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As soon as the heat flow occurred, it began to spread on his body.

Like boiling water, El's normal body temperature gradually increased at a speed visible to the naked eye as the heat flow spread.

Under his clothes, his skin also began to turn red.

If it continues to rise at this speed, He believes that within a few minutes, He will be like Luffy in second gear, with red skin and white mist all over his body.

Luffy's second gear uses his hands and feet to pump air, thereby accelerating the flow of blood and strengthening his body's strength and speed.

El's current situation is very similar to Luffy's second gear.

It's just that, unlike Luffy's blood acceleration, El is more like the trillions of cells in his body, activated by external forces, bursting with amazing vitality.


At this moment, El didn't have time to feel the change in his body.

One of the three talents that he has, the Life Return, which is close to full level at birth, automatically takes effect again.

The heat flow that was constantly spreading in the body suddenly began to dissipate rapidly.

However, this dissipation was not the nutritional supplement slowly losing effect.

It was El's digestive system, which suddenly changed from a normal person to a gluttonous one, digesting the energy contained in the nutritional supplement in an instant.

As for the price of instant digestion, El's body temperature reached the highest in an instant, and the skin under his clothes seemed to glow red.

The red light just flickered and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

A wisp of white mist emanated from the top of El's head.

In just a few seconds, El's state returned to normal.

Seeing this scene, Dr.

Kureha, who was holding the wine bottle, paused slightly while drinking, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

Staring at El, who was feeling the changes in his body, the corners of her lips rose slightly, revealing a playful smile: "...No wonder you have this level of physique at this age, you have already mastered life return"

"It's a pity...

he is obviously a master on physical prowess, but he still plays with swords."

Looking at the sword on El's waist, Dr.

Kureha couldn't help shaking her head.



Kureha didn't know El's talent in swordsmanship, otherwise, she would have not this idea.

"...What a powerful effect!"

El didn't seem to hear Dr.

Kureha's sigh.

At this time, he was focused on his own body.

After "Life Return" automatically digested the energy of the nutritional supplement, his physique changed significantly.

To describe it with the vocabulary of the gaming world, it is a sudden surge of experience points.

With a few more bottles, El felt that he would definitely be able to level up.

Is this the power of krypton

It's not that El has not thought about using supplements to improve their physical fitness.

But the three girls are still young, and none of the four of them understand medicine, let alone deal with those things.

If you eat and drink indiscriminately, it may have a negative effect, so El won't use this method.

he won't, but others will!

Therefore, after El entered the grand line and gave up his choice on Crocus, the first thing he did was to buy the eternal pose of Drum Island and let Dr.

Kureha teach him this method.

And now, Dr.

Kureha did give El a shortcut.

The nutritional supplement made from a large amount of medicinal herbs has an effect comparable to the energy of several, or even a dozen of sea beasts.

Drinking it is no less than eating several sea beasts.

Although the medicinal herbs for making the nutrient solution are very expensive, and a bottle of nutrient solution needs at least several million Belly, for El, it is not worth mentioning at all.

Isn't it just a krypton gold, the big deal is to work harder in the future!

As long as the three girls, or even himself, can grow rapidly, and achieve results of 20 or 30 years in ten years, even if they pay tens billions or hundreds billions of Belly, El is willing.

As if seeing El's thoughts, Dr.

Kureha suddenly poured a basin of cold water on El: "Little boy, this 'nutritional supplement' is not a panacea."

"It's only suitable for people under the age of 18, and the average person should only drink one bottle a day."

"Otherwise, even if you have mastered the "life return" and your body can completely digest it, your spirit will still not be able to keep up with the growth of your body.

Instead of enhancing your body and spirit, it will become weaker."

"After the age of 18, the effect of this thing will be halved.

At the age of 20, your body's internal systems will be immune to the effect of this thing."

"After all, at that time, a bottle of the energy contained in this thing can no longer satisfy your body.

If you drink a lot, the toxins will damage your potential."

"...I see."

After listening to Dr.

Kureha's words, El calmed down and nodded suddenly.

It was him who was too whimsical.

Every stage of the human body is different.

Now he feels that the nutritional supplement is effective because he is still a child, and his body will feel that the energy in the nutritional supplement is very huge.

But after he grows up, this energy can't meet the body's needs at all.

Drinking too much will not only have no effect but will harm himself.

This thing was the same reason he came to find Dr.


It was only suitable for helping them develop in early stage.

After their body develops, this thing is not suitable, and cannot be continue drinking it otherwise, it will only harm them.

Thinking of this, El looked at Dr.

Kureha and asked, "Senior, how many bottles are suitable for me to drink every day, and when is the best time to stop drinking"

"Good psychological quality, I suddenly admire you a little bit, little brat."

Seeing that El calmed down so quickly, Dr.

Kureha nodded in appreciation, and then said, "For you, it's best to only drink three bottles a day, and not three in a row."

"After drinking it, it is best not to directly digest it with the life return, but to use the method of exercising to slowly absorb the energy in your body."

"In this way, the body can not only absorb the medicinal effects perfectly but also your spirit will be strengthened during your exercise, so that your spirit can catch up with the growth of your body..."

Listening to Dr.

Kureha explaining the pros and cons of the nutrient solution, El nodded from time to time with the appearance of an obedient child.

"...that's all there is to pay attention to, you can try to make it."

After Dr.

Kureha finished speaking, she stood aside, pointed to the equipment for making nutritional supplement, and said to El.


El nodded, and with a serious look on his face, he followed the steps that Dr.

Kureha had just done and started producing the nutritional supplement.


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