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Onigashima is a small island near the Wano Country, when lightning and thunder appear in the sky, it makes this island appear extraordinarily.

Although it is only a small island that can be seen everywhere in the world, the reputation of Onigashima in the New World is particularly loud, because it serves as the official base of operations for the Beasts Pirates, including Kaido.

Not counting those elite subordinates, with just Kaido and the three Calamities, their total bounty combined has exceeded 5 billion Belly and it's already very close to 10 billion Belly.

In addition to other senior officials and subordinates of the three Calamities, the total bounty of the Beast Pirate is definitely more than 20 billion Belly.

In the new world, a pirate with a total bounty of more than one billion bellies is already considered pretty strong.

The reason why El and the other is famous all over the world and is recognized as one of the strong pirates before entering the new world is because they only consist of 6 members yet they have more than 2 billion bounties and after entering the new world, the six of them combine reached an astonishing 4 billion bounty.

Coupled with the power to destroy the world, this pirate group consisting of only six people is recognized by the world as the fourth hegemonic force and the Fourth Emperor of the Sea.

In fact, if the whole world hadn't been frightened by that asteroid and the super tsunami that destroyed two islands, the total bounty of six of them is just considered as middle level in the New World.

Only the pirate group with a total bounty of more than 10 billion is eligible to become a top-class pirate group.

For example, the Red-haired Pirates, although they only consist of a few members, they are considered as only below the three emperors in the new world and if their total bounty has exceeded 20 billion, it is definitely at the Emperor-level.

Such as Whitebeard Pirates, Beasts Pirates, and the BIG-MOM Pirates, especially the Whitebeard Pirates, their total bounty and comprehensive strength are currently recognized as number one in the world.

The only one who can surpass the Whitebeard Pirates is the rock pirates from the previous era.

Even the Roger Pirates who were the first to conquer the grand line in 800 years can't compare to the current Whitebeard Pirates.

* * *

After several days of sailing, the Numancia Flamingo Finally arrived at the Onigashima and as soon as the ship docked, Doflamingo who got down from the boat ladder, his pupils contracted slightly.

"I didn't expect that you will come here..."

Doflamingo subconsciously showed a sinister smile then he slightly adjust himself.

The person who appeared on the coast and specially came to entertain Doflamingo and El was a towering man with a well-muscled, broad-shouldered frame and long limbs and whether it was two or three meters, in front of him they are all as tall as dwarfs

The towering man wears a dark, form-fitting leather uniform that bares no skin, and his whole head and neck area are covered black leather mask.

But the most conspicuous is his pair of big black wings and the flames around the back of his head.

This person is only second to Kaido and one of the three Calamities with a bounty of 1,390,000,000 Belly, King.

El knows that his real name is actually called Alber and he is the last surviving member of the now-extinct Lunarian race, which is said to live on the Red Line.

The black wings and the flames around the back of his head are the characteristics of their race.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not here for you."

After listening to Doflamingo's words, King said very indifferently.

If it weren't for Doflamingo being Kaido's partner and the cash cow of the Beast Pirates, King wouldn't even take a second look at this weakling who he could easily kill.

Even if Doflamingo and Kaido are allies, it's not qualified enough to have King, the deputy commander to come and entertain him.

In the past, when Doflamingo came to Onigashima, the people who come to entertain him were also one of the three Calamities, Jack, however, his attitude towards him is not very friendly.

As one Seven Warlords of the Sea, a king-level figure in the underworld, Doflamingo's status is so low in front of the three Calamities.

In fact, it's not just Doflamingo, all the strong pirates who come here are treated poorly by the three Calamities.

"I know that I don't have that status yet."

To King's indifference and disdain, Doflamingo did not get angry but instead introduced El who is next to him.

"This is King, the head of the three Calamities"

"My name is El, you can lead the way."

El nodded, then raised his head slightly and said to King.

King's eyes under the goggles collided with El's eyes and as he looked at El's calm red eyes with a bit of faint purple light around, he went silent for a while.

"...Come with me!"

In the end, King still did not release his aura to provoke El to help his respected captain to test the strength of this new Emperor.

King turned around and walked in the direction of the Skull dome while leaving a faint sentence.



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