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This is the first time El became so angry in his life, although he said he also wanted a cake in the New World.

However, apart from a few small uninhabited islands, he has not occupied any islands and his territory is still a legacy from Shiki.

His goal is to become the strongest existence in history, so he is not interested in the so-called one-piece or authority.

If nothing else, he will take his City in the Sky around the world in the future to earn a lot of money while improving himself.

Therefore, the City in the Sky as his base camp is his most important thing and now, it's being destroyed by others.

The war between pirates is actually very simple, either they meet at sea or on land, then go to war and rob each other of treasure and crew, or capture the opponent's territory, destroy or force the opponent back, and then plant their own pirate flag.

The war between the pirate emperor is even simpler, they only need to plant their own flags on the territory ruled by the other side, which is equivalent to a signal on the declaration of war.

If the Red-Haired Pirates just planted the pirate flag on the island of the city in the sky while they were not around, El would not feel angry but would be full of fighting spirit.

However, the Red-Haired Pirates didn't do this but instead, they destroyed the city that he had built with great difficulty and sank the iron that El had brought from outer space before finally planting the flag of the Red-Haired Pirates to declare war.

This extreme provocation fully shows Shanks and the Red-Haired Pirates' anger, but their way of declaring war also provokes El's anger.

Not long after Doflamingo hung up, Kaido, who was far away in the new world, also called El.

"Wo ro ro ro" As soon as the Den Mushi Mushi was connected, it simulated Kaido's expression and let out his unique laughter.


I heard that Shanks went to your territory to plant his flag and ruin your city while also sinking the iron that Joker has not transferred yet."

"Kaido, I'm not in a good mood right now," El replied lightly.

"Those iron are still covered by my devil fruit ability...

sinking it to the sea doesn't affect me at all except in disgusting me."

"As a former companion of Shiki, you should be very aware of my ability."

"If you're calling just to get pleasure from my misfortune, then I'll just hang it up."

"Wo ro ro ro, I don't even have the senior's honorary title anymore, it looks like you're really angry." after it finishes speaking, the Den Mushi Mushi immediately showed a smile like a pirate.

"If that's the case, do you want to work with me and get rid of Shanks and his pirate group or drive them out of the new world"

"Why, he also offended you" El raised his eyebrows and ask.

"Is it because of Kozuki Oden"

"Wo ro ro ro, you really know...

a lot...

well, you deserve to be disgusting as that old guy, Redfield," Kaido complained first and then denied it.

"It's not because of Kozuki Oden...it's the New World, there is no need for the fifth Pirate Emperor to stand with equal footing with us."

"That guy's deputy commander is Benn Beckman, who has both wisdom and strength.

Although you have the World's Worst Devil Fruit Users on your side, however in the overall strength...you may not be their opponents.


"How about it, do you want me as an ally to help you"

"With our strengths combined, we can completely deal with them."

However, El did not hesitate at all, and refused directly, "Thank you for your kindness, but I don't need anyone's help."

"Wo ro ro ro...then how are you going to deal with them" Being rejected, Kaido's mood did not become frantic but instead, he asked meaningfully.

Then El replied light.

"You may forget how I became the fourth Emperor of the Sea".

"Wo ro ro ro, I'm looking forward to your battle but Shanks and the others are not weak." Kaido reminded expectantly before Immediately hanging up the Den Mushi Mushi.

"Nii-san, are we going back to the new world" Seeing the Den Mushi Mushi being hangup, Nami who was also wearing a bathrobe and with hair wrapped in a towel asked with a serious face.

"No, you continue sailing to Cocoyasi Village." When El put down the Den Mushi Mushi, while his red eyes flashed with a dark purple light, then he walked toward the closet, and under the assistance of Carina, Nami and Kuina, he quickly changed into his battle suit.

Not long after, a small boat that was stored in the bottom ship flew towards the night sky, there are three people on the boat, they are El and Carina, and Violet.

"If we go back using the previous route, even if we increase the flight speed to the extreme, it will take at least half a month to return to the city in the sky."

Inside the lit cabin, Carina, who was temporarily serving as the navigator, held a map in her hand and said slowly.

"But we have another method besides using the previous route."

"That is to fly over the Red Line to the North blue, and then from the North Blue to the Calm Belt, to return faster in the new world."

"At our flight speed, we only need about five days to return to the city in the sky."

"Very good, then we will use this method." El nodded and then controlled the boat to fly in the direction Carina pointed.

After letting the boat fly in a straight direction, El suddenly left the boat and flew toward the outer space, he is preparing a gift for the Red Hair Pirates, so for the next few days, El would go to outer space at night, while he concentrates on controlling the boat during the day.

In just two days, the boat reached the Red line and after flying over it, the boat came from East Blue to the North Blue.

Another two days pass, and the boat flies over the calm belt that is connecting the North blue and New world.


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