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"The floating island is moving this way."

When Trebol brought Violet in front of Doflamingo and let her use her devil fruit ability, her face suddenly became strange and after hearing her word, Doflamingo face suddenly became extremely ugly, and he asked in a deep voice.

"How far is that kid from Dressrosa"

"They have reached the coast."


Getting the worst answer, Doflamingo face instantly became hideous, and Trebol, who was most familiar with him, couldn't help but be filled with fear.

Since the Donquixote Family came to the New World from the North Blue, Doflamingo successfully threatened Mary Geoise with Heavenly Tribute, obtained the status of Seven Warlords of the Sea, became the king of the Dressrosa, and successfully developed a deep partnership with Mary Geoise and Beast pirates, after developing smoothly, it has been a long time since Trebol saw Doflamingo, show such an angry expression and he could only speak weakly.

"Doffy, do you want to call for support"

Doflamingo looked at him then reply gloomily.

"Calling support at this time would be no use, that little bastard caught me off guard."

"I have read the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia and learned about the ability of the Float-Float Fruit."

"After that kid landed on Dressrosa and touched the ground, we were already in an absolute passive position."

"That kid, he has already taken control of the Dressrosa land"

"Once we have a bad relationship with him, the other party can at any time, lift the Dressrosa out of the sea, and then smashed it down from a height of thousands of meters, directly destroying our efforts for so many years."

Trebol was stunned.


this is too outrageous!".

Doflamingo replied to him solemnly.

"The ability of rule-type Paramecia devil fruit is really outrageous.

Whitebeard and sugar are like that, and so is that kid!"

After finishing speaking, Doflamingo forced himself to calm down and let out a burst of cold laughter.

"ehhahaha, it doesn't matter, we also have a rule-type ability, as long as we find an opportunity to let Sugar touch him we can defeat him without any problem."

"Trebol, go and find Sugar, no, go and find all members of the family, we will welcome their arrival with the largest ceremony."

"Behehehe, I will go and inform them now.


Thinking of Sugar's ability, Trebol also regained his self-confidence and left with a unique laugh.

The conversation between the two was heard by Violet on the side, there was no turbulence on the surface of her face, but she could not help but fall into confusion in her heart, she is hesitating whether to take a risk and tell the other party about Doflamingo's conspiracy, but soon, she dismissed this idea.

Because the Haki of the other party is very strong, and she can't read his mind at all, she doesn't know his character, so she doesn't dare to gamble the fate of her father and country on a stranger, if she messed up, she might even lose her last shred of hope.

Soon Trebol gathered all the members of the Donquixote family, including himself, Pica, and Diamante, as well as the family members who are currently staying in Dressrosa, such as Sugar, Gradius, and baby-5 who have not gone out to perform tasks.

"Sigh, everyone, follow me, we will go out and meet distinguished guests."

Glancing at Sugar who was eating her snacks and showing a cute smile, Doflamingo smiled wickedly, and then asked Violet next to him, "Violet, Where is that little brat"

"He's still been on the coast" Violet replied after using her devil fruit ability.

"Is he still taking control of Dressrosa" Doflamingo frowned slightly and whispered, then he walked towards the door.

"Since that's the case, let's go and meet him in person."

Under the adoration, fanatical gaze, and cheers of the people, they soon came to the coast, at some distance, they can see El's back.

"Hahaha, Welcome to my country, my dear new neighbor."

After approaching, Doflamingo made a gesture hand to his family members and walked toward El.

His laughter successfully attracted El's attention, looking at Doflamingo who was walking toward him, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Under the eyes of all members of the Donquixote Family, El's figure floated up and slowly landed in front of Doflamingo.

"Joker, the Dark Intermediary, I been waiting for your arrival." El stretched out his hand to Doflamingo and smiled friendly.

"El it's our first time meeting, but I have been fascinated by you, who shocked the world several times."

Doflamingo, who wanted to cut El into countless pieces, lied without blinking.

Seeing El who was more than one meter shorter than him, he extended his palm to shake hands with El and politely greeted him.

However, after shaking hands, El's next sentence made Doflamingo's heart sink, and the forced smile on his face disappeared.

"I see..."

El's looked at Violet, Sugar, and the others behind Doflamingo then said.

"No wonder, I haven't taken the initiative to visit you but you have taken the initiative to find me."

"I thought you had strong observation Haki that can cover the whole island, it turned out to be the ability of the Glare-Glare Fruit."

Looking at Doflamingo with a gloomy face, El said with a playful smile, "so your idea is to use the Hobby-Hobby Fruit ability and turn me into a puppet"


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