking at El seriously.

"me too."

Kuina, who had been somewhat repulsive to "Three Heads and Six Arms", also spoke in agreement at this time.

Just after listening to El's explanation, Kuina knew that "three heads and six arms", they not only have to practice but also practice it to excellent level.

Now, whether it is her or Carina, they have an ordinary physique and defense that will be broken if a sharp weapon is struck them.

If El and Nami encountered a powerful enemy and they could not be distracted, both of them would be lambs to be slaughtered.

If she masters "Three Heads and Six Arms", she and Carina will no longer be a burden to El.

She and Nami can be eaten by Carina, then the three of them become one person, can use the elementalization and fire ability of The Mera Mera no Mi fruit, they can also eat anything, and can even use swordsmanship...

When Carina's physical strength left them far behind, the combination of the three would achieve a huge effect of 1 1 1 greater than 3.

The disgustingness of being eaten is nothing compared to the benefits of "three heads and six arms".

"I'm very happy that you can think about it."

El smiled in relief, then pulled Carina and Nami into and pat their heads.


Feeling the warmth from El's palm, Carina and Nami squinted their eyes and laughed.

Seeing this scene, Kuina couldn't help showing a hint of envy on her face.

"By the way, Nii-san..."

At this time, Carina seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly opened her beautiful sapphire eyes, stared at El, and asked: "Three heads and six arms, three abilities, six hands, and three fighting consciousnesses are shared in the future, that's your guess.


Obviously, the girl still remembers El's first words.

"No, it's not..."

El didn't explain, but said meaningfully: "You'll find out soon after."

"If this conjecture is true, then we will be unmatched in the future!"


After learning the method of making the nutritional supplement and the devil fruit were in hand, the trip to the Drum Island for the four of them could be said to be full of rewards.

the next morning.

El, who had already learned the manufacturing method, immediately went to the cabin on the basement floor after eating the breakfast carefully prepared by Kuina.

In a laboratory room, he began to manufacture nutritional supplements for himself and the three girls.

After more than an hour, El came up with four bottles of nutritional supplements, and then the four consumed it.

"Carina, don't secretly use your devil fruit ability to digest it."

After drinking the nutritional supplement, El said to Carina: "Next, I will use my observation Haki to observe the sea, you can train with us."


Carina didn't refuse either.

After the conversation last night, Carina already knew that her important task was to improve her physique so that when the three of them combine, she would be able to have monstrous-level battery life.

From now on, you can't be lazy anymore.


After drinking the nutritional supplement, their cells burst out with amazing vitality, and the four whose body temperature began to rise gradually came to the training room and started high-intensity physical training.

Carina and Nami were simply exercising, while El and Kuina started to use fighting methods to absorb the energy in their bodies after warming up.

First the bamboo sword, then the real sword...

Under the repeated abuse, Kuina was sweating profusely more than usual, and the white clothes on her body were also covered with large or small sword marks, The tattered cloth is unusually hung on her body, and I don't know how many times it has given El a welfare.

With the goal of moving forward, the four were very motivated to exercise.

Time also passed quickly with their joint efforts.


December 22, 1510 in the Sea Circle Calendar.

The group of four who left Drum Island did not move on but returned to the first stop of their great route, a town sheltered by the black market.

The purpose of El coming back here is to add a big killer to his arsenal.

Since becoming famous in the sea, many forces in the sea have been eyeing him.

He believes that at this time, the islands in front of this route are already looking for their traces.

If it weren't for their route being not fixed thanks to using the eternal pose to go on Drum Island, he believed that they had already encountered the enemy.

When they no longer use the eternal pose to change their course, and if they continue to move forward, El is 100% sure that they will meet a representative and captain of a certain force on a certain island, or even a cadre of a major force to solicit them.

If the recruitment fails, there is a high possibility that a battle will break out.

In order to cope with this inevitable crisis, El must master a move that can be used as a trump card for his comeback.


Pure flying slashes and physical strength, among the new stars of this era, may stand out.

But this little strength can't defend against those powerhouses who can use armament Haki.


The big killer that El wanted was not on this island.

Returning to the first stop this time, El wants to buy some medicines that are not sold in other places or are difficult to buy.

Only in the black market can he buy them, and it can be bought in large quantities.

In addition, El bought more than 100 boxes of wine, and after pouring out all the liquor inside, he let Carina eat all the bottles into Baku Baku space to synthesize an incomparably huge wine bottle.

After putting the wine back into the wine bottle, El poured all the drugs he bought from the black market into the wine bottle, and then weaved a large amount of thick rope into a net, wrapped the wine bottle into the sea, and let the ship pull it.

then set off towards their next stop.

The next stop for the four is—the little garden on the Island of Ancient Times!


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