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Looking at the Den Mushi Mushi that imitated Whitebeard, the corners of his mouth rose slightly as he speak.

"The strongest man in the world, I have heard your name a long time, did you call on purpose to warn me"


Whitebeard admitted it simply and said, "No one in this world can compare with me in understanding Shiki's devil fruit ability.

Boy, Fishman Island is my territory, don't secretly use your disgusting devil fruit ability to do something on it."

In this regard, El smiled and reply.

"Since there is no one in the world who understands the ability of Float-Float Fruit better than you, then you should know that even if I promise not to secretly do something on this island, you will not be able to detect it."

"So your unnecessary warning will only put this island in real danger."

"Gu ra ra ra ra."

Whitebeard's unique laugh once again sounded and he said domineeringly.

"Boy, who do you think you are threatening"

"Don't think with Float-Float Fruit ability, you can play with me."

"I'm just warning you on this call, Fishman Island is my territory and Neptune is my brother, so before I died, they were under the protection of the Whitebeard Pirates."

"I welcome you to my place to relax but if you do anything with this island then don't blame me for being rude."

"Sorry, I can't promise you anything."

Facing the threat from Whitebeard, El smiled fearlessly and said.

"As you guessed, the reason why I didn't use the Float-Float Fruit ability and directly flew over on the Red Line is to purposely speak with you."

"I'm going to make a deal with King Neptune and recruit his daughter, the famous Mermaid Princess in the world, Shirahoshi."

Hearing El's words, Jinbe whos holding the Den Mushi Mushi and Fishman guard behind, their face suddenly changes and turned pale, at the same time the Den Mushi Mushi's expression also became gloomy.

"Boy, do you want to die"

"If you are alone like Patrick Redfield, then your threat to me is definitely higher than Big Mom, Kaido of the Beasts, and even Red-Haired Shanks, it works so well there that it's impossible to ignore..."

El showed a provocative smile rather than an indifference while continuing to speak.

"But if it is the threat from Whitebeard, the captain of the strongest pirate in the world, it is not worth fearing at all."

"As the strongest man in the world, you have the power to rule the sea and the land but you don't have the power to rule the sky."

"This is the same reason why your Whitebeard pirates are not as good as Shiki's Flying Pirates.

If I have thousands of troops under my command, maybe I would also be afraid of you like Shiki."

"But if you thought by destroying my island you can threaten me, then I can give you as many as Islands you want, the premise is that you, the strongest man in the world and the strongest pirate group can bear it." With El's last sentence, the atmosphere became solidified and it's full of gunpowder and

Looking at the Den Mushi Mushi that gradually turned gloomy from the heroic expression, except Yamato and Kuina, who already has the heart of a strong person, everyone else felt an uncomfortable feeling, this kind of feeling is like facing conqueror Haki from El.


are you threatening me" After a long time, the Den Mushi Mushi said in a deep voice.

"No, you are threatening me."

El replied lightly.

"This deal...

I will give King Neptune a reason that he cannot refuse, and I will definitely take Shirahoshi with me, she was a crew I booked before I entered the new world."

"If you feel uncomfortable, then use the pirate way to solve it."

"Gu ra ra ra ra, despite being young you sure are very brave."

TheDen Mushi Mushi let out an admiring laugh.

"If that's the case, let's solve it in the way of a pirate."

"Your next action, I really can't stop it, but in the process of the deal my old friend and his daughter are wronged by you, then be ready to bear my anger."

"The ability of the Float-Float Fruit is indeed powerful, but it is not invincible.

If you think that you can take advantage of the sky and can be arrogant then that's a big mistake."

"Unless you have the ability to strike me accurately from the paradise, then you'd better not enter the new world, otherwise I have a way to keep you from flying out."

From Whitebeard's sentence, it's not hard to see that his words contain a lot of anger.

However, El was still unafraid, instead, he sneered and said with disdain: "It's the same sentence Whitebeard, your threat is not worth fearing for me at all."

"If you only think about my Float-Float Fruit ability and ignore why Munch-Munch Fruit and Rumble-Rumble Fruit combine is called The World Worst Devil Fruit Users then that means that you are really old."

"I may be afraid of some old masters who travel solo, but I will not be afraid of you guys who have too many companions."

"You won't let me develop in the new world then I will flip the table so everyone will stop playing."

"Of course, this is not full of empty talk, after this transaction is over, I will return to the new world and offer you my greeting in person, I hope the Moby Dick can accommodate my gift."

Hearing El's words, the anger in Whitebeard that just had raise suddenly disappeared and then he let out a unique laugh again.

"Gu ra ra ra ra, What an arrogant brat, then this old man will wait for you in the new world." As his last word fell, Whitebeard voluntarily hung up the Den Mushi Mushi.

At this time, whether it was Jinbe, the Fishman guards, or Violet and monet, who heard the exchange between the two Pirate Emperors that will change the world pattern were so frightened that they did not even dare to disturb the atmosphere and when the Den Mushi Mushi is hang up, only then they come back to their sense and realize that they were soaked in a cold sweat.


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