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Shanks didn't know that his companions also encountered danger in the sea, he was in the center of the uninhabited island, and he did not notice the whirlpool that appeared around the uninhabited island, and out of trust on Benn Beckman, Shanks focused all his attention on the meteor in the sky.

No matter what happen, he would not allow that meteor to fall down.

Otherwise, just the kinetic energy in the meteor that bursts out will instantly blow up this small uninhabited island, and the terrifying heat and shock waves will also mercilessly kill all the creatures within several kilometers.

Shanks will remain on the ground to deal with this meteor until the Red Force enters a safe depths in the sea.

As one after another huge dark red flying slash collided with the meteor, it stop in mid-air again and again.

In a few minutes, the super meteorite that was originally more than 2,000 meters away from the ground slowly fall to more than 1,000 meters, then when it was a hundred meters away from the ground, it could no longer advance.

At this time, the tsunami that was advancing at an unknown speed from all sides was still dozens of kilometers away from the small uninhabited island, but it seemed to be close at hand and would collide with each other at any time.

Whether it is a small, medium, or large seize-island, it will be instantly submerged by the tsunami and erased from the map of the new world.

"It's right now!" Seeing that the tsunami on all sides has entered a certain range and may collide at the edge of the island at the next moment.

After always controlling his strength, Shanks, who can directly destroy the meteor finally stopped holding back his strength and coat his sword with advanced armament and conqueror haki before slashing and sending out a huge dark red flying slash that was far above his previous shot.

When the dark red flying slash collided again with the meteor, the advanced armament and conqueror haki contain in the flying slash infiltrated inside of the meteor, and this time the high temperature inside the meteor that can burn everything failed to destroy the advanced armament and conqueror haki that infiltrated, instead, all of it exploded inside, and terrifying energy burst out.

The meteor that was on the stalemate with the dark red flying slash, its surface finally seemed to be unable to bear it, as a small and large crack-like spider web appeared on it and rapidly spread around the meteor's whole body.

After a while, dazzling rays of light burst out through countless cracks and a deafening explosion sounded and spread to the whole area.

On the White-White Sea and the few islands that are within the several kilometers of the explosion, all of the marine creatures, and human beings heard a sound of an explosion that like it spread out from the whole world, while those separated by countless kilometers vaguely heard a sound.

Then an invisible shock wave, carrying a hot air flow like the shock wave created by the five meteors that fell into the sea, turned into an invisible wind and spread to several islands close to small uninhabited islands.

The wind is not strong enough to overturn a dilapidated house but countless ordinary people were once again blown to the ground by this inexplicable gust of wind that is like a shooting star, it appears and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The tsunamis in four directions will surely collide and if they are not stopped, then they will form a tsunami that is no less than the Knock Up Stream that sends the Jaya island to the height of 10,000 meters.

The sea seems to remain calm as if nothing had happened, however, if they look from the sky where the shockwave erupted, they would see a small uninhabited island below followed by the approaching tsunami and the huge whirlpool surrounding the small uninhabited island.

Any vessel that accidentally passes through the huge whirlpool whether it's the Moby Dick, Thriller Bark, or Gran Tesoro, it will sink instantly because the whirlpool is as big as 50 kilometers in radius.

Gran Tesoro, the number one entertainment city in the world is only 10 kilometers long, not to mention Gran Tesoro, even if it approaches together with the Thriller Bark, both of them are swept into this huge whirlpool-like an ordinary ship.

If there is no external force to affect it, this huge whirlpool will take an unknown time before it finally disappears, unfortunately, the external force finally appeared.

Several thousand kilometers away while at an altitude of seven kilometers, Carina who's in Asura form with Violet slowly puts down her hands in an OK gesture and raises her wrist to dial at the Den Mushi Mushi she was wearing on her wrist.

At the same time, at the depths of nearly 10,000 meters, where you can't even see your fingers in front of you.

The sound of the Den Mushi Mushi ringing suddenly alarmed the sea beasts and sea kings moving in the dark and without waiting for them to swim in the direction where the sound came from, an invisible mental shock wave knocked them all.

Deep in the sea, a figure wrapped in transparent bubbles opened his red eyes surrounded by dark purple light, and hang up the Den Mushi Mushi.

On the ground, originally because of the explosion of the meteor, the sky has recovered from the fiery red color but suddenly it has become fiery red once again, and not long after, another meteor falls from outer space.


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