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"...Nami, don't struggle and let Carina eat you."

Looking at Nami who was struggling in Carina's mouth, El suddenly said, "Don't worry, it will be fine.

Carina can eat and spit you out."


Hearing El's words, Nami's struggling movements stopped.

At the same time, Carina, who was planning to spit out Nami, also stopped her movements temporarily then she raise her head and increased her strength, swallowing Nami's whole body.

Carina's hippopotamus-sized mouth instantly returned to its original delicate size like a rubber fruit that can be stretched out freely.

"...what a disgusting ability!"

Wiping the non-existent saliva from the corner of her mouth, Carina complained with a black line on her forehead: "Although I don't know why it has a mild taste, but this feeling of swallowing a living person, whether it is physical or psychological It is unacceptable for the time being."

"Thank you for your hard work, Carina..."

El came over, first patted Carina's shoulder, and then asked, "After eating Nami, what did change in you"

"Wait, let me see..."

Carina closed her eyes and felt the changes in her body.

After a while, a scene that scared Kuina back a few steps again appeared on Carina.

She saw Carina's left chest, suddenly there was a small face, which gradually emerged through her clothes.

That little face looked like Nami.

"Hey, am I out"

The little face just appeared, Nami looked at El and Kuina who were taller than usual, and said with a look of surprise: "What a special perspective, did I merge with Carina just now!"

"Suddenly speaking, it's really disgusting."

Carina looked at Nami who has grown on her left chest and said with disgust.

But her disgust soon disappeared.

El look at Carina of the one-piece version of Uchiha Madara, and continued to ask: "Carina, try to see if you can use the ability nami's devil fruit."

"ok, I'll try it..."

When Carina came back to her senses, she realized why she wanted to eat Nami.


Under the watchful eyes of El and Kuina, and even Nami, Carina stretched out her palm, and an orange flame suddenly appeared out of nowhere, covering her entire palm, and condensing on a head-sized fireball.

"Success, this is Nami's ability!"

Looking at the fireball in her hand, Carina said with joy.

"Very well, put away the fireball, let's do another experiment."

El nodded in satisfaction, then pulled out his sword and held Carina's palm that contained the flames, and gently stroked her index finger with the blade.


Although the finger was scratched, the thing that flowed out from the wound was not blood, but an orange flame.



Carina, who showed a reluctant expression in advance, was taken aback for a moment.

This time, it was Nami's turn to complain with a black line: "What an outrageous ability, even my elementalization can be used."

"Nami, can you break free from Carina's body with your own strength"

El put away his then looked at Nami and asked.


Nami, who has only one face on Carina left chest, can't even shake her head: "After I was eaten by Carina, I entered a dimension where I can't see anything, except now I can see you, There is no physical presence at all."

"That dimension should be Carina's Baku Baku space."

El nodded and said, "Some devil fruit people have a different dimension in their bodies, and Carina is one of them."

Just like what El said, the abilities of individual Devil Fruits do have a different dimension in their bodies.

What impressed him the most was undoubtedly the Paramecia-type Shiro Shiro no mi (allows the user to become a living fortress, making the user a Castle Human) and the Logia-type Yami Yami no Mi Fruit(Black Beard devil fruit).

Especially the dark space of the Yami Yami no Mi fruit, just like the Baku Baku space with its own transformation, digestion and synthesis, it has its own three major abilities of gravity, compression, and crushing, just like a small black hole.

Everything sucked into the dark space by the Yami Yami no Mi Fruit will be mercilessly compressed and shattered, and then released by the user to attack the enemy.

"Carina, see if you can eat yourself and merge with Nami in Baku Baku space." El continued his experiment.

"Okay, I'll give it a try..."

Carina nodded, then closed her eyes again, carefully feeling the changes in her body.

Immediately, an incredible picture came into Kuina's eyes again.

She saw Carina once again open her hippopotamus size mouth, and swallow half of her body from top to bottom.

In just a few seconds, Carina completely ate herself just like she ate Nami.

On the ground, only a flesh meatball remained.


As soon as the meatball was formed, there was the sound of a balloon popping.

A cloud of white smoke emanated directly from the meatball.

When the pervasive white mist dissipated, a brand new 'human being' suddenly appeared in front of El and Kuina.

It was a young girl with two heads, and four arms.

The two heads have orange and purple hair, and they look like Carina and Nami.

"What an amazing feeling..."

Carina looked at her new body and sighed, "These are obviously Nami's hands, but I have control over them."

"me too."

Nami also echoed: "Not only that, in addition to my devil fruit, I found that I can also Carina's Devil fruit ability."

"me too..."

Carina said with a look of surprise: "In addition to my devil fruit, I can still her devil fruit ability."

"That's the horror of 'synthesis'.


El was not surprised at all, and said: "You have not only completed the fusion of your bodies, but also your abilities."

"And the fusion of two people is not the limit of this ability."

"After Kuina also becomes a devil fruit user, Carina can eat Nami and Kuina at the same time, and then the three of you share three abilities."

"This trick can be named - "Three Heads and Six Arms!"


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