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"The meteor appears again!!"

"Run, this meteor will definitely set off another tsunami again, if the direction where the tsunami is heading is on our side, then everyone will be finished!"

Looking at the falling seventh meteor, all of the people in the surrounding islands that are close to the small uninhabited islands, boarded their ships and decide to leave their islands while praying in their hearts that if the meteor fall on the sea, the tsunami doesn't head to the direction where they are fleeing.

There's no doubt that the falling seventh meteor made the hearts of people on several islands feel overwhelmed and if no one stops this meteor, the tsunami that it sets off will surely sink one, or even several islands, while the people on those islands will also suffer heavy casualties, however, in the next moment an even desperate scene appeared.

As the seventh meteor turned into a big fireball and passed through the White Sea while falling to the sea, the huge hole in the clouds formed by the seventh meteor has not healed yet and another hole was smashed out next to it by another meteor that fell to the sea, this is already the eighth meteor.

Honestly, El has already overestimated Shanks and his red-haired pirates, in the end, he did not expect that he still underestimated the man who was closest to the Pirate King level before Luffy went to sea.

While using Violet's clairvoyance ability, El had already seen through the Red Hair Pirates' response in advance, so he did not smash the five meteors directly to the small uninhabited island.

With the strengths of Shanks, Benn Beckman, and other cadres, they can definitely block multiple meteors.

So, El used the Bubbly Coral to dive deep into the sea in advance, then released the Float-Float Fruit power in the five meteors and let it smash into the sea not far from the small uninhabited island to set off a tsunami and drove the Red-Haired Pirates into the sea.

El believes that Shanks, who values his companions, will definitely stay on the surface to buy time for his companions and if he's lucky, Benn Beckman might also stay.

At the same time, El also simulated Shanks's response based on his mastery of the three types of haki and swordsmanship, so his way of blocking the falling meteor and tsunami is to use flying slash embedded by advanced armament and conqueror haki.

However, El did not expect that instead of using a flying slash to destroy the meteor, Shanks will instead use the tsunami to diffuse the kinetic energy and heat in the meteor after it exploded mid-air.

The meteor contains a very terrifying kinetic energy, once it erupts in the sea it will set off another tsunami that will spread fear in the world, and if it explodes on land, the power used to calculate it will be based on the lightning that Enel uses to destroy Birka.

To ask which is more powerful and destructive the tsunami or the meteor, we can only say that both of it has their own advantages.

However, if the two collide, then the result is that both of them would disappear together while creating a super maelstrom.

Shanks just covered his entire body with armament haki in advance when the meteor exploded and then cooperated with his Future vision and Bubbly Coral to perfectly avoided the damage from the meteor and tsunami.

Shanks's response can be called perfect and El doesn't know if it's because of Shanks's combat instinct being so so good or if Benn Beckman, whose intelligence is one of the best in the world, has already calculated this situation in advance and gave Shanks a plan.

To be precise, it was El who looked down on Shanks and Benn Beckman very much and believed that these two doesn't have a way to solve this crisis in the first round.

After all, more than half a year has passed since the first appearance of the super tsunami.

If the Red-Haired Pirates did not plan anything and rashly raided the city in the sky to declare war on the flying Pirates, then Benn Beckman's rumor of level of intelligence from his previous life was only boasted to the sky.

Facts have proved that Shanks really perfectly defuses the attack in the first round.

This means that the information advantage of a traveler versus the highest IQ in the one-piece world will ultimately be won by El, the traveler.

Because El has already calculated this scene in advance, the gift he prepared for the red-haired pirate group is not an ordinary thing.

With the appearance of the seventh and eighth meteor, it was about to catch up with Shanks, who was alone and had to consume his haki to fly at a low altitude out of the super maelstrom.

While constantly draining his haki to float in the sky above the super maelstrom, Shanks looked at the two meteors with cold sweat on his forehead.

"That guy, how many meteors did he prepare"

With the successive appearance of the meteor and Benn Beckman's absence, Shanks' heart suddenly became heavy because of the unknown number of meteors.

Although he doesn't know how many meteorites El has prepared.

However, just like the meteor just now, Shanks won't absolutely allow the meteors to hit the sea and explode before the Red Force enters safely deep in the sea.

Otherwise, the tsunami will definitely affect his own companions.

As one of the strongest pirates...

Shanks actually have a double standard like Rayleigh and El, if you let him choose between ordinary people and his companions, then he will definitely choose his companion without hesitation, and for his companions, Shanks can attack and destroy a kingdom.

Similarly, for the safety of his companions, Shanks is also willing to risk his own life and disregard his own haki consumption just to block the second wave of El's attack.

Shanks, Benn Beckman, and the rest of the red-haired pirates thought that El was at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

In fact, that situation was already history as El used Bubbly Coral to dive deep into the depth of 10,000 meters in advance.

Both Shanks and Benn Beckman believed that as long as the Red Force entered deep into the sea where no one could see them, then their companions would be completely safe, however, in fact, it's a complete mistake.


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