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Telling to Doflamingo about the existence of endless iron in outer space, he was not afraid that after knowing about it, he will go and tell it to kaido then Kaido will follow his example and fly into outer space and bring down the meteorites back to the Earth, If Kaido really does this, El will definitely applaud and then give him a lesson.

From entering the new world until now, El will go to outer space every night, using his monstrous-level physique and Life Return (Seimei Kikan), that as long as he eats, he can instantly recover his stamina and let him continuously control the meteorites.

In addition to those new meteorites that floated over from other places, the meteorite closest to the new world has become meteorites covered with El's Float-Float Fruit ability.

Just like Sugar Hobby-Hobby fruit ability, unless El takes the initiative to release, or someone knocks him out, otherwise these Float-Float Fruit ability will never disappear.

The ability of Float-Float Fruit is like invisible energy that you cannot perceive with observation Haki if Kaido accidentally brings down the meteorite back to the weapon factory to make weapons.

With just one thought, El can steal all the weapons while Kaido and the others are not paying attention or using the ability of Float-Float Fruit to liquefy them, making Kaido and Doflamingo's efforts all in vain.

Therefore, El is not afraid of other people flying and bringing down the meteorites back to Earth.

Because their efforts are all helping El, even if Fujitora's devil fruit ability pulls down the meteorite from outer space, it still needs El's permission.

Otherwise, even if he exhausted his stamina, he will not be able to bring down a meteorite.

Even if El can't stop him and let Fujitora's devil fruit ability to pull the meteorite down, when the meteorite is about to fall to the ground or sea, he can use his Float-Float Fruit ability to change its landing point and catch Fujitora off guard.

Facing El's coercion and temptation, Doflamingo has no ability to refuse, with his intelligence, he can imagine that if he dares to refuse El, then the entire Dressrosa will no longer belong to him, and he will make a wedding dress for others after so many years of hard work.

After seeing that super tsunami, Doflamingo has already placed El at the same level as Kaido.

Maybe the El's individual strength is not as good as that three emperors, but that strategic-level attack, aside from Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, Doflamingo doesn't think anyone would dare to engage El in a team fight.

Just as the "Red-Haired Pirates" kept climbing to the top of the pyramid, grabbing a piece of cake from the hands of the three emperors, but they could only watch him grow.

Because the Red-Haired Pirates have two strong people and there's a large number of powerhouses in the new world, if one of them attacks, it will give others a chance to backstab them.

Doflamingo believed that the super tsunami would spread all over the world at an extremely fast speed, in the eyes of the major forces, El's threatening power will also be elevated to a level no less than that of Whitebeard and Shiki or even surpasses them.

Because when Shiki was at his peak, compared to the Float-Float Fruit, his most famous and strongest ability was his dual-wielding swordsmanship.

The Float-Float Fruit in Shiki's hands, its limelight was completely robbed by whitebeard Quake-Quake Fruit, if Shiki has the same imagination as El, how can the Quake-Quake Fruit be considered as the strongest Paramecia type devil fruit.

Since there is no way to deal with El, the best way is to become friends with such monsters, Doflamingo sees himself in front of El, just like he did in front of Kaido, he has no ability to resist.

The unhappiness in his heart disappeared, and he became excited, because Doflamingo, who has established deep cooperation with Mary Geoise and Kaido, now has a super monster who takes the initiative to be his backer, who else is his opponent in the underworld.

Thinking of this, Doflamingo's attitude towards El suddenly became enthusiastic, seeing Doflamingo's enthusiasm, El nodded with satisfaction.

The reason why he chose to cooperate with Doflamingo is that his a smart man with a wide range of connections and weak strength.

Without absolute strength, Doflamingo has only two choices in this world where the strong are respected.

The first choice is to go to Paradise or the Four Seas, occupy a corner of the land, and become a landlord, then pray that a strong person will not target him.

The second choice is to be tied with a strong person, just like the affiliated pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates, relying on the identity of "I am Whitebeard's son", no one dares to provoke them in the new world.

Doflamingo and his "Donquixote family" are the latter, after finalizing the cooperation with Doflamingo, El sent back the Dressrosa where it was originally located after the sea gradually calmed down.

Then El returned to pegasus with someone, that person is Violet with Glare-Glare Fruit, El doesn't like being spied on, so he takes Violet hostage.

Doflamingo has no objection to this, nor an ability to object.

Knowing that El's has the ability to read his memories, he must have mastered all his information.

Even so, the other party did not take sugar as a hostage but instead chose Violet.

Clearly, El wanted to work with him.

Moreover, when El left with Violet, he also allowed Doflamingo to send an eyeliner over there to follow on her side and monitor this hostage.

Doflamingo readily handed over Violet and returned with the members of the Donquixote Family, and began to get busy with the next task.

The cooperative relationship between the Donquixote family, Mary Geoise, and beast pirates have changed because the flying pirates are joining, So everyone must know the change in the division of cakes.

As the intermediary between them, Doflamingo's task is to deal with this influence.

There is no doubt that this will definitely have a huge impact on the new world and the underworld.


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