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Time flies and a week has passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past week, something big has happened in East Blue.

A group of bounty hunters composing of three children quietly entered the eyes of the people.

The reason for their fame is the information revealed by the 107th branch of the Navy in East Blue.

the captains of the "Saw Blade Pirates" ranked top 3 for consecutively two years in the "Real-time Ranking of Pirates who most Wanted to Disappear in the East Blue", and the "Saw Blade" Captain with a bounty of up to 14 million Belly was beaten by them.

Although they don't know how this Three Little bounty hunter killed the captain of saw blade pirates, but his head was indeed published on the front cover of the newspaper.

If there were photos of the trio they believe that the Three Little bounty hunter would have shocked the entire East Blue.

Even so, the people were full of curiosity about the Three Little bounty hunter.

According to the colonel of the 107th branch of the Navy, the oldest of the Three Little bounty hunter is no more than 10 years old.

Three children under the age of 10 can kill one of the great pirates in East Blue.

Such a new star is simply unprecedented.

Everyone expects those newspapers agency to collect and report more news about the Three Little bounty hunter.


The newspaper agency, which is eager to interview the trio more than everyone, has never been able to find the whereabouts of the trio, let alone interview them.

And all of this was intentional.

With a range of Observation Haki, if El doesn't want to, then no one can take a picture of him.

Also, now is not the time to be famous.

At least until he found the unowned Devil Fruit and headed to Cocoyasi Village, El didn't want to be famous.

Arlong who has colluded with the navy will definitely pay attention to the small and big news news in the East Blue.

If Nami were accidentally published in the newspaper, it will definitely be a disaster for Cocoyasi Village.

After all, the Bounty hunter who can kill pirates with the bounty of the ten of millions, even if the main force is not Nami, then Arlong will definitely be wary of her.

So, El didn't want to startle the snake.

Besides, being famous is actually an easy thing for El.

When his strength reaches a certain level, and he enters the Grand Line to make a big fuss, he can easily become a supernova that shocks the world.

Compared with shocking the world, being famous in East Blue is not worth mentioning at all.

Using his ability to read people's hearts, he found a naval branch that was very popular with the public and exchanged the captain's head of the "Saw Blade Pirates" for Belly.

El took Carina and Nami again and sold all the gold and silver jewelry that the pirates had accumulated over the years.

With the help of seeing people's hearts, he sold all the gold and silver jewelry at the highest price again, getting 16 million Belly.

In addition to the 13 million Belly that they looted and the head, the trio gained a total of 43 million Belly this time.

In this operation, almost all are El contributions.

So when it comes to dividing, he takes the lead, taking 40 million Belly.

Carina and Nami who are responsible for intelligence and driving, share the remaining 3 million belly, each of them taking 1.5 million Belly.

Neither Carina nor Nami had any complaints about El's Distribution.

Instead, they were full of surprises.

Unexpectedly, they got 1.5 million Belly without doing something dangerous.

Since their debut this year, they have earned less than 2 million Belly together.

And now, just drinking soup from El exceeded their entire savings.

Is this the benefit of hugging his thigh

El didn't give them a lot of money just because they were cute, or because they were in desperate need of money.

No matter how precocious the two girls are, they are now just an 8-year-old girls.

If you spoil them too much, it is easy for them to change their view.

El is not carefree as Luffy.

The majesty of the captain is still necessary.

Especially El has made other arrangements for Nami, who is in desperate need of money, and will not spoil her like a spoiled eldest lady.

How much effort you put in, that's how much you gain.

This is the concept that El gave them.

After a collaboration, the trio finally established a preliminary bond.

Then they went on a hunting trip that shocked the East Blue.

In just one month, three big pirates with bounties approaching ten million, or even more were killed by El's sword.

In front of his speed and the 'God's Perspective', those big pirates who can only be kings in the weakest seas are simply lambs to be slaughtered.

If it weren't for El's lack of Conqueror Haki, he could knock all these targets down with just one stare.

In just over a month, El had taken down four big pirates, including Saw Blade Pirates, who were among the top ten pirates in the "Real-Time Ranking of Pirates who most Wanted to Disappear in the East Blue".

The name of "Three Little bounty hunter" suddenly spread like a hurricane throughout the entire East Blue, and even some forces in the first half of the great route, as well as the navy headquarters, paid attention to them.

After verification by the Naval Intelligence Team, it was found that the "Three Little bounty hunter" was indeed no more than ten years old.

The officers of the intelligence team of the headquarters even issued orders to the branch in the East Blue, asking them to solicit the trio.

At a young age, he can kill four big pirates in a month.

Although these so-called big pirates, they are just trash fish with some strength in the great route.

But the talent displayed by the trio of El was enough to attract the attention of the Navy Headquarters.

For this kind of extremely talented seedlings, no matter what force will attach great importance to it.

The Navy Headquarters even promised that if the trio is willing to join the Navy, as long as they are innocent and had no criminal record, they can skip the branch directly and go to the Naval School on the Headquarters to receive elite training.

El refused without hesitation.

As a man who pursues freedom, what El hates the most is that someone controlling him.

Living in a place where people are controlled, maybe even if he had chance, he will lose his fate with Conqueror Haki.

Only men who live as they please, or have great ambitions, and are even willing to die for their ambitions, can hope to awaken the Conqueror Haki that only one in millions of people has.

El is not sure if he has that chance but in order to awaken Conqueror Haki, El has always lived as he pleases.

After all, El is very clear about what the Conqueror Haki means in the great route.

Conqueror Haki, perhaps just used to deter the enemy.

But if you master the means of 'entanglement', then the Conqueror Haki will become a trump card on a different dimension.

Such a hole card, almost every super-powerful at the top of the pyramid will have it.

Therefore, El will never allow others to erase his hope of getting this kind of power.


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