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Strongest Swordsman In One Piece Chapter 132

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"Incredible how on earth did you come up with this method Nii-san!"

In outer space, after being shocked, Carina couldn't help hugging El tightly while asking excitedly.

Nami's eyes also shine brightly while speaking excitedly.

"There are so many meteorites outside the planet, this is simply an inexhaustible resource."

"Let's not talk about fighting, just separate the stone and iron and we'll have an inexhaustible supply of iron."

"Then with the stone, we can use that to expand the small-sized floating island to medium-sized floating islands, then the medium-sized floating islands to a large-sized floating island or even larger!"

"We don't need to snatch to occupy a rich resources site, we can simply build our own rich resources site."

Nami is worthy of being a number one navigator in terms of talent, her knowledge of geography is far better than Carina and Robin.

Hearing her words, El's eyes also shine brightly, he really didn't expect that, he came to outer space to take control of the meteorite for two reasons.

One of the reasons is to add a large number of space-based attacks to their ammunition arsenal, once they fight against those big forces, he doesn't need to use his own territory to smash his enemies, just be like Fujitora, just pull down a large number of meteorites, aim at the enemies on the side.

Although he needs to do it himself, unlike Fujitora, he can use observation Haki to cooperate with his Float-Float Fruit ability to directly pull the meteorite down from outer space.

Doing it yourself has its own benefits, once he has taken control of the meteorites they will not leave or rotate around the planet's orbit, but will always stay in one place, waiting for his call.

When all the meteorites in planet orbits are controlled by him, if Fujitora used his ability to pull down a meteorite, El, only needed a thought to interrupt Fujitora's move.

As long as there are more and more space-based weapons, El's confidence will increase.

Even if the fleet did not expand, El will not be afraid of threats from any major forces.

Nami's words gave El an inspiration once again, that right these meteorites are made up of stone and iron, it may be difficult for others to exploit these meteorites, but for El, who has the Float-Float Fruit ability, it is not worth mentioning at all.

Just separate them and he can get the most out of them, thinking of this, El couldn't help but patted Nami's head: "As expected of the future number one world navigator, Nami, your idea is really great."

"Indeed, Nami, your idea is really brilliant."

Carina also gave Nami two thumbs up, and she couldn't help but admire this little friend who has always been holding her and Nii-san's thighs.


After receiving praise from El and Carina, Nami suddenly narrowed her beautiful eyes and showed a happy and proud smile.

El returned to the cabin and went to the kitchen to replenish his consume stamina and not long after, he once again went out to seize control of the other meteorites

After running out of stamina, he returned to the cabin and ate the feast carefully prepared by the five girls.

While eating the meal prepared by the five girls, although his worldview has been refreshed, El's heart couldn't help but complain for a while.

It is really outrageous that in outer space you can still create fire to use for cooking!

It was not until four o'clock in the morning that El and five girls returned to the main island from outer space on Pegasus.

After just sleeping for more than three hours, El and the five girls wake up, just like usual, after drinking the nutritional supplement, they complete their arduous training,

Then the six islands broke away from the White-White Sea and began to enter the new world.

While moving, El used his devil fruit ability to tear parts of the White-White Sea and surround the six floating islands.

As the six floating islands go deeper into the New World, they pass some islands.

The inhabitants on those islands and some eyeliners from major forces all over the world, all know that the El and the five girls who shocked the world have officially entered the strongest sea, the new world.

"Nii-san, the new world has been occupied by the three emperors of the sea, as well as those big pirate groups and affiliated countries, which sea area is our base camp going to choose to step in"

On the pegasus, Carina was holding a piece of the New World Map which was purchased in the Sabaody Archipelago and sold exclusively to newcomers who have cleared the seven sea route.

"Don't worry, I've already chosen the location."

El took out an eternal pose and then handed it over to Carina.

"Our base camp will be located near it."

"The Kingdom of Dressrosa, the Land of Love, Passion, and Toys".

Looking at the word written above the eternal pose hand, Carina read it out.

"The Kingdom of Dressrosa, a kingdom that is still not occupied by pirates in the New World, wouldn't it be one of the affiliated countries protected by the navy and Mary Geoise" Nami asked with a puzzled expression.

"The Kingdom of Dressrosa is indeed one of the 170 affiliated countries under the protection of the navy and Mary Geoise."

Robin stood up and said with a slightly strange expression: "However, the person who protects this country is not the navy, but a legal pirate."

"So that's the case, it's one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea" Carina was slightly taken aback.

"Seven Warlords of the Sea like Moria-sama, then who is it." Perona couldn't help but ask curiously.

"You should be familiar with that person."

Robin smiled softly.

"He is one of the kings of the underworld, known as "Dark Intermediary, Joker", with an original bounty of 340 million Belly and with a nickname of Heavenly Yaksha, Donquixote Doflamingo."


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